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On an imagined battlefield, an F-35 takes off from its base, headed for its target … unaware it is being tracked, by a squad of advanced drones with stealth capabilities.

Deftly launched from a bomber, the drone’s purpose is to jam the intruder and destroy it. Small, undetectable, deadly.
In other words, it’s high-tech noon in the sky, and one of them is going to die.

According to military experts, the LJ-I stealth target drone China recently showcased at the 2019 Russian International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS) in Zhukovsky, will provide the Chinese military with experience encountering stealth fighter jets like the F-35, and possibly more in the future.

Exhibited at the Northwestern Polytechnical University booth, the LJ-I is a high-subsonic target drone that is capable of simulating a fourth-generation — or fifth-generation according to another commonly used classification — fighter jet.
The LJ-I is stealth-capable, can fly for an extended period, has high maneuverability and is equipped with electronic countermeasures and jamming capabilities, according to a statement the university sent to the Global Times at MAKS 2019.

The 4.7-meter long, 2.5-meter wide drone is also cost-efficient, the statement said, noting that multiple LJ-Is can also build a formation to simulate real combat.

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