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The thing about parallel universes — which may be great or terrible — is that in theory they don’t collide.

here may be an alternate reality in which Mookie Wilson ’s grounder does not go through Bill Buckner ’s legs, costing the Red Sox the 1986 World Series, but Mets fans in this one don’t have to confront it. You don’t have to engage with a universe in which you bought Apple stock while it was cheap, or with the wealthier, smarter you asking why you were such an idiot, but neither do you get to find out what would have happened if you had spoken to that woman at the art gallery that December night.

But what if the alternate universes did collide? Could you encounter another version of yourself? Would you like yourself? What would you say?

Best to keep fashion out of it.  To read the rest of the article, click here.
Category: Science