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According to some, humanity's future lies in space. In addition to the proposals from nations like China, which have announced plans to establish an outpost on the Moon in the next decade, some private aerospace companies are looking to make regular trips to the Moon and beyond a reality.

Someday, this could lead to ventures like space tourism - where customers can book a trip to orbit, the Moon, and even Mars - and even the creation of commercial space stations, and lunar and Martian colonies.

For generations, human beings have fantasized about the day when people could live on the Moon or Mars. But with all the developments that have happened in the past decade or so, we are coming to the point where some of these ideas are starting to look more feasible.

This begs the question: how will human beings live in space over the long haul? Should we be planting our roots in the soil of other planets and altering them (and/or ourselves) to ensure our survival? Or should we look to creating orbiting habitats with microclimates and artificial gravity?

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