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Nanoparticle scientist speaks on new discoveries at Goldschmidt Conference 16 June 2010
New process is promising for hydrogen fuel cell cars 16 June 2010
Physics Now and Then: From Neutrinos to Galileo 16 June 2010
Anti-neutrino's odd behaviour points to new physics 16 June 2010
No moon there - from Nature Physics 15 June 2010
Nature's tepid review of Sean Carroll's "From Eternity to Here" 15 June 2010
The 'God particle' may exist in five forms, Large Hadron Collider's rival project finds 15 June 2010
The end of the world as we know it 15 June 2010
Organic nanoelectronics a step closer: Researchers use metal crystal to organize organic materials 15 June 2010
Writing Circuits on Graphene 15 June 2010
Scientists show planes can punch holes in clouds, make it rain or snow 15 June 2010
What's wrong with the sun? Where have all the sunspots gone? 15 June 2010
Is the Universe Stranger Than We Know? What If Dark Matter and Dark Energy Do Not Exist? 15 June 2010
A blaze of glory 15 June 2010
C. N. Yang Conference at Stony Brook 1999 14 June 2010
A new quantum test of Einstein's classical equivalence principle 14 June 2010
River deltas hint at ancient Martian ocean 14 June 2010
Scientists allege that dark matter and dark energy might not exist 14 June 2010
Jupiter's other moon, the volcanic Io, could be a target for life 14 June 2010
Antony Valentini predicts signal nonlocality in Hawking radiation 14 June 2010
Lord Martin Rees allegedly says we are too stupid to understand the universe. 13 June 2010
Trillion dollar strategic mineral reserve in Afghanistan 13 June 2010
NY TIMES Report on BP Oil Disaster - unprecedented eco-catastrophe 13 June 2010
World's biggest radiotelescope launched in Netherlands 12 June 2010
Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday 12 June 2010
Detailed Martian Scenes in New Images from Mars Orbiter 12 June 2010
Record Efficiency for Lithium-Air Batteries 12 June 2010
Hayabusa spacecraft headed back toward Earth, perhaps with asteroid dust in hand 12 June 2010
Did wobbly cosmic strings create huge explosions? 12 June 2010
Antony Valentini Video on the censuring of Bohm's theory 11 June 2010
Using FTL Entanglement in Command Control Communication 11 June 2010
Secure Quantum Cryptography Requires Faster-Than-Light Influence 11 June 2010
Has Jupiter sent cosmology down a false trail? 11 June 2010
Watching a Bose-Einstein condensate crystallize 11 June 2010
Physics vs. metaphysics, knowledge vs. wisdom 11 June 2010
How To Destroy A Black Hole 11 June 2010
Radiation-soaking metamaterial puts black in the shade 11 June 2010
Did a 'sleeper' field awake to expand the universe? 11 June 2010
Observation of Shell Effects in Superconducting Nanoparticles of Tin 11 June 2010
Obama and the Nuclear Rocket 11 June 2010
Quixotic Quest for Dark Matter - the Moby Dick of Modern Times? 10 June 2010
Spintronics for Quantum Computers 10 June 2010
History of Photography 10 June 2010
Entangled Photon LED Quantum Dot Computer? 10 June 2010
Yakir Aharonov's Quantum Time Travel Physics of Destiny and History 10 June 2010
Could String Theory Explain Similarities Between Utracold Gases and Quark Gluon Plasma? 10 June 2010
Life on Titan? Maybe – but only a lander will tell us 10 June 2010
Microbial Fuel Cell Could Detect Non-Carbon Based Life, Say Physicists 10 June 2010
The Chance for Life on Io 10 June 2010
Discrete Space, General Relativity, Dark Matter and the Casimir Effect 10 June 2010
'Dark Pulse Laser' produces bursts of... almost nothing 10 June 2010
Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 09 June 2010
ESC Chicago keynoter makes case for time travel 09 June 2010
Imaging Atoms and Revolutionizing Laptop Computers 08 June 2010
A Better Way to Make Graphene 08 June 2010
Does dark matter come in two types? 08 June 2010
Innovation: Invisibility cloaks and how to use them 08 June 2010
Astrobiologist tries to set the record straight about extraterrestrial life on Titan 08 June 2010
Earth and Moon Formed Later Than Previously Thought, New Research Suggests 07 June 2010
In New Space Race, Enter the Entrepreneurs 07 June 2010
New Technique Turns Proteins Into Glass: Could Lead to New Ways to Deliver Medication 07 June 2010
NASA Rover Finds Clue to Mars' Past and Environment for Life 07 June 2010
The Science of 'Star Trek': How Close Are We? 07 June 2010
Strange find on Titan sparks chatter about life 07 June 2010
Flights of fancy 07 June 2010
A not-so-steady state 07 June 2010
Fermi gases as a test bed for strongly interacting systems 07 June 2010
As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather 07 June 2010
Superconducting meta-materials for zero g-force warp drive? 07 June 2010
Life on Titan? New Clues to What's Consuming Hydrogen, Acetylene on Saturn's Moon 07 June 2010
Superconductivity Could be Achieved at Room Temperature 07 June 2010
Laser Power Beaming – Creating the “Eternal UAV” 07 June 2010
"We are not gadgets" Jaron Lanier 05 June 2010
Mobile phones responsible for disappearance of honey bees? 05 June 2010
A proposal for a new type of qubit giant molecule 05 June 2010
Could Life Survive on Mars? Yes, Expert Says 05 June 2010
Deep in thought: What is a "law of physics", anyway? 04 June 2010
SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Reaches Orbit on First Flight 04 June 2010
Outcrop of Long-Sought Rare Rock on Mars Found 04 June 2010
The Hopeful Search for Extraterrestrial Life 04 June 2010
Toronto astrophysicists pretty much figured out origins of universe 04 June 2010
Filming quantum turbulence 04 June 2010
U.S. wary of nuclear blast to stop Gulf oil leak 04 June 2010
Mars rover finds conditions 'more conducive to life' 04 June 2010
Hints of life found on Saturn moon 04 June 2010
A Quantum Time Machine? 03 June 2010
The Apocalyptic Warnings of Lord Martin Rees, British Astronomer Royal 03 June 2010
Glimpse of heavy electrons reveals “hidden order” 03 June 2010
Particle collision thought to replicate Big Bang forces, may help explain how things exist 03 June 2010
First images of heavy electrons in action (w/ Video) 03 June 2010
Entangled photons available on tap 03 June 2010
Rise of the replicators 03 June 2010
Solutions to the Mind-Body Problem? 03 June 2010
Scientists Create Artificial Mini 'Black Hole' 03 June 2010
Quantum Computing Gravity 02 June 2010
Einstein's Brain Unlocks Some Mysteries Of The Mind 02 June 2010
Brian Greene asks if we are all hologram images. 02 June 2010
Open Quantum Systems and Entanglement 01 June 2010
Not all quantum properties are lost through interaction with the environment 01 June 2010
First 'chameleon particle' spotted after changing type 01 June 2010