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As we’ve been covering the various stories relating to the recent release of videos by our military, showing strange aircraft (spacecraft?) in our military airspace, there’s been one repeating theme. Most of the people speculating on the origin of these craft seemed to generally be from the military or the “ufo community.” Where have the more mainstream scientists been in this debate? At least one of them stepped up to the plate recently to weigh in with a surprising take.

Professor Michio Kaku of CUNY, the theoretical physicist who shows up on virtually every show about outer space on the Science Channel, Discovery and others, spoke at the Ufology World Congress in Spain recently. He addressed the question of the recent videos and what implications they might have for us. After previously treating the UFO topic as something more fanciful, Kaku seems to have really had a change of heart and declared that we’ve reached “a turning point.”

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