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This paper will probably be proven wrong, as all the other papers proposing faster-than-light communication have been. But it's good that people are still trying. The read a .PDF of the paper, click here.

"Current “orthodox” quantum theory maintains that it is impossible to transmit information faster than the speed of light. However above, it has been shown that it should in fact be possible, if “orthodox” quantum theory holds good. The conflict between conclusions has to do with the fact that in the former argument, it is assumed that the only way to remotely extract information using correlated photons is to rely on measurement of probabilities of eigenvalues. In the method explained above, the uncertainty of a single eigenvalue was measured instead."

Jacques Vallee brought up this subject in general for space communications at the recent DARPA/NASA meeting on interstellar travel. It was of course first discussed back in the early 1980's in Lawry Chickering's famous letter to Richard De Lauer then Under Secretary of Defense for R&D when I consulted for the Reagan think tank ICS on SDI issues. David Kaiser (MIT physics) I think chronicles this in his new book "How the Hippies Saved Physics." Chickering's letter mentioned in New Yorker article on J.S. Bell as I recall and also I think by N.D. Mermin in Physics Today.


just in, I have not read it yet to see where the error is - but it's from a mathematician at Notre Dame.

OK I looked at it. His idea is the same wrong idea I had in the late 1970's. I think his error is his equation (3) - that never happens. There never will be an interference pattern on one side in the setup he has. Of course, no harm trying in case I am wrong again. ;-)  -- Jack Sarfatti

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