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Did NASA discover extraterrestrials? Wait until Thursday for the great revelation 10 December 2017
CRISPR-Cas9 technique targeting epigenetics reverses disease in mice 10 December 2017
Will Artificial Intelligence Become Conscious? 10 December 2017
You Can Now Buy “The Most Powerful PC GPU Ever Created” 10 December 2017
How Will We Make First Contact With Aliens: Doritos, Lights, or Music? 10 December 2017
Iranian Hackers Have Been Infiltrating Critical Infrastructure Companies 10 December 2017
This Discovery Could Change the Way We Search for Alien Life 08 December 2017
Continuous atom laser one step closer, say physicists 08 December 2017
Physicists excited by discovery of new form of matter, excitonium 08 December 2017
Towards data storage at the single molecule level 08 December 2017
What If the Big Bang Wasn't the Beginning? New Study Proposes Alternative 08 December 2017
Spontaneous Bose-Einstein condensation of excitons 08 December 2017
New robots can see into their future 08 December 2017
Inside the 'star in a jar' fusion reactor that could lead to LIMITLESS energy: Stunning video reveals super-heated plasma inside Germany's stellarator 08 December 2017
World's first graphene-soled running shoes promise greater grip 08 December 2017
Nuclear fusion project hails halfway construction milestone 06 December 2017
A 100-fold leap to GigaDalton DNA nanotech 06 December 2017
Humans Would Be Cool with Finding Aliens 06 December 2017
Scientists want in on humanity's next big space station 06 December 2017
Researchers 3-D print lifelike artificial organ models 06 December 2017
Bad News for the Highly Intelligent 06 December 2017
Scientists find 'behemoth' black hole so big it could challenge our understanding of the universe's beginning 06 December 2017
Bronze Age iron weapons ‘came from outer space’, claims new study 06 December 2017
Experiment demonstrates quantum mechanical effects from biological system 06 December 2017
How Neutrinos Could Solve The Three Greatest Open Questions In Physics 06 December 2017
The U.S. Leads in Artificial Intelligence, but for How Long? 06 December 2017
Goldman Identifies 8 Huge Trends That Are About to Change the World 06 December 2017
Why 2018 will see the rise of the 'no collar' workforce, blockchains, and enterprise VR 06 December 2017
Why we haven't encountered extraterrestrial life? Blame it on false communication, say experts 06 December 2017
Super Earth K2-18b: Exoplanet That Could Harbor Extraterrestrial Life Has a Neighbor Hiding Behind It 06 December 2017
Alien discovery in SIX years? NASA mission to 'priority' planet handed MAJOR boost 06 December 2017
Russian space programme close to collapse as latest failure exposes its fragility 06 December 2017
Shape-Shifting Metals Could Generate Electricity from Wasted Heat 04 December 2017
Better mastery of heat flow leads to next-generation thermal cloaks 04 December 2017
How can humans keep the upper hand on artificial intelligence? 04 December 2017
Possibility of plate tectonics on Jupiter's moon Europa bolstered 04 December 2017
'NO DOUBT' of ALIEN life - New film reveals surgeons disturbing findings within patients 04 December 2017
Future wars may depend as much on algorithms as on ammunition, report says. 04 December 2017
The Search For Alien Life In Outer Space Has Hit A Snag, Says New Study 02 December 2017
Lightweight, compact VR glasses made possible by large-area microdisplays 02 December 2017
We still don’t know where the first interstellar asteroid came from 01 December 2017
A Physicist’s Physicist Ponders the Nature of Reality 01 December 2017
Qubits put into reverse 01 December 2017
Supercomputing is poised for a massive speed boost 01 December 2017
How Much CO2 Will the World Have to Remove from the Atmosphere? 01 December 2017
Researchers Develop Switchable Photovoltaic Window 01 December 2017
Squeezing light into a tiny channel brings optical computing a step closer 01 December 2017
Where Is Alien Life? Six Of The Top Theories 01 December 2017
Journalists revisit old “flying car” dreams 29 November 2017
Quantum simulators shed new light on magnetic phase transitions 29 November 2017
