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“The Chinese could cripple the United States—not just the military, but the entire U.S. society” with a surprise attack on America’s satellites, according to Bill Gertz, a national security columnist for the Washington Times and Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon.

China has built anti-satellite missiles and other weapons that make it capable of “severely disrupting or destroying” U.S. satellites in low earth orbit by 2020, according to the Pentagon’s Joint Staff intelligence directorate. America heavily relies on satellites for communications, transportation, finance, and military data collection.

Space weaponry is just one aspect of the Chinese communist regime’s multifaceted doctrine of unrestricted warfare—using a series of unconventional tactics to defeat a more powerful foe, the United States, without engaging in troop-on-troop combat.

Gertz details these diverse strategies and tactics in his new book “Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy.” The book highlights how, in Gertz’ eyes, the Chinese communist regime hoodwinked U.S. leaders into adopting a policy of engagement with China. But behind the scenes, the Chinese regime stole trade secrets, infiltrated and subverted the United States, and secretly developed powerful “assassins mace” weaponry, which are used by an inferior military to gain a military advantage.

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