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Quantum Entanglement Holds DNA Together, Say Physicists 28 June 2010
Looking at the Earth Through Extraterrestrial Eyes 28 June 2010
latex equation tests 27 June 2010
New Clues Suggest Wet Era on Early Mars Was Global 27 June 2010
Physicists explain why superconductors fail to produce super currents 27 June 2010
Most Efficient Quantum Memory for Light Developed 27 June 2010
Harnessing Power From Space 27 June 2010
Harnessing Power From Space 27 June 2010
Harnessing Power From Space 27 June 2010
Experiment tests underpinnings of quantum field theory, Bose-Einstein statistics of photons 25 June 2010
Earth-Like Planets May Be Shielded From Solar Scorching 25 June 2010
Frozen antiprotons bring antimatter within reach 25 June 2010
Prophetic visions of a world of living technology 25 June 2010
Was Venus Once a Habitable Planet? 24 June 2010
Scientists see evidence that rules of particle physics may need a rewrite 24 June 2010
The Argument over Aging 24 June 2010
Hayabusa asteroid capsule opening gets under way 24 June 2010
Researchers design more reliable invisibility cloak 24 June 2010
Poisonous Superstorm Found on Alien World 23 June 2010
Physicists simulate sounds of the Higgs boson (w/ Video) 23 June 2010
Wanna build a quantum computer? Try silicon wafers 23 June 2010
Cassini Skims Through Titan’s Upper Atmosphere 22 June 2010
'BC5' material shows superhard, superconducting potential 22 June 2010
Researchers create self-assembling nanodevices that move and change shape on demand 22 June 2010
Inside the Military-Robotics Complex 22 June 2010
Hawking speaks on God, the big bang and novel physics 22 June 2010
Raytheon BBN Technologies Achieves Quantum Information Breakthrough 22 June 2010
Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, on ET Aliens 21 June 2010
Lee Smolin's Rube Goldberg Explanation of Dark Energy 21 June 2010
Pakistani physicist may have discovered “new form of matter” 21 June 2010
Back From The Future - The Illusion of Past Cause -> Future Effect 21 June 2010
Physicists investigate the role of quantum entanglement in the magnetic compasses of animals 21 June 2010
Are We Overlooking Alien Beacons? 21 June 2010
Supersolidity or quantum plasticity? 21 June 2010
UV Adds the Missing 'G' 21 June 2010
If Roger Penrose's cosmology is right, mine is wrong and vice versa. 21 June 2010
Gravity Wave 'Smoking Gun' Fizzles 20 June 2010
Cosmic Dark Flow Anomaly - evidence for a parallel universe? 20 June 2010
Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking - ETs & Time Travel 20 June 2010
"Is the universe leaking energy?" Tamara Davis in Scientific American 20 June 2010
Ad Astra Ponders Vasimr Mission To Asteroid 19 June 2010
Wet past for red planet 19 June 2010
Faster-than-light electric currents could explain pulsars 19 June 2010
Lord Martin Rees BBC Videos - are we finished? 19 June 2010
Halfway to Pluto, New Horizons Wakes Up in 'Exotic Territory' 18 June 2010
BP Oil Spill Analysis - update 6/21/10 18 June 2010
Free-falling atoms will put relativity to the test 18 June 2010
'Mammoth-Killer' Nothing More Than Fungus and Bug Poop 17 June 2010
Oil Spill's Real Threat Lies Beneath the Surface 17 June 2010
Physicists Get an Up-Close Look at Synthetic Quantum Materials 17 June 2010
Our own extinction is forecast, but he's going by dead reckoning 17 June 2010
Water-splitting Photocatalyst Brought to Light 17 June 2010
Deformable Liquid Mirrors Could Revolutionise Astronomy 17 June 2010
If there's life on Mars, it could be right-handed 17 June 2010
Air Force Sees Hypersonic Weapons and Spaceships in Future 17 June 2010
Is this "Our Final Hour" as Martin Rees warned in his book? 16 June 2010
The Einstein-Bohr Debate on Quantum Reality 16 June 2010
Kepler craft reports apparent planetary bonanza 16 June 2010
Study finds there may be multiple 'God particles' 16 June 2010
Nanoparticle scientist speaks on new discoveries at Goldschmidt Conference 16 June 2010
New process is promising for hydrogen fuel cell cars 16 June 2010
Physics Now and Then: From Neutrinos to Galileo 16 June 2010
Anti-neutrino's odd behaviour points to new physics 16 June 2010
No moon there - from Nature Physics 15 June 2010
Nature's tepid review of Sean Carroll's "From Eternity to Here" 15 June 2010
The 'God particle' may exist in five forms, Large Hadron Collider's rival project finds 15 June 2010
The end of the world as we know it 15 June 2010
Organic nanoelectronics a step closer: Researchers use metal crystal to organize organic materials 15 June 2010
Writing Circuits on Graphene 15 June 2010
Scientists show planes can punch holes in clouds, make it rain or snow 15 June 2010
What's wrong with the sun? Where have all the sunspots gone? 15 June 2010
Is the Universe Stranger Than We Know? What If Dark Matter and Dark Energy Do Not Exist? 15 June 2010
A blaze of glory 15 June 2010
C. N. Yang Conference at Stony Brook 1999 14 June 2010
A new quantum test of Einstein's classical equivalence principle 14 June 2010
River deltas hint at ancient Martian ocean 14 June 2010
Scientists allege that dark matter and dark energy might not exist 14 June 2010
Jupiter's other moon, the volcanic Io, could be a target for life 14 June 2010
Antony Valentini predicts signal nonlocality in Hawking radiation 14 June 2010
Lord Martin Rees allegedly says we are too stupid to understand the universe. 13 June 2010
Trillion dollar strategic mineral reserve in Afghanistan 13 June 2010
NY TIMES Report on BP Oil Disaster - unprecedented eco-catastrophe 13 June 2010
World's biggest radiotelescope launched in Netherlands 12 June 2010
Merely Human? That’s So Yesterday 12 June 2010
Detailed Martian Scenes in New Images from Mars Orbiter 12 June 2010
Record Efficiency for Lithium-Air Batteries 12 June 2010
Hayabusa spacecraft headed back toward Earth, perhaps with asteroid dust in hand 12 June 2010
Did wobbly cosmic strings create huge explosions? 12 June 2010
Antony Valentini Video on the censuring of Bohm's theory 11 June 2010
Using FTL Entanglement in Command Control Communication 11 June 2010
Secure Quantum Cryptography Requires Faster-Than-Light Influence 11 June 2010
Has Jupiter sent cosmology down a false trail? 11 June 2010
Watching a Bose-Einstein condensate crystallize 11 June 2010
Physics vs. metaphysics, knowledge vs. wisdom 11 June 2010
How To Destroy A Black Hole 11 June 2010
Radiation-soaking metamaterial puts black in the shade 11 June 2010
Did a 'sleeper' field awake to expand the universe? 11 June 2010
Observation of Shell Effects in Superconducting Nanoparticles of Tin 11 June 2010
Obama and the Nuclear Rocket 11 June 2010
Quixotic Quest for Dark Matter - the Moby Dick of Modern Times? 10 June 2010