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Water-worlds are common: Exoplanets may contain vast amounts of water 17 August 2018
A step closer to a theory of quantum gravity 17 August 2018
The Curious Case of a Revolutionary (But Imaginary?) Superconductor 17 August 2018
The astonishing row over 'holy grail' superconductor experiment that could change physics forever (or be a scam) 17 August 2018
Quantum Walk in a Bose-Einstein Condensate 16 August 2018
Settling Arguments About Hydrogen With 168 Giant Lasers 16 August 2018
A filter that turns saltwater into freshwater just got an upgrade 16 August 2018
Mapping the future direction for quantum research 16 August 2018
Mysterious X-37B Military Space Plane Nears 1 Year in Orbit 15 August 2018
Here are the companies that could profit from Trump’s Space Force 15 August 2018
To hone its collaborative skills, this AI is taking on the world’s top video game players 15 August 2018
How Militaries Should Plan for AI 15 August 2018
Measuring Temperature of Schrödinger’s Coffee 15 August 2018
Researchers suggest phonons may have mass and perhaps negative gravity 15 August 2018
LHC physicists embrace brute-force approach to particle hunt 15 August 2018
Excavation For Giant Magellan Telescope Begins: How Big Will It Be, And What Will It Be Able To Do? 15 August 2018
Faster way to make mineral to remove carbon dioxide from atmosphere 15 August 2018
Long-sought carbon structure joins graphene, fullerene family 15 August 2018
From windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel 15 August 2018
Mapping the universe in 3-D 15 August 2018
Studying impossible systems with analogues 15 August 2018
Scientists have identified mysterious gamma ray bursts erupting from deep space that have a baffling time-reversing effect 15 August 2018
Jacques Vallee: The Software of Consciousness and the Secret (Psychic) History of the World Wide Web 14 August 2018
Is This A Game Changer For Drones? 14 August 2018
Does time-symmetry in quantum theory imply retrocausality? 14 August 2018
Is Gravity Quantum? 14 August 2018
Scientists solve open theoretical problem on electron interactions 14 August 2018
How to engineer topology in graphene nanoribbons 14 August 2018
A Room Temperature Superconductor? Well. . . 14 August 2018
“Random” noise pours cold water on room-temperature superconductivity 14 August 2018
A new artificial quantum material for future high-efficiency computers 14 August 2018
Record-Breaking Signal May Help Solve the Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts 13 August 2018
Self-assembled nanostructures with atomically precise structure and tailored electronic properties 13 August 2018
Toward a universal quantum computer 13 August 2018
Printed electronics breakthrough could lead to flexible electronics revolution 13 August 2018
Mars and the Waves of Darkening 12 August 2018
Post-Quantum extension of David Bohm's 1952 pilot wave theory 12 August 2018
Omega Centauri Probably Doesn’t Have Any Sign Of Life, Scientists Say 12 August 2018
Want to work at Area 51? Now you can as world’s most mysterious military base posts its first ever job advert…. but there’s a bit of a catch 12 August 2018
Chambers in Egypt’s Great Pyramid concentrate radio waves 11 August 2018
A faint glow found between galaxies could be a beacon for dark matter 11 August 2018
Researchers Find Source of Strange 'Negative' Gravity 11 August 2018
The 2D Form of Tungsten Ditelluride is Full of Surprises 11 August 2018
Technology Offers a “Snapshot” into the Future of Genetic Engineering 10 August 2018
Interstellar Travel Requires a Long-Term Approach (and Humans Are Too Impatient) 10 August 2018
Leading North Korea expert paints chilling picture of nuclear warfare 10 August 2018
Theoretical Physics Is Pointless without Experimental Tests 10 August 2018
Study finds flaw in emergent gravity 10 August 2018
This synthetic wood is as strong as the real thing—and won’t catch fire 10 August 2018
Scientists create biodegradable, paper-based biobatteries 10 August 2018
