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Fukashima Coverup: U.S. Declines to Give Details on Radiation 19 March 2011
Fate of Nuclear Plant in Japan Hangs in the Balance as Melting Continues 19 March 2011
Extra-terrestrial research goes on 19 March 2011
Quantum Physicists Investigate New States of Matter in Ultracold Atom Mixtures 19 March 2011
Good MUFON UFO TV Series - Good Science 19 March 2011
Ralph Nader says Indian Point Nuclear Reactor endangers NYC millions 19 March 2011
The megaquake connection: Are huge earthquakes linked? 18 March 2011
Physicists investigate lower dimensions of the universe 18 March 2011
How Much Spent Nuclear Fuel Does the Fukushima Daiichi Facility Hold? 18 March 2011
Quantum Pen for Single Atoms Is a Big Step Toward Large-Scale Quantum Computing 18 March 2011
Interesting effect at the Tevatron hints at new physics 18 March 2011
The Rain on This Plain Is Mainly Methane 18 March 2011
Relax: You Don't Need to Worry About Meeting E.T. 18 March 2011
After Earth: Why, Where, How, and When We Might Leave Our Home Planet 18 March 2011
Saturn's UFO moons: Bizarrely-shaped Pan and Atlas baffle scientists 18 March 2011
Shocking allegations about Tokyo Electric Nuclear Scandal 17 March 2011
Why Fukushima Daiichi won't be another Chernobyl 17 March 2011
Quantum Cryptography? Physicists Move Closer to Efficient Single-Photon Sources 17 March 2011
Physicists demonstrate conditions for laser-driven fusion 16 March 2011
Exoplant may have metal-rich atmosphere 16 March 2011
Dark energy is not an illusion after all 16 March 2011
What if supersymmetry is wrong? 16 March 2011
Large Hadron Collider Could Be World's First Time Machine, Researchers' Theory Suggests 16 March 2011
How to Program a Quantum Computer 16 March 2011
Atom Smasher: World's First Time Machine? 16 March 2011
Michael Nauenberg says Yakir Aharonov is mistaken in Physics Today 15 March 2011
Major quake Pacific Coast in next two weeks predicted. 15 March 2011
Miniature lasers could help launch new age of the Internet 15 March 2011
Room-temperature spintronic computers? Silicon spin transistors heat up and spins last longer 15 March 2011
Three Questions About Japan's Nuclear Plants 15 March 2011
Partial Meltdowns Led to Hydrogen Explosions at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 15 March 2011
NASA Studies Laser for Removing Space Junk 15 March 2011
The self: why science is not enough 15 March 2011
New method for self-assembling molecules 15 March 2011
Our two nuclear powerplants in California 14 March 2011
A FIRE is burning at the No.4 nuclear reactor 14 March 2011
New book illuminates life, legacy of physicist Richard Feynman 14 March 2011
A Look at the Mechanics of a Partial Meltdown 14 March 2011
Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario at Fukushima Power Plant 14 March 2011
Breakthrough in Nanocomposite for High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage 14 March 2011
Fukushima Nuclear Accident – a simple and accurate explanation 14 March 2011
It’s Not All Bad News When It Comes to the Health of the U.S. Space Industrial Base 14 March 2011
Japan Reactor Explosions - The Good News? 13 March 2011
Robert Laughlin Nobel Physics on Privatization of Knowledge 13 March 2011
Testing for Vanishing Dimensions 12 March 2011
New technology dramatically extends battery life for mobile devices 11 March 2011
Low-Power Memory from Nanotubes 11 March 2011
Why Would Aliens Invade? 11 March 2011
Earth is less likely than you think 11 March 2011
The National Academies: Planetary Science Decadal Survey 10 March 2011
Physicists Build Single Atom Memory For Quantum Information 10 March 2011
The Quantum Vacuum: An Unlikely Alternative Energy Resource 09 March 2011
How long does a tuning fork ring? 'Quantum-mechanics' solve a very classical problem 09 March 2011
The aliens haven't landed 09 March 2011
Extremely Fast Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM) Computer Data Storage Within Reach 09 March 2011
Theory of Everything... Still Searching? 09 March 2011
Efficient Measurement of Quantum Dynamics via Compressive Sensing 08 March 2011
To Mars, Europa and Beyond - Budget Permitting 08 March 2011
Now you see him 08 March 2011
Quantum engineers remove roadblock in developing next-generation technologies 08 March 2011
The Reinvention of Silk 08 March 2011
Tropical Water Ice Discovered On Mars 08 March 2011
Alien-life claims spark monster mud-slinging 08 March 2011
Cold Fusion Steams Ahead at World's Oldest University 08 March 2011
NASA scientists row over alien microbes 08 March 2011
Mars should be US space agency's focus: panel 07 March 2011
Outlook dims for interplanetary trips 07 March 2011
Quantum no-hiding theorem experimentally confirmed for first time 07 March 2011
Scientists reverse Doppler Effect 07 March 2011
New Magnetic Resonance Technique Could Revolutionise Quantum Computing 07 March 2011
What future for intelligent life in space? 07 March 2011
Life in meteorites? Study stirs debate 07 March 2011
NASA Scientist Claims Extraterrestrial Cyanobacterial Fossils Found in Carbonaceous Meteorites 05 March 2011
Material Strongly Deformed by Magnetic Field 05 March 2011
Water on the Moon 05 March 2011
Invisibility cloaks may be just around the corner 05 March 2011
A molecular motor design breakthrough 05 March 2011
The brain engineer: Shining a light on consciousness 05 March 2011
Gravity's bias for left may be writ in the sky 05 March 2011
Could the combination of general relativity and quantum mechanics lead to spintronics? 03 March 2011
Graphene etching to usher in computing revolution 03 March 2011
New Developments in Quantum Computing 03 March 2011
Black Holes: A Model for Superconductors? 03 March 2011
Physicists demonstrate coveted 'spin-orbit coupling' in atomic gases 03 March 2011
SETI Search for Aliens Zeroes in on New Planets 03 March 2011
The warped ways of cosmic light 03 March 2011
China's Homemade Supercomputer May be the Most Efficient Ever 02 March 2011
Columbia's Greene Says You Have an Evil Twin in the Multiverse: Interview 02 March 2011
'Dark Skies' Legislation Closer to Adoption 01 March 2011
Paper for Penrose Cosmology Special Issue 01 March 2011
WIMP detectors will test my theory of dark matter 01 March 2011
Quantum water in carbon nanotubes 01 March 2011
Scientists unravel the mysterious mechanics of spider silk 01 March 2011
Beautiful theory collides with smashing particle data 01 March 2011
Meteorites 'could have carried nitrogen to Earth' 01 March 2011
How To Turn A Laser Into A Tractor Beam 01 March 2011
Time travel experiment demonstrates how to avoid the grandfather paradox (Update) 01 March 2011
A Crowd of Quantum Entanglements 01 March 2011
Precognitive dreaming should not be dismissed as coincidence 01 March 2011
Where do our thoughts come from? 01 March 2011