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argument between Tegmark and Hameroff at the recent Fetzer Meeting on Bohm in London.
This eliminates need for bulky expensive cryogenics for quantum computers and shows why “warm wet brain” destroys Frohlich coherence and entanglement is essentially a wrong idea in biological systems.

Boltzmann factor exp(-hf/kT)
hf/kTnon-eq = hf/kTeq +/- (sigma)P/hf^2  Ansatz 2 (dimensionless equation)
Sigma = coupling cross-section of external pump power flux real quanta to target quanta
“real” = on mass shell (QFT) “virtual” = off mass shell 
P ~ external pump power flux [P] = energy/area x time
f = frequency of real pump quanta
+ for continuous energy eigenvalues of real target quanta Tnon-eq remains positive —> 0 with a Tc > 0 for BEC Frohlich-Glauber coherent state
- for discrete energy eigenvalues of real target quanta Tnon-eq goes negative (discrete energy eigenvalue population inversion) creating BEC above critical pump threshold Pc at Tnon-eq = 0 critical point for non-equilibrium dynamical quantum phase transition.
Ansatz 3
PQM back-reaction ~ [(particle 4-velocity vu ) - weak pilot wave 4-current density jw /4-density (jwujw^u)^1/2
~ (sigma)(P - Pc)Step Function(P - Pc)/hf’^2
Note that f’ is frequency of target quanta, do not confuse with f = frequency of pump quanta.
Step function = 0 when P < Pc, = 1 when P > Pc
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