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A Shared Quantum Rhythm 01 July 2020
5G switching gets a 2D boost 01 July 2020
Building a harder diamond 01 July 2020
Why boring could be good for this star’s two intriguing planets 01 July 2020
Astronomers May Have Glimpsed Light from Merging Black Holes 01 July 2020
First exposed planetary core discovered allows glimpse inside other worlds 01 July 2020
First Exoplanet With Exposed Planetary Core Discovered 01 July 2020
Why Look for Extraterrestrial Life? 30 June 2020
Mathematical noodling leads to new insights into an old fusion problem 30 June 2020
The Key Device Needed for a Quantum Internet 30 June 2020
World's widest graphene nanoribbon promises the next generation of miniaturized electronics 30 June 2020
Multifunctional nanofiber protects against explosions 30 June 2020
Mysterious Spike in Nuclear Radiation Detected Over Europe: Russia Denies Large Came From its Region 29 June 2020
At Least 110 People Needed to Start Life on Mars, Space Expert Says 29 June 2020
Quantum physics provides a way to hide ignorance 29 June 2020
Chemistry paves the way for improved electronic materials 27 June 2020
'Simulation microscope' examines transistors of the future 27 June 2020
NASA's New Mars Rover Will Launch a Tiny Helicopter 27 June 2020
Chinese researchers develop new construction material that can be made from lunar dust which is 22 TIMES stronger than concrete - and could be used to build a moon base without having to transport materials from Earth 26 June 2020
Record-breaking metalens could revolutionize optical technologies 26 June 2020
New insights into the energy levels in quantum dots 26 June 2020
An electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction in water splitting 26 June 2020
Are planets with oceans common in the galaxy? It's likely, scientists find 25 June 2020
Breakthrough Listen Scans Kepler-160 System for Alien Technosignatures 25 June 2020
Quantum entanglement demonstrated aboard orbiting CubeSat 25 June 2020
Scientists develop new tool to design better fusion devices 25 June 2020
Researchers discover new boron-lanthanide nanostructure 25 June 2020
Chemists achieve breakthrough in the synthesis of graphene nanoribbons 25 June 2020
Possible Flare from Black Hole Merger 25 June 2020
A Quantum Signature for the Cosmos 24 June 2020
Researchers Develop World’s Smallest Molecular Motor 24 June 2020
To live up to the hype, quantum computers must repair their error problems 24 June 2020
Researchers cut nanometer-sized patterns into 2-D materials 24 June 2020
Microscopic computers: The wires of the future may be made of molecules 24 June 2020
‘Magic-angle’ graphene doubles up 24 June 2020
Experiment proves old theory of how aliens might use black holes for energy 24 June 2020
Energy of Half A Billion Yellow Suns in 1/10,000th of A Second — What ARE Fast Radio Bursts? 21 June 2020
Graphene smart textiles developed for heat adaptive clothing 21 June 2020
Unique material design for brain-like computations 21 June 2020
Measuring a tiny quasiparticle is a major step forward for semiconductor technology 21 June 2020
Physicists propose how to entangle macroscopic objects using pulses of light 20 June 2020
Is teleportation possible? Yes, in the quantum world 20 June 2020
CERN makes bold push to build €21-billion super-collider 20 June 2020
Physicists Use Richard Feynman's Ideas to Develop a Working 'Theory of Everything' 20 June 2020
Two-dimensional carbon networks 20 June 2020
Researchers Create Graphene-Infused Next-Gen Battery Component 20 June 2020
How quantum computers could make future humans immortal 20 June 2020
Researchers Use Richard Feynman's Ideas to Develop a Working 'Theory of Everything' 18 June 2020
Hypersonic Technologies: Technology Trends 18 June 2020
UConn, Army Research lab collaborate on new portable, renewable energy technology 18 June 2020
Quantum material research facilitates discovery of better materials that benefit our society 16 June 2020
With a 'catch-and-release' process, researchers advance graphene electronics 16 June 2020
A phase battery for quantum technologies 16 June 2020
Scientists Develop New Scalable DNA-Based Data Storage System 16 June 2020
Why Gravity Is Not Like the Other Forces 16 June 2020
The US military is getting serious about nuclear thermal propulsion 16 June 2020
Research sheds new light on intelligent life existing across the galaxy 16 June 2020
The Astrobiological Copernican Weak and Strong Limits for Intelligent Life 16 June 2020
Researchers Teleport Information between Two Microchips Using Quantum Entanglement 14 June 2020
Louis Broglie and the Idea of Wave-Particle Duality 14 June 2020
New distance measurements bolster challenge to basic model of universe 14 June 2020
Quantum effect observed in 'large' metal 14 June 2020
Phonons go for a quantum walk 14 June 2020
[New Discovery] Unusual Echoes at the Center of the Earth Seen and Heard by Scientists: What Is It? 14 June 2020
Supercurrent goes to the edge 12 June 2020
Quantum Erasing with Phonons 12 June 2020
This weird quantum state of matter was made in orbit for the first time 12 June 2020
Majorana qubits for topological quantum computing 12 June 2020
Scientists apply 'twistronics' to light propagation and make a breakthrough discovery 12 June 2020
After a century of searching, scientists find new liquid phase 12 June 2020
Astronomers Create 'Fifth State of Matter' in the International Space Station 12 June 2020
Scientists force mice into hibernation-like state, open doors for suspended animation in humans 12 June 2020
Liquid metals break down organic fuels into ultra-thin graphitic sheets 10 June 2020
First confirmation of new theory by metamaterial 10 June 2020
Pentagon Has Tested A Suicide Drone That Gets To Its Target Area At Hypersonic Speed 10 June 2020
Why the Air Force's New 6th-Generation Stealth Fighters Will Be Better Than the F-35? 09 June 2020
Are Drone Swarms Weapons of Mass Destruction? 09 June 2020
The Quantum App Store Is Coming 09 June 2020
‘Photon crystals’ could be made using Rydberg atoms 09 June 2020
Galactic flash points to long-sought source for enigmatic radio bursts 09 June 2020
Renewable fuel from carbon dioxide with the aid of solar energy 09 June 2020
Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip 09 June 2020
Water vapor in the atmosphere may be prime renewable energy source 09 June 2020
Integrating nanomaterial with light-absorbing molecule powers hydrogen production from water and sun 09 June 2020
Transparent graphene electrodes might lead to new generation of solar cells 09 June 2020
Researchers Found Ancient Asteroids Provided Building Blocks of Life When it Hit Earth and Mars 09 June 2020
Presence of airborne dust could signify increased habitability of distant planets 09 June 2020
Engineering Metamaterials: Present and Future 09 June 2020
Exotic radioactive molecules could reveal physics beyond the Standard Model 07 June 2020
Could Ultracapacitors Replace Batteries in Future Electric Vehicles? 07 June 2020
Progressing Electronics Beyond Moore’s Law With Graphene and 2D Materials 07 June 2020
NASA Officially Chooses Northrop Grumman Artemis Contract For Gateway Crew Cabin 07 June 2020
Manipulating metals for adaptive camouflage 07 June 2020
Astronomers have found a planet like Earth orbiting a star like the sun 07 June 2020
Chance of finding young Earth-like planets higher than previously thought 07 June 2020
Room-temperature superconductors could revolutionize the world’s energy 07 June 2020
Study shows diamonds aren't forever 05 June 2020
New discovery unlocks 'hot' electrons for more efficient energy use 05 June 2020
New material, modeling methods promise advances in energy storage 05 June 2020
A new device can produce electricity using shadows 05 June 2020
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