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The Epic Project to Record the DNA of All Life on Earth 27 May 2018
Turning up the heat on thermoelectrics 27 May 2018
Mars rocks may harbor signs of life from 4 billion years ago 27 May 2018
Self-healing composite could make resilient robot skin 27 May 2018
Sierra Nevada has developed a mobile counter-drone system 27 May 2018
Alien languages might not be that different from ours 27 May 2018
Take a virtual trip to a strange new world with NASA 25 May 2018
An elastic fiber filled with electrodes set to revolutionize smart clothes 25 May 2018
How a particle may stand still in rotating spacetime 25 May 2018
The US military is funding an effort to catch deepfakes and other AI trickery 25 May 2018
Wood to supercapacitors 25 May 2018
Solar energy: Mixed anion compounds with 'fluorine' works as new photocatalytic material 25 May 2018
Microsoft is creating an oracle for catching biased AI algorithms 25 May 2018
How stratospheric life is teaching us about the possibility of extreme life on other worlds 24 May 2018
Could a particle accelerator using laser-driven implosion become a reality? 24 May 2018
Theory gives free rein to superconductivity at room temperature 24 May 2018
Silicon breakthrough could make key microwave technology much cheaper and better 24 May 2018
A Conversation with Thomas Hertog, One of Stephen Hawking’s Final Collaborators 24 May 2018
Muons: the little-known particles helping to probe the impenetrable 24 May 2018
Daydreaming May Help You Become More Socially Adept 24 May 2018
Why we won't get to Mars without teamwork 24 May 2018
Amazon Echo’s Alexa Records Woman’s Conversation, Sends It To Random Contact 24 May 2018
Metamaterials Could Produce Flying Doughnuts 24 May 2018
Transparent graphene implant for deep brain imaging and optogenetics 24 May 2018
How Russia and China Gained a Strategic Advantage in Hypersonic Technology 23 May 2018
'These could revolutionize the world' 23 May 2018
Superslow Brain Waves May Play a Critical Role in Consciousness 23 May 2018
Skyrmions have attractive and repulsive tendencies 23 May 2018
Nuclear physicists leap into quantum computing with first simulations of atomic nucleus 23 May 2018
Why North Korea's denuclearization plan doesn't convince this nuclear expert 23 May 2018
Atomic-scale manufacturing now a reality 23 May 2018
Researchers squeeze light into nanoscale devices and circuits 23 May 2018
New Drug Prevents Memory Impairment in Mice Exposed to Simulated Deep Space Radiation 23 May 2018
How can you tell if a quantum memory is really quantum? 23 May 2018
The EmDrive, NASA's 'Impossible' Space Engine, Really Is Impossible 23 May 2018
Flexible, highly efficient multimodal energy harvesting 22 May 2018
Quantum effects observed in photosynthesis 22 May 2018
Chemists synthesize millions of proteins not found in nature 22 May 2018
Magnesium magnificent for plasmonic applications 22 May 2018
To find small asteroids that could hit Earth, private foundation embraces small satellites 22 May 2018
'Spooky action at a distance': Researchers develop module for quantum repeater 22 May 2018
Maybe We Could "See" a Singularity After All 22 May 2018
DIA Apparently Working On Warp Drive For Space Travel 22 May 2018
Winning the Race in Quantum Computing 22 May 2018
Three Signs Google Is Turning to the Dark Side 21 May 2018
NASA’s EM-drive is a magnetic WTF-thruster 21 May 2018
A soft solution to the hard problem of energy storage 21 May 2018
Stellar Disks Reveal How Planets Get Made 21 May 2018
Landauer Principle Stands up to Quantum Test 21 May 2018
Researchers enhance boron nitride nanotubes for next-gen composites 21 May 2018
A German Team Is Now Trying to Make the ‘Impossible’ EmDrive Engine 21 May 2018
Intel Puts Its Own Spin on Quantum Computing 21 May 2018
Turning entanglement upside down 21 May 2018
Stronger-than-binary correlations experimentally demonstrated for the first time 21 May 2018
There's a Strange New Theory For Those Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts in Space 21 May 2018
Dark Futures: Does Humanity Really Need a Backup Earth? 21 May 2018
Apttus And The Rise Of Enterprise AI (Artificial Intelligence) 19 May 2018
Sonny White at Eagleworks scaling EMdrive experiments to 400 watts 19 May 2018
The SpaceDrive Project – First Results on EMDrive and Mach-Effect Thrusters 19 May 2018
Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and phone masts poses 'credible' threat to wildlife, report finds 18 May 2018
Table for One? 18 May 2018
Red Hydrogen One Holographic Phone 18 May 2018
The "first man-made biological leaf" could enable humans to colonise space 18 May 2018
Drones are a disruptive technology 17 May 2018
Self-Assembling 3D Battery Would Charge in Seconds 17 May 2018
Imaging Chiral Domains in Superfluid Helium 17 May 2018
How to create and destroy a skyrmion 17 May 2018
Researchers create a quantum entanglement between two physically separated ultra-cold atomic clouds 17 May 2018
Supersonic waves may help electronics beat the heat 17 May 2018
Mathematicians Disprove Conjecture Made to Save Black Holes 17 May 2018
Why are AI researchers boycotting a new Nature journal—and shunning others? 17 May 2018
The world’s first quantum software superstore—or so it hopes—is here 17 May 2018
New catalyst upgrades greenhouse gas into renewable hydrocarbons 17 May 2018
Small, Manually Operated Drone Services are Being Squashed by Big Business 16 May 2018
Uber Gives the Army a Sweet Ride to Quieter Drones 16 May 2018
How to untangle knotty DNA 16 May 2018
A Missing Piece in the Neutrinoless Beta-Decay Puzzle 16 May 2018
A Kilauea eruption like no other 16 May 2018
Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical 16 May 2018
New device could increase battery life of electronic devices by more than a hundred-fold 16 May 2018
Entangled atoms shine in unison 16 May 2018
A New World’s Extraordinary Orbit Points to Planet Nine 16 May 2018
China’s moon mission will probe cosmic dark ages 16 May 2018
Cosmic Conflict: Diverging Data on Universe’s Expansion Polarizes Scientists 16 May 2018
New lineage of microbes living in Yellowstone sheds light on origin of life 16 May 2018
How Primordial Life On Earth Might Have Replicated Itself 16 May 2018
Aliens In The Multiverse? Here's Why Dark Energy Doesn't Tell You Anything 16 May 2018
Inside the Large Hadron Collider 15 May 2018
Echoes of gravitational waves could point to quantum gravity 15 May 2018
Ten-Year Search Finds No Signs of Dark Matter Annihilation 15 May 2018
Making carbon nanotubes as usable as common plastics 15 May 2018
Weird new form of nuclear matter might lie just beyond experimenters’ grasp 15 May 2018
Will NASA Go Nuclear to Return to the Moon? 15 May 2018
Here's What's Needed for Self-Flying Taxis and Delivery Drones to Really Take Off 15 May 2018
Carbon-recycling system: Two-electron chemical reactions using light energy, gold 15 May 2018
Scientists Transfer Memories From One Sea Slug Into Another Via Injection: How Are Memories Stored? 15 May 2018
Pros and Cons of Various Methods of Interstellar Travel 15 May 2018
Lasers Could Make Computers 1 Million Times Faster 14 May 2018
How Human Detectives Catch AI Thieves 14 May 2018
WIMP Alternatives Come Out of the Shadows 14 May 2018