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Here is the latest mindless non-idea to appear in the pop-physics press - Jack Sarfatti

"Since the late 20th century, astronomers have been aware of data that suggest the universe is not only expanding, but expanding at an accelerating rate. According to the currently accepted model, this accelerated expansion is due to dark energy, a mysterious repulsive force that makes up about 73% of the energy density of the universe. Now, a new study reveals an alternative theory: that the expansion of the universe is actually due to the relationship between matter and antimatter. According to this study, matter and antimatter gravitationally repel each other and create a kind of “antigravity” that could do away with the need for dark energy in the universe."To read the rest of the article, click here.

"This is the not even wrong incompetent journalism article I alluded to. First of all dark energy consists of zero point fluctuations of virtual particles when the virtual boson density exceeds the virtual fermion-antifermion pair density. Second of all, there are not enough real particles whizzing through space to explain the effect. Third of all antiparticles gravitate just like ordinary particles. Fourthly, a pair of particles one that makes anti-gravity, the other that makes gravity self-accelerates like a warp drive!  For a start. I have seen stupid ideas, but this one takes the cake." - Jack Sarfatti
Category: Science
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