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Fast, low-power, all-optical switch 03 May 2012
Tiny Electronic Chips Restore Sight to Two Blind British Men 03 May 2012
A Glimpse of Glasses-Free 3-D 03 May 2012
No aliens on Mars? No problem, we will look elsewhere 03 May 2012
Four White Dwarf Stars Caught in the Act of Consuming 'Earth-Like' Exoplanets 03 May 2012
Life-Size 3-D Hologram-Like Telepods May Revolutionize Videoconferencing in the Future 03 May 2012
Atomic-scale visualization of electron pairing in iron superconductors 03 May 2012
Untangling the mysteries of spider silk 03 May 2012
Meet the Digital Camera That Lets You Travel Through Time 02 May 2012
At smallest scale, liquid crystal behavior portends new materials 02 May 2012
Graphene-based terahertz devices: The wave of the future 02 May 2012
How Saturn's moon Titan could spark chemistry of life 02 May 2012
Physics Vs. Philosophy: Really? 02 May 2012
'Prometheus' Screenwriter: Humans Will Never Reach Another Star (really?) 01 May 2012
Physicists Crack Fusion Mystery 01 May 2012
California meteorite is rare rock laden with organics 01 May 2012
Is the Age of Silicon Computing Coming to an End? Physicist Michio Kaku Says "Yes" 01 May 2012
International team to demonstrate first heralded single-photon generation from a silicon chip 01 May 2012
'Nanofishnet' Could Be the First Metamaterial to Impossibly Bend Light in the Visible Spectrum 30 April 2012
Keeping One Step Ahead of Errors 30 April 2012
Old Star, New Trick: Astronomers Have Detected Arsenic and Selenium in Ancient Star for First Time 30 April 2012
10 GHz Optical Transistor Built Out Of Silicon 30 April 2012
100 Days and Counting to NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Landing 30 April 2012
Topology and Collective Behavior 30 April 2012
Quantum "Graviton" Particles May Resemble Ordinary Particles of Force 29 April 2012
Scientists successfully test engine for aircraft that can fly anywhere on earth in just four hours 29 April 2012
Move over graphene, silicene is the new star material 29 April 2012
"Extraterrestrial Life May Not be Based on DNA or RNA" --New Research 29 April 2012
Japan Professor Grim Radiation Prediction: The End of Japan March 31, 2015 29 April 2012
Contributing to the Nuclear Fusion Project 29 April 2012
The shape of things, illuminated: Metamaterials, surface topology and light-matter interactions 29 April 2012
Wearable electronics:Transparent, Lightweight, Flexible Conductor Could Revolutionize Electronics 29 April 2012
Intense Light Prevents, Treats Heart Attacks, Study Suggests 29 April 2012
Can Stealth Technology be Penetrable? 29 April 2012
Tiny meteorites in California traced to massive fireball 27 April 2012
Odds of Finding Alien Life Boosted by Billions of Habitable Worlds 27 April 2012
Astronomers find new planet capable of supporting life 27 April 2012
Who is most likely to reach the next significant milestone in manned space exploration? 27 April 2012
Introducing GraphExeter: New graphene-based material could revolutionise electronics industry 27 April 2012
Privacy through Uncertainty: Quantum Encryption 27 April 2012
Space Law Expert: Before First Asteroids Are Mined, Legal Framework Must Be Improved 27 April 2012
Finding a new Earth: Holy grail of astronomy 27 April 2012
The Mystery of Omega Centauri: "Why Were the Early Galaxies Dense With Stars?" 27 April 2012
Earth may be a 'one-off fluke' and the Milky Way's billions of planets may all be lifeless 27 April 2012
Analytical thinking erodes belief in God 26 April 2012
Researchers find a way to make glass that's anti-fogging, self-cleaning and free of glare 26 April 2012
Study Sheds Light on How Birds Navigate by Magnetic Field 26 April 2012
A New Generation of Ultra-Small and High-Precision Lasers Emerges 26 April 2012
Expectation of extraterrestrial life built more on optimism than evidence 26 April 2012
Ion Crystal Set to Power Quantum Simulator 26 April 2012
Compute this: the quantum future is crystal clear 26 April 2012
UC Berkeley research group rethinks solar cell design 26 April 2012
Graphene found to emit infrared light 26 April 2012
Electron Politics: Physicists Probe Organization at the Quantum Level 25 April 2012
A BOLD Fleet of Probes to Seek Life on Mars 25 April 2012
Physicists benchmark quantum simulator with hundreds of qubits 25 April 2012
X-rays reveal molecular arrangements for better printable electronics 25 April 2012
Researchers develop a path to liquid solar cells that can be printed onto surfaces 25 April 2012
Is Supersymmetry Dead? 25 April 2012
Moore's Law Lives Another Day 25 April 2012
Hunt is on for pieces of van-sized California meteor 25 April 2012
ET Hasn't Phoned Home? Maybe Move On, and We'll Find Him 25 April 2012
Researchers create first custom-designed protein crystal 25 April 2012
How could you create artificial gravity? 25 April 2012
Do the Milky Way's companions spell trouble for dark matter? 25 April 2012
The Wonder Of The Universe 24 April 2012
Physicists see solution to critical barrier to fusion 24 April 2012
Mathematics of Eternity Prove The Universe Must Have Had A Beginning 24 April 2012
Did Exploding Stars Help Life On Earth Thrive? 24 April 2012
Gamma rays hint at dark matter 24 April 2012
Improving on the amazing: Scientists seek new conductors for metamaterials 24 April 2012
World's largest 3.2 billion-pixel digital camera project passes critical milestone 24 April 2012
Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete? 24 April 2012
Space Resources: Re-igniting a can-do spirit of ambition 23 April 2012
'Droids To Dominate the Future of Space Exploration? 23 April 2012
Quantum physics mimics spooky action into the past? Why mimic? 23 April 2012
Two-dimensional metallic boron has potential advantages over graphene 23 April 2012
Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun Unveiled 23 April 2012
Compressed Sensing Allows Imaging of Live Cell Structures 23 April 2012
Self-Assembling Highly Conductive Plastic Nanofibers 23 April 2012
What The Heck is Metallic Glass? 23 April 2012
Get certified by MIT 23 April 2012
Free Online University 23 April 2012
Titan's Ephemeral Lake 22 April 2012
Physicists turn to Maxwell’s equations for self-bending light 21 April 2012
Sound waves help quantum computers scale up 21 April 2012
Vacuum pipes 'allow for 6500kmh travel' 21 April 2012
Sonic screwdriver tightens up fundamental physics 21 April 2012
New microscope captures nanoscale structures in dazzling 3D 21 April 2012
The solar cell that also shines: Luminescent 'LED-type' design breaks efficiency record 21 April 2012
What Happens If We Find the Higgs Particle–or If We Don’t? 21 April 2012
Air-Breathing Lithium Batteries Promise Recharge-Free Long-Range Driving 21 April 2012
Nearby dark-matter-free zone poses cosmic conundrum 21 April 2012
Astrophile: an alien sunrise just like Earth's 21 April 2012
Mini-Sensor Measures Magnetic Activity in Human Brain 21 April 2012
New Kind of Quantum Junction 21 April 2012
NASA wants your help to search for killer asteroids 21 April 2012
If Not Dark Matter, Then What? 21 April 2012
Life Beyond Earth? Jupiter's Moons May Have Clues 21 April 2012
Sen. Grassley Asks NASA About Alleged ITAR Violations at Ames 19 April 2012