A theoretical model will allow systematic study of a promising class of peculiar quantum states 29 November 2017
Semi-Synthetic Life Form Now Fully Armed and Operational 29 November 2017
‘Alien’ DNA makes proteins in living cells for the first time 29 November 2017
New 3-D printer is 10 times faster than commercial counterparts 29 November 2017
Why the future of clean energy storage lies in hydrogen 29 November 2017
This Graphene Researcher Is Making Computers You Can Wear 29 November 2017
A transistor of graphene nanoribbons 29 November 2017
How We Could Explore That Interstellar Asteroid 29 November 2017
Are we alone? NASA confirms new rover for Mars mission will search for alien life 29 November 2017
Physicists set new record with 10-qubit entanglement 29 November 2017
Quantum simulators wield control over more than 50 qubits, setting new record 29 November 2017
Why humanity is 20 years away from guaranteeing its immortality – physicist Brian Cox on space colonies and mining asteroids 29 November 2017
Why D-Wave quantum computers have not yet brought quantum supremacy?! 29 November 2017
The Physics Behind the Strange Interstellar Asteroid 'Oumuamua 28 November 2017
How Zero Mass is using solar panels to pull drinkable water directly from the air 28 November 2017
Samsung's new battery tech could charge your phone 5 times faster 28 November 2017
Basic Concepts of Einstein's General Relativity v1 28 November 2017
'Holy Grail' for batteries: Solid-state magnesium battery a big step closer 28 November 2017
New research could revolutionise the future of electronic devices 28 November 2017
Key component for quantum computing invented 28 November 2017
Earthworms can reproduce in Mars soil simulant 28 November 2017
NASA's Alien Planet Hunters Rethink Habitability --"Water and Oxygen Not the Only Factors" 28 November 2017
Proof of Alien life? Mysterious living bacteria found OUTSIDE International Space Station 28 November 2017
MIT membrane produces fuel from CO2 emissions 28 November 2017
One Scientist Has a Plan to Send the Building Blocks of Life to Distant Exoplanets 27 November 2017
‘Arrow of time’ reversed in quantum experiment 27 November 2017
Phase-change memory picks up speed 27 November 2017
Magnetic Order on Command 27 November 2017
Open-access quantum computer goes live in Japan 27 November 2017
Research team develops new composite material made of carbon nanotubes 27 November 2017
Possible vestiges of a Universe previous to the Big Bang 27 November 2017
US and China racing to deploy quantum ghost imaging in satellites for stealth plane tracking 27 November 2017
The Quantum Socket: Three-Dimensional Wiring for Extensible Quantum Computing 27 November 2017
Laws of physics still universal, studies find 27 November 2017
World's smallest tape recorder is built from microbes 26 November 2017
Lone researchers with radical ideas may hold the keys to science’s unanswered questions 25 November 2017
Cancer breakthrough: Potential cure could be ready as early as next year 24 November 2017
New X-ray spectroscopy explores hydrogen-generating catalyst 24 November 2017
Enhancing the quantum sensing capabilities of diamond 24 November 2017
Solar cell discovery opens a new window to powering tomorrow's cities 24 November 2017
Choosy Eggs May Pick Sperm for Their Genes, Defying Mendel’s Law 24 November 2017
Dark matter and dark energy: Do they really exist? 24 November 2017
Physicists develop faster way to make Bose-Einstein condensates 24 November 2017
The Earth is not a solid mass of rock: its hot, dark, fractured subsurface is home to weird and wonderful life forms 24 November 2017
Quantum internet goes hybrid 22 November 2017
Physicists open the door to the first direct measurement of Berry curvature in solid matter 22 November 2017
Quantum Circulators Simplified 22 November 2017
This scientist is quashing a leading theory for liquid water on Mars—but he still thinks life could exist 22 November 2017
Fly-By of Interstellar Asteroid Portends Quadrillion Trillion More in Galaxy 22 November 2017
Private mission may get us back to Enceladus sooner than NASA 22 November 2017