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Imagine the day when you’ll unroll or unfold your smartphone to answer it. If things go to plan, this day may be sooner than you think.

And we’re not just talking flip-phones here, but smartphones where the actual screens are flexible, not just the handset.

Okay, so Samsung’s plans to launch its Galaxy Fold phone might be on hold after a few early reviews reported cracks in the screen, but 2019 is said to be a year when many of the major mobile phone manufacturers aim to release their new foldable phones.

Not only will we be able to bend it, but we will have a device the size of a thick pen that will have a folded up screen in it, that can be unrolled and locked into place. Of course, the pen device will also double as a phone and a pen. I made some detailed drawings of such a device. There are some engineering issues, but none of them insurmountable. To read more, click here.

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