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This is reminiscent Elizabeth Rauscher's theory it seems described by David Kaiser in How the Hippies Saved Physics.
I have not had time to read it yet to see if this particular paper makes sense to me.

Remote-Sensing Quantum Hyperspace by Entangled Photon Interferometry
By Gergely A. Nagy, Rev 1.5, 2011 Abstract
Even though ideas of extracting future-related, or Faster-Than-Light (FTL) information from hyperspace using quantum entanglement have generally been refuted in the last ten years, in this paper we show that the original ‘Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment’, 1st performed by Yoon-Ho Kim, R. Yu, S.P. Kulik, Y.H. Shih, designed by Marlan O. Scully & Drühl in 1982-1999, still features various hidden topological properties that may have been overlooked by previous analysis, and which prohibit, by principle, such extraction of future-related or real-time information from the detection of the signal particle on the delayed choice of its entangled idler twin(s).

We show that such properties can be removed, and quantum-level information from certain hypersurfaces of past, present or future spacetime may be collected real-time, without resulting in any paradox or violation of causality. We examine the possible side effects of the ‘Multi-Dimensional Hyperwaves Theory’ (also presented as an appendix to this paper), on all above implementations.

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