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Pathways that extend lifespan by 500 percent identified 13 January 2020
How to Build A Space-Time Bridge Using Wormholes 13 January 2020
Mysticism and the Mind-Body Problem: Other Views 12 January 2020
'Superdiamond' carbon-boron cages can trap and tap into different properties 11 January 2020
The coldest reaction in the Universe 11 January 2020
NASA: Sending More Humans on Moon by 2024 Now Possible With This Newly-Built Mega-Rocket 10 January 2020
Water is Mysteriously Disappearing From the Surface of Mars 10 January 2020
An 18-carat gold nugget made of plastic 10 January 2020
Space-Time Anomalies (or Wormholes) Might Exist For Real, According to Physicists 10 January 2020
SpaceX Tests Black Satellite to Reduce “Megaconstellation” Threat to Astronomy 10 January 2020
Taking a cue from plants, new chemical approach converts carbon dioxide to valuable fuel 09 January 2020
Researchers simulate quantum computer with up to 61 quantum bits using a supercomputer with data compression 09 January 2020
Physics Insights from Neural Networks 08 January 2020
This material could camouflage objects from infrared cameras 08 January 2020
How many of our comets come from alien solar systems? 08 January 2020
How Iran Can Still Use Cyber and Drone Technology to Attack the U.S. 08 January 2020
Aliens ‘could be found on asteroids THIS YEAR’, scientists claim 08 January 2020
NASA’s TESS Planet Hunter Finds Its First Earth-Size World in “Habitable Zone” 07 January 2020
Samsung Neon: Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Samsung’s Artificial Human Project 07 January 2020
Indeterminist physics for an open world 07 January 2020
A Few Qubits Go a Long Way 07 January 2020
Utilizing relativistic effects for laser fusion: A new approach for clean power 07 January 2020
NASA's treasure map for water ice on Mars 07 January 2020
A fast radio burst tracked down to a nearby galaxy 07 January 2020
Scientists develop new method to detect oxygen on exoplanets 07 January 2020
Quest to use CRISPR against disease gains ground 07 January 2020
Embedded DNA used to reproduce 3D-printed rabbit 06 January 2020
Quantum Computer Crosscheck 06 January 2020
Making computers and smartphones more energy efficient with novel tiny structures 06 January 2020
Why the Spitzer Space Telescope Matters 06 January 2020
Revelations in the Quantum Realm as Positrons and Spherical Nanoparticles Collided With Expected Results 06 January 2020
Why the quantum internet should be built in space 04 January 2020
The case of the elusive Majorana: The so-called 'angel particle' is still a mystery 04 January 2020
New Particle Accelerator Fits on a Silicon Chip 04 January 2020
Smart contact lenses power up 04 January 2020
A quantum breakthrough brings a technique from astronomy to the nano-scale 03 January 2020
Machine learning could reveal graphene oxide’s real structure 03 January 2020
Researchers Create Nanoparticle-Based Microlasers 03 January 2020
Testing a MultiTEP-based combination vaccine to reduce Aβ and tau pathology in Tau22/5xFAD bigenic mice 01 January 2020
Strange Superconductor Sends Electrons Both Ways 31 December 2019
High-Oxygen Exoplanetary Atmospheres More Common than Thought, Study Suggests 31 December 2019
Paving the way for spintronic RAMs 31 December 2019
The experimental demonstration of a spin quantum heat engine 31 December 2019
Alone in a Crowded Milky Way 30 December 2019
How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines 28 December 2019
Paving the way for spintronic RAMs: A deeper look into a powerful spin phenomenon 27 December 2019
‘Beam rider’ technology keeps solar sails aligned 27 December 2019
High-performance anode for all-solid-state Li batteries is made of Si nanoparticles 27 December 2019
15 Strangest Discoveries on the Red Planet Mars 27 December 2019
The Coolest (and Scariest) Military Tech of 2019 27 December 2019
