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An alien star sideswiped our solar system and sent comets reeling, scientists say 23 March 2018
What kind of AI future do we want? 23 March 2018
DeepMind explores inner workings of AI 23 March 2018
GPS guidance can be fooled, so researchers are scrambling to find backup technologies 23 March 2018
This Strange Superconducting Material Can't Be Explained by Current Theories 23 March 2018
Cosmic Instability Could Have Created Dark Matter 23 March 2018
A single atom can gauge teensy electromagnetic forces 23 March 2018
3-D printing used to create metallic glass alloys 23 March 2018
The case for Venus 23 March 2018
China's new stealth fighter uses powerful materials with geometry not found in nature 23 March 2018
Quantum Computers Strive to Break Out of the Lab 23 March 2018
Credit Suisse Prediction: China Will Win The A.I. Race 23 March 2018
Amazon is issued patent for delivery drones that can react to screaming voices, flailing arms 22 March 2018
Hive-like ‘drone pack’ could resupply far-flung Marines with a push of a button 22 March 2018
Need to destroy a bunch of drones? New technologies target them and take them out 22 March 2018
Researchers use light to turn yeast into biochemical factories 22 March 2018
How the AI cloud could produce the richest companies ever 22 March 2018
How the Wild New Materials of the Future Will Be Discovered With AI 22 March 2018
Black Hole Echoes Would Reveal Break With Einstein’s Theory 22 March 2018
Unconventional superconductivity in graphene bilayers 22 March 2018
Golden touch: Next-gen optical disk to solve data storage challenge 22 March 2018
Primeval Salt Shakes Up Ideas on How the Atmosphere Got Its Oxygen 22 March 2018
Neutron Test for Newton’s Gravity 22 March 2018
In field tests, device harvests water from desert air 22 March 2018
New LightSail 2 Spacecraft Will Boost Solar-Sailing Interplanetary Missions 22 March 2018
Do we unite against alien threats or ignore them to avoid mockery? 22 March 2018
Soldiers In Europe Are Laser-Blasting Drones Out Of The Sky 21 March 2018
Stephen Wolfram Has Figured Out How to Talk To Aliens 21 March 2018
New design produces true lithium-air battery 21 March 2018
What Will Our Society Look Like When AI is Everywhere? 21 March 2018
It’s Elemental: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Enable Longer Flights 21 March 2018
Raytheon Lasers, Microwaves Target Counter-Drone Market Worth Billions 21 March 2018
New 4-D printer could reshape the world we live in 21 March 2018
TRAPPIST-1 planets provide clues to the nature of habitable worlds 21 March 2018
Diamond device paves way for first practical microwave lasers 21 March 2018
Weird superconductor leads double life 21 March 2018
IBM CEO Rometty Proposes 'Watson's Law': AI In Everything 20 March 2018
The Puzzle Of Quantum Reality 20 March 2018
Hawking’s final quest: saving quantum theory from black holes 20 March 2018
Beyond the WIMP: Unique crystals could expand the search for dark matter 20 March 2018
Quantum bits in two dimensions 20 March 2018
Researchers improve fabrication process of nano-structures for electronic devices 20 March 2018
Why Does the Universe Need to Be So Empty? 20 March 2018
Exoplanets Discovered In TRAPPIST-1 May Have 1,000 Times More Water Than Earth, But This May Be A Problem 20 March 2018
First space mission dedicated to exoplanet atmospheres gets green light 20 March 2018
Mars' oceans formed early, possibly aided by massive volcanic eruptions 20 March 2018
Alien Worlds of TRAPPIST-1 --"We're Seeing for the 1st Time Earth-Sized Planets With Lots of Water or Ice" 20 March 2018
Stephen Hawking's Final Paper Proposes Way to Detect the 'Multiverse' 20 March 2018
Kagome Metal: New Exotic Quantum Material Developed by Scientists 20 March 2018
IBM to Develop a Computer As Tiny As a Grain of Salt 20 March 2018
