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I conjecture that the intrinsic conscious mental field is analogous to a hologram described by a low frequency effective field nonlinear dissipative (non-unitary) local macroquantum coherent c-number multi-component order parameter. This order parameter landscape in our brain obeys a Landau-Ginzburg type equation for a non- equilibrium dissipative structure with signal nonlocality violating microscopic orthodox quantum theory. Therefore, different parts of the brain can locally decode messages from other distant parts without having to wait for classical electrical and chemical signal keys to move slower than light. The coherent order parameter landscape is phase and amplitude locked into the distributed pattern of the electrical and chemical signals both for sensory input and motor output in a set of creative feedback-control loops. The imprinting action of the electrical and chemical signal patterns on the intrinsically mental landscape excites our inner conscious qualia and explains the “binding problem” of how the conscious mind has an undivided wholeness. The piloting reaction of those excitations in the mental landscape back on the electrical and chemical signal pattern is our volition in which thought is expressed in our motor behavior. The application of similar ideas to the cosmological dark energy and arrow of time problems is also discussed. Indeed, I suggest that the dark energy accelerating the universe is advanced Hawking-Unruh black body radiation from our future observer-dependent cosmological event horizon.

This paper from Jack Sarfatti was just published in the new Journal of Cosmology, Vol 14..  For a .PDF of the Sarfatti paper, click here.
Category: Science
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