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On Tuesday, Chinese physicists released a study they say debunks the possibility of time travel.

The study, conducted by Professor Shengwang Du and his team at from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology claims to have definitively measured the maximum speed of singular photons, noting that they do not move faster than the speed of light in vacuum.

From this they concluded that time travel is not possible due to the general theory that speeds faster than the speed of light are required to move through time.

However, other theories yet to be proven may still leave a window open to the possibility of time travel.

Researchers Chiu Man Ho and Thomas Weiler have proposed the idea of using the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland in order to move gauge singlet particles such as gravitons, sterile neutrinos and Higgs singlets through time in their paper “Causality-Violating Higgs Singlets at the LHC,” and plan on performing the experiment to determine whether or not time travel is possibly for micro objects, according to the International Business Times.

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"The allegation that the Chinese article disproves time travel is utter hogwash. First of all we don't need particles moving faster than light for time travel. That's a false premise. See Igor Novikov's popular book 'The River of Time' about wormholes." - Jack Sarfatti
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