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Cheers! Maxwell's electromagnetism extended to smaller scales 11 December 2019
Heat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness 11 December 2019
How light a foldable and long-lasting battery can be 11 December 2019
New Hope for Milky Way Dark Matter 11 December 2019
Beyond Physicalism 10 December 2019
Don't Panic about AI 10 December 2019
New laser technique images quantum world in a trillionth of a second 10 December 2019
New understanding of charge transport reveals an exotic quantum mechanical regime 10 December 2019
How to induce magnetism in graphene 10 December 2019
New global 5G standard worries meteorologists 10 December 2019
The F-35 Will Die: Long Live the 6th Generation Stealth Fighter 10 December 2019
Intel Unveils Cryogenic Chip to Speed Quantum Computing 10 December 2019
Your Air Force Is Dead: Why Russia's S-400 Air Defense System Is One of the Best 09 December 2019
Evidence of New X17 Particle Reported, but Scientists Are Wary 09 December 2019
In surprise breakthrough, scientists create quantum states in everyday electronics 09 December 2019
A tech jewel: Converting graphene into diamond film 09 December 2019
Molecular graphenoids make coherent spin centres 09 December 2019
Proton-hydrogen collision model could impact fusion research 09 December 2019
Artificial cells act more like the real thing 08 December 2019
Graphene takes off in composites for planes and cars 08 December 2019
Using Quantum Mechanics to Trigger Atomic Fusion 07 December 2019
Electronic map reveals 'rules of the road' in superconductor 06 December 2019
Gamma-ray laser moves a step closer to reality 06 December 2019
Has physics ever been deterministic? 06 December 2019
Do we have the right to colonise other planets? 06 December 2019
A platform for stable quantum computing, a playground for exotic physics 06 December 2019
Fusion by strong lasers 06 December 2019
Researchers achieve quantum control of an oscillator using a Josephson circuit 04 December 2019
Standard compression algorithm could revolutionize physical and biological computations, researchers say 04 December 2019
Researchers Identify Molecule That Can Kill Cancer Cells 04 December 2019
Trump's Excellent Space Force Adventure 04 December 2019
The direct observation of van der Waals stacking-dependent interlayer magnetism 03 December 2019
Could Russia's S-400 Shoot down the Air Force's New B-21? 03 December 2019
Long Live the Multiverse! 03 December 2019
Novel material switches between electrically conducting and insulating states 03 December 2019
New study looks to biological enzymes as source of hydrogen fuel 03 December 2019
Is the Universe Curved? Not So Fast 02 December 2019
John Wheeler’s H-bomb blues 02 December 2019
Controlling the optical properties of solids with acoustic waves 02 December 2019
Potential solution to overheating mobile phones 02 December 2019
MIT researchers are building an instrument to study genetics on Mars 02 December 2019
Atomic-scale manufacturing method could enable ultra-efficient computers 01 December 2019
Solving fossil mystery could aid quest for ancient life on Mars 01 December 2019
Longevity Linked to Proteins That Calm Overexcited Neurons 01 December 2019
Entanglement lights the way to scalable quantum computers 01 December 2019
Heating by Cooling: Resolving a Fusion Paradox 01 December 2019
Multiverse Theories Are Bad for Science 30 November 2019
The plot thickens for a hypothetical X17 particle 30 November 2019
Superconductivity theory under attack 30 November 2019
Bombs Away! America’s Gray Eagle Drones Now Carry Glide Bombs 30 November 2019
Back to the future: The original time crystal makes a comeback 29 November 2019
Top Dark Matter Candidate Loses Ground to Tiniest Competitor 29 November 2019
Magnetic nanoparticles with ionic liquids for water purification 29 November 2019
Samsung researchers: More efficient quantum dots without heavy metals 29 November 2019
Plasmonic nanocubes make an ultrafast thermal camera 29 November 2019
Objective Reality May Not Exist, Quantum Experiment Suggests 29 November 2019
New way to identify, manipulate topological metals for spintronics 29 November 2019
Researchers Print Out Fatigue Resistant Material 29 November 2019
Quantum Ansible 29 November 2019
Electro-optical device provides solution to faster computing memories and processors 29 November 2019
Alien life bombshell: Top experts reveal why aliens could be found NEXT YEAR 28 November 2019
Time Travel Paradoxes and Multiple Histories 28 November 2019
Two Interstellar Intruders Are Upending Astronomy 27 November 2019
Molecular eraser enables better data storage and computers for AI 27 November 2019
Quantum computers could mark their own homework 27 November 2019
Graph Convolutional Networks are Bringing Emotion Recognition Closer to Machines. Here’s how. 27 November 2019
Building a better battery with machine learning 27 November 2019
A record-setting transistor 27 November 2019
Scientists inch closer than ever to signal from cosmic dawn 27 November 2019
What Will We Do When the Sun Gets Too Hot for Earth’s Survival? (Die, or leave for greener pastures?) 27 November 2019
Toss the F-35 Away: 6th Generation Stealth Fighters Will Be Everything 27 November 2019
The US Navy Needs Offensive Undersea Drones (a long time ago!) 27 November 2019
The First Alien 25 November 2019
Apocalypse Now? Scientists Reveal What’s Behind Insect Cataclysm 24 November 2019
Hologram Within a Hologram Hints at Fate of Black Holes 24 November 2019
Scientists discover surprising quantum effect in an exotic superconductor 24 November 2019
Scientists 'have found a FIFTH force of nature': Researchers claim to have observed energy that 'connects the visible world to dark matter' 23 November 2019
Are Solid State Batteries About To Change The World? 23 November 2019
What Has the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Taught Us So Far? 23 November 2019
Small, fast, and highly energy-efficient memory device inspired by lithium-ion batteries 23 November 2019
Alumina glass bends rather than breaking 23 November 2019
HYPER-SETI –A New Way of Searching For Extraterrestrial Intelligence 23 November 2019
The Dipole Drive: A New Concept in Propellantless Propulsion 23 November 2019
Could Flying Aircraft Carriers And Submarines Become Reality? 22 November 2019
Ohio Guided Missile Submarines Were Designed To Be Drone-Carrying Clandestine Command Centers 22 November 2019
A Graphene Waveguide For Electrons 22 November 2019
A 'simulation booster' for nanoelectronics 22 November 2019
Gold plasmons guide light in new photonic switch 22 November 2019
A review of single molecule-based electronic devices 22 November 2019
A NASA Study Revealed Long Space Travel Can Be Deadly for Astronauts 22 November 2019
Skimming the Surface of Magnetic Topological Insulators 21 November 2019
New twist in quest to develop understanding of time crystalline behavior 21 November 2019
New hybrid device can both capture and store solar energy 21 November 2019
First evidence of bio-essential sugars in meteorites 21 November 2019
NASA Photos Show Insect- and Reptile-Like Life Forms on Mars, Entomologist Says 21 November 2019
These New Weapons Prove China Is a Superpower 20 November 2019
Can plants tell us something about longevity? 20 November 2019
Chip-to-chip quantum teleportation and multi-photon entanglement in silicon 20 November 2019
A technique to measure mechanical motion beyond the quantum limit 20 November 2019
New water-based optical device revolutionizes the field of optics research 20 November 2019