In leap for quantum computing, silicon quantum bits establish a long-distance relationship 25 December 2019
Powder, not gas: A safer, more effective way to create a star on Earth 23 December 2019
Quantum Computing: No Longer Just a Pipe Dream 23 December 2019
How NASA is 'pushing physics boundaries' with 'faster than lightspeed' spacecraft design 23 December 2019
Computing with molecules: A big step in molecular spintronics 23 December 2019
Can Science Rule Out God? 23 December 2019
The Brain Senses Touch beyond the Body 23 December 2019
Electronics at the speed of light 23 December 2019
First chip-to-chip quantum teleportation harnessing silicon photonic chip fabrication 23 December 2019
How US is developing helmet to communicate ‘via telepathy’ during combat 23 December 2019
Scientists discover first antiferromagnetic topological quantum material 22 December 2019
Fireballs: mail from space 22 December 2019
No Dark Energy? No Chance, Cosmologists Contend 21 December 2019
Doppler cloaking based on time-varying metamaterials: Theory and design 20 December 2019
Phonons leap a nanoscale gap 20 December 2019
New design principle for water-splitting catalysts 20 December 2019
Free of Heavy Metals, New Battery Design Could Alleviate Environmental Concerns 20 December 2019
NASA Moon mission OFF? How lunar colonisation could destroy alien hunt 18 December 2019
Quantum Computers Approach Milestone for Boson Sampling 18 December 2019
Researchers Create Mini-Liver From 3D Printer 18 December 2019
Alien hand? Mysteriously vanished stars could indicate the existence of extraterrestrials 18 December 2019
Retired USAF general warns of 'great space war,' says China is building 'Space Navy' 17 December 2019
Scientists correlate photon pairs of different colors generated in separate buildings 17 December 2019
Camouflage made of quantum material could hide you from infrared cameras 17 December 2019
Surfing on quantum waves: Protein folding revisited 17 December 2019
Spooky Action at a Global Distance − Resource-Rate Analysis of a Space-Based Entanglement-Distribution Network for the Quantum Internet 17 December 2019
Researchers observe brain-like behavior in nanoscale device 17 December 2019
New Analysis Tightens Constraints on Light Dark Matter 17 December 2019
Researchers close in on new nonvolatile memory 17 December 2019
Alien Invasion On Earth Would Be Good For Humanity, Scientist Says 17 December 2019
NASA Astronaut Discusses Finding Aliens In Outerspace: 'Hope We Never Leave Earth' 17 December 2019
Mysterious light in sky could be sign of alien life, experts say 17 December 2019
How to use entanglement for long-distance or free-space quantum communication 16 December 2019
Growing carbon nanotubes with the right twist 16 December 2019
Researchers combine quantum dot 'atoms' and create new 'molecules' 16 December 2019
Spin Waves Revealed with X-Ray Vision 16 December 2019
Recently Retired USAF General Makes Eyebrow Raising Claims About Advanced Space Technology 14 December 2019
Quantum States Achieved in Everyday Electronics 13 December 2019
Better studying superconductivity in single-layer graphene 13 December 2019
Vast Field of Mysterious, Perfectly Circular Holes Dot the Seafloor Off California's Coast 13 December 2019
A more efficient way to turn saltwater into drinking water 12 December 2019
Retired Air Force Lieutenant Makes the Case for a U.S. Space Force 12 December 2019
New Laser Technique Captures Dynamic Processes of Quantum Materials 12 December 2019
Wonder Material Grows on Trees 12 December 2019
Picture the Future 6th Generation Fighter In Your Mind 12 December 2019
Russia Could Kill American Carriers Without the "Poseidon" Nuclear Torpedo 12 December 2019
Will Machines Ever Become Conscious? 11 December 2019
Can we travel to the past? Irreversible physics along closed timelike curves 11 December 2019
Why the Laws of Physics Are Inevitable 11 December 2019
Electrons flow like water in ultra-pure graphene 11 December 2019