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You know those moments in those old spy movies and occasionally in the Mission Impossible movies where an agent receives an important message which later goes on to "self destruct in 10 seconds" after the message is delivered to erase all evidence of being contacted in the first place. Or perhaps during your days as a kid, you imagined having some super-secret weapon or technology that would vanquish enemies and disappear upon completing a mission.

Well, today, science has done it again. Researchers have created a material that vaporizes immediately upon completing a mission. Even the researchers who are part of the project can't help but make references to spy movies calling it a "James Bond-like material."

The material created by Kohl's research group at the Georgia Institute of Technology is probably much more subtle than a self-destructing message. In short, the polymer "self destructs" and disappears once coming in contact with sunlight. Researchers have already proposed using the material to construct objects that can transport important packages into hostile territories. 

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