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Scientists have recently detected unusual echoes that may have been coming from a previously unknown structure at the center of the Earth. According to Newsweek's latest report, a large, previously unknown structure found deep inside the planet below the Pacific Ocean was recently discovered by researchers.

According to the journal Science, the unknown structure is an ultralow-velocity zone (ULVZ) lying directly underneath the volcanic Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia in the South Pacific. The structure is located on the boundary between Earth's solid mantle and the superheated molten core. 

John Hopkins University, the Tel Aviv University of Israel, and the University of Maryland's (UMD) international team, suggested that the previously discovered ULVZ is much larger compared to the previous data as new evidence suggests. 

The bottom of plumes within the Earth is a geological feature where hot rocky material is claimed to form from the core-mantle boundary to the planet's outer crust. This process leads to the formation of volcanic islands such as Marquesas and Hawaii. The plumes within the earth are where ULVZs are located. Scientists said that the unknown ULVZ is located beneath Hawaii is the largest one ever recorded.

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