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The physicists are attempting to harness the power of Quantum Entanglement – a bizarre force which allows one particle to ‘talk’ to a mirror particle even if it is on the other side of the universe.

Quantum Entanglement is also believed to control gravity – and that interfering with, or switching-off, this entanglement could be the key to travelling mind-blowing distances in a fraction of a second.000

However, some fear interfering with gravity could lead to the kind of universal catastrophe thus far only seen in science fiction books.

Gravity has been seen as a basic force of the universe since Isaac Newton’s Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687 – but it’s causes are only now beginning to be understood.

Jeremy Rys, is the founder and CEO of Hover Brothers, a research team looking at building a real, working warp drive.

The team have built on top-secret work carried out by Boeing’s Phantom Works in the early part of the century which attempted to create anti-gravity.

But Mr Rys now believes advances in quantum understanding and his team’s revolutionary PHOENIX theory will make a practical Star Trek like warp drive a reality within 20 years.

Step one, he says, is to ‘float rocks.’

He said: “Right now in mainstream physics there is a massive revolution about to take place.

“Quantum entanglement somehow holds the key theory to quantum gravity and the physics community is about to discover how gravity really works.

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Jack Sarfatti responds:

I am skeptical of the above article - although their basic idea based on ER = EPR is not crazy, I wonder about the details of how they intend to implement it. The “vertex” theory raises an alarm for me - I hope I am wrong and that they succeed of course, but I am not betting on it.
I would need to see their technical reports to see if these claims are credible. I first suggested the deep connection of gravity to entanglement ER = EPR in 1974 - admittedly in more primitive form compared to the much later AdS/CFT world hologram duality. https://www.academia.edu/5141038/ER_EPR_discovered_by_Jack_Sarfatti_in_1974 I have been working on this same problem for a long time. My invited DARPA-NASA talk on this is here https://www.academia.edu/17018495/100yssOrlandoSarfattiV6 also see http://www.starpod.us/2011/10/06/ufos-crash-and-burn-at-100-year-starship-symposium/#.Wku9KiPMyb9 https://www.academia.edu/s/f883cd4faf/solving-the-hard-problem-mind-matter-conscious-ai-frohlich-coherent-room-temperature-superconductors http://aip.scitation.org/doi/abs/10.1063/1.498277
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