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Ever thought you could wave to your computer and it would flip photos? Or it would sense your gestures and motions like a loyal butler? Ofer Sadka has travelled all the way from Herzeliya , Israel , to Bellevue, Washington , to demonstrate what the near future of computing is going to be like. Fittingly enough, his company is called Extreme Reality.

Today's darlings like the iPad and smartphones could be passe sooner than you think. Just like Microsoft's DOS (operating system for computers in the 1980s) was passe yesterday, or PCs and mice are today, and traditional monitors will be tomorrow. We are at the dawn of computers so intuitive that leave alone "understanding", they will know what you want without you having to explain.

In the coming two decades, maybe sooner, we might have some kind of a headset we'll wear or chips embedded in our bodies that will make us the ultimate personal supercomputer ourselves . This means you can finally use that fairytale means of communication called telepathy in reality. When you bump into random people you can't remember meeting, you'll be spared the embarrassment as this ultimate computer will automatically search and enlighten you on the person's details relevant to you, in seconds. Thought control and sense response will finally become real. Smart lenses in your eyes' irises will project details on to intangible individual screens, which will come and go in front of you much like mirages in a desert, with the key difference that you/your PC will be in control . Extreme reality indeed.

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