In five years quantum computing will be mainstream 20 March 2018
Mind-controlled drones go on display at Dubai forum 18 March 2018
Scientists create diodes made of light 18 March 2018
Turbocharging fuel cells with a multifunctional catalyst 17 March 2018
Anyons could be spotted using scanning tunnelling microscopy 17 March 2018
Ancient climate shifts may have sparked human ingenuity and networking 17 March 2018
Pentagon Wants Silicon Valley’s Help on A.I. 16 March 2018
Stephen Hawking had pinned his hopes on 'M-theory' to fully explain the universe—here's what it is 16 March 2018
Black Hole Pretenders Could Really Be Bizarre Quantum Stars 16 March 2018
Astronomers can’t figure out why some black holes got so big so fast 16 March 2018
Graphene oxide nanosheets could help bring lithium-metal batteries to market 16 March 2018
Plasmons triggered in nanotube quantum wells 16 March 2018
Dwarf Planet Ceres Continues to Evolve and Change 16 March 2018
U.S. Mega Drone Will Be As Deadly As The F-35 Fighter and Launch From Warships 16 March 2018
Why Isn't Our Universe Perfectly Smooth? 16 March 2018
Humans could live in volcanic tunnels on the moon (so could aliens) 16 March 2018
Researchers find space radiation is increasingly more hazardous 16 March 2018
Quantum computing’s future is almost semi-here—are we ready for it? 16 March 2018
A Physicist’s Farewell to Stephen Hawking 16 March 2018
New quantum spin liquid predicted by Nobel Laureate prepared for the first time 15 March 2018
Laser-heated nanowires produce micro-scale nuclear fusion with record efficiency 15 March 2018
Thermally driven spin current in DNA 15 March 2018
Dwarf planet Ceres may store underground brine that still gushes up today 15 March 2018
Intelligent to a Fault: When AI Screws Up, You Might Still Be to Blame 15 March 2018
A revered rocket scientist set in motion China’s mass surveillance of its citizens 15 March 2018
Area Coverage of Expanding E.T. Signals in the Galaxy: SETI and Drake's N 15 March 2018
Stephen Hawking Taught Us a Lot About How to Live 14 March 2018
Researchers demonstrate existence of new form of electronic matter 14 March 2018
Revolutionary new filter can improve drinking water quality 14 March 2018
Weird vibrations poised to control quantum computers 14 March 2018
How Einstein Lost His Bearings, and With Them, General Relativity 14 March 2018
Mysterious Gamma-Ray Signal Comes from Ancient Stars at Milky Way’s Center 14 March 2018
Scientists discover how we might be able to 'upload knowledge to your brain' 13 March 2018
These Modular Drones Can Join Forces to Create Flying Platforms 13 March 2018
Riga Is Becoming a Latvian Haven for Drone Manufacturing and Racing 13 March 2018
Quantum Physicists Double the “Bandwidth” of the Universe 13 March 2018
Rotons spotted in Bose–Einstein condensate 13 March 2018
Your next computer could improve with age 13 March 2018
Like Ancient Snowball Earth, Frozen Planets May Still Be Habitable 13 March 2018
Brainless Embryos Suggest Bioelectricity Guides Growth 13 March 2018
Transistors driven by superconductors 13 March 2018
How would the brain process alien music? 13 March 2018
How dangerous AI videos could spread fake news 13 March 2018
What do You Need to Know About Anti-Drone and Counter Drone Technology? 13 March 2018
How to build a computer with free will 13 March 2018
Are aliens trying to contact us? Brightest ever fast radio burst that could be a 'signal from ET' is spotted by astronomers 13 March 2018
Sentient Robots, Conscious Spoons and Other Cheerful Follies 12 March 2018
Hubble Reveals a Very Strange, Oddball Galaxy NGC 1277 --"It's Almost All Black Hole!" 12 March 2018
Pentagon Official: China's Hypersonic Missiles Could Threaten US Navy's "Entire Surface Fleet" 12 March 2018
Why the Tiny Weight of Empty Space Is Such a Huge Mystery 12 March 2018