Observing geometric phases in the lab 10 August 2018
Will we ever be able to freeze time? 10 August 2018
Assassination By Drone Isn't A New Concept, I Have Been Warning Of It For Years 10 August 2018
The Day of the Drone Assassin Has Arrived 10 August 2018
Proposed Space Force to Protect, Expand U.S. Cosmic Capabilities 10 August 2018
No, Assassination By Drone Isn't A New Concept, I Have Been Warning Of It For Years 09 August 2018
Researchers Developed Artificial Intelligence-Powered Stealthy Malware 09 August 2018
Bell Non-Locality in Macroscopic Systems 09 August 2018
Dark Energy May Be Incompatible With String Theory 09 August 2018
Scientists squeeze nanocrystals in a liquid droplet into a solid-like state and back again 09 August 2018
Seed coats could lead to strong, tough, yet flexible materials 09 August 2018
Mission to the Nearest Star: Fastest Spacecraft Ever Will Dare to Sample the Sun’s Corona 09 August 2018
New NASA Planet Hunter May Find 10,000 Alien Worlds in Just Two Years 09 August 2018
I Don’t Believe in Aliens Anymore (idiotic) 09 August 2018
Astrophysicist says aliens could be hiding behind repositioned stars 09 August 2018
Graphene enters the stratosphere 09 August 2018
Thousands of exotic ‘topological’ materials discovered through sweeping search 09 August 2018
How Fundamental Physics Shapes the Diversity of Life 09 August 2018
The Army is buying microwave cannons to take down drones in mid-flight 08 August 2018
Elon Musk and NASA to hold SECRET meeting on how to COLONISE Mars 08 August 2018
AI spots 40,000 prominent scientists overlooked by Wikipedia 08 August 2018
'Topological' graphene nanoribbons trap electrons for new quantum materials 08 August 2018
NASA must reassess its Mars programme – or future missions could fail, report warns 08 August 2018
Novel approach to coherent control of a three-level quantum system 08 August 2018
Magic Leap’s headset is real, but that may not be enough 08 August 2018
Key aspects of human cell aging reversed by new compounds 08 August 2018
These Are The Most Likely Places To Harbor Alien Life In Our Solar System 08 August 2018
Fusion start-ups hope to revolutionize energy in the coming decades 08 August 2018
Astroethics and Cosmocentrism 08 August 2018
Why aliens might turn to star collecting to save themselves 08 August 2018
Gravitationally-induced entanglement between two massive particles is sufficient evidence of quantum effects in gravity 08 August 2018
Holy Grail for Physicists: First Evidence Universe is a Hologram Uncovered? 07 August 2018
America Is Not Ready for Exploding Drones 07 August 2018
Unusual Properties of a Ruthenium-Based Crystal Described 07 August 2018
U.S. plans for Mars should include more than sample return, report warns 07 August 2018
Earth At Risk Of Heading Into Hothouse State: Here’s The Potential Aftermath 07 August 2018
Largest haul of extrasolar planets 07 August 2018
Physicists Find Surprising Distortions in High-Temperature Superconductors 07 August 2018
Is Humanity About To Accidentally Declare Interstellar War On Alien Civilizations? 07 August 2018
The device-agnostic policy applies to smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers, smartwatches and all other applications with geolocation features. 06 August 2018
The marriage of topology and magnetism in Dirac and Weyl semimetals 06 August 2018
Graphene and Beyond: The Astonishing Properties and Promise of 2D Materials 06 August 2018
Code Is Speech (and as such, is protected!) 06 August 2018
The Quantum Wave in Computing 06 August 2018
Brain Gain: A Person Can Instantly Blossom into a Savant--and No One Knows Why 05 August 2018
Complexity test offers new perspective on small quantum computers 05 August 2018
VLA detects possible extrasolar planetary-mass magnetic powerhouse 05 August 2018
Quantum dot floating gates improve light-erasable memories 05 August 2018
The universe’s rate of expansion is in dispute – and we may need new physics to solve it 05 August 2018
An astounding discovery 05 August 2018