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Here is a step by step way to create any wormhole that uses quantum entanglement to form this spacetime bridge. These instructions are based on the physics of what is known about a wormhole. Travel to the galaxies in an instant and faster than light (FTL), any takers.

Wormholes are essentially two quarks or quantum particles that attract each other at a distance. In this case, wormholes are spacetime anomalies that are connected by immense gravity wells on either side of two galaxies. It gets really exciting when it comes to what holds this exotic spacetime fissure open. Gravity usually is predictable when it comes to black holes, stars, and any that lies on the four to the fifth-dimensional universe.

So, what can be done to create a wormhole gateway to another dimension, galaxy, or maybe a mirror universe? How can a wormhole be created according to the laws of physics or anything that can make it happen? For starters, Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance" which connects two particles without an obvious connection. Here are the steps to make one, but it is theoretical and nothing real for now.

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Category: Science
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