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In years past, drone aircraft were expensive and difficult to control. Today, you can pick up a speedy drone with long flight time for a pittance. Many of them even link with a phone for quick setup. Naturally, governments and law enforcement are worried about the hazards drones  represent,  and that’s why AerialX designed the DroneBullet. It’s a new type of drone that’s one part quadcopter and one part missile. Its goal is to knock other drones out of the sky.

Imagine someone used a drone to transport an explosive device. How would law enforcement stop the drone even if they knew where it was? That might still sound like the plot to a Hollywood B movie, but dronesSEEAMAZON_ET_135 See Amazon ET commerce are already very real threats in other ways. Gatwick Airport was shut down for a stretch early this year because of unauthorized drone flights in the area.

The DroneBullet leverages machine vision and an impressive four-kilometer range to seek and destroy other unmanned aircraft. AerialX says this is a better solution than nets and jamming devices because it offers immediate action against a dangerous drone.

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