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With the current news that nuclear fallout radiation from Japan has hit the US the US Government has put real time radiation monitoring data online.

Per the usual, just like with the BP spill when the Government puts information online they bury it so deep it’s very hard to find. Then once you do find what you are looking for it takes a month worth of Sundays to get through it all.

So I made an application that generates thumbnails of all of the real time Japan nuclear radiation monitoring data  for the major US west coast cities every three hours 15 minutes and posts them right here. (After watching Fairbanks Gamma Graph from jump from 1,000 CPM to over 30,000 CPM in just minutes my initial assumption that these graphs were slow moving and discernible differences would take hours was proven incorrect. I now see the graphs and thumbnails will show spikes much faster than I anticipated).

This will allow you to quickly check the status of all active EPA radioactive fallout monitors at once on this single. As more monitors come online I will update the app to include data from those monitors.

Update: Looks like this is up just in time as independent radiation monitoring has just gone offline.  Keep in mind though this is Government supplied/censored data.

The situation in Fukashima is rapidly moving from "very grave" to catastrophic.  To read the radiation charts, click here.
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