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Stephen Hawking Takes Off in a New Series 30 January 2012
Book explains why planets larger than Earth are best bets for finding life 30 January 2012
To eternity and beyond! Faith and space 30 January 2012
The Joys of Quantum Entanglement 30 January 2012
Incredible image of 'black hole' shows one of the coldest and most isolated places in the universe 30 January 2012
What's Taking E.T. So Long to Find Us? 30 January 2012
How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival [Excerpt] 30 January 2012
Quantum physicists shed new light on relation between entanglement and nonlocality 30 January 2012
Mark Mills and Julio Ottino: The Coming Tech-led Boom 30 January 2012
For a Moon Colony, Technology Is the Easy Part 30 January 2012
Newt Gingrich, ... space visionary 30 January 2012
Search for Aliens Is on Again, but Next Quest Is Finding Money 30 January 2012
Nanotube growth theory experimentally confirmed 30 January 2012
MIT Genius Stuffs 100 Processors Into Single Chip 29 January 2012
Life Discovered On Dead Hydrothermal Vents 28 January 2012
Wild Early Lives of Today's Most Massive Galaxies 28 January 2012
Romney sees starships fueled by private enterprise 28 January 2012
First quantum zero point fluctuations detected in solid object 28 January 2012
They're Not Meat 27 January 2012
Switch off the lights, here comes the sun 27 January 2012
DNA Hackers: Synthetic biology weaponized virus, zero-day exploit to infect your brain? 27 January 2012
What is the scientific method? 27 January 2012
Turn off, tune in, drop out 27 January 2012
Astrophile: Picture yourself on a sandboard on Titan 27 January 2012
NASA's Kepler Announces 11 New Planetary Systems Hosting 26 Planets 27 January 2012
Lenny Susskind video on the hologram universe 27 January 2012
MIT’s Online Threat to the Higher Education Cartel 26 January 2012
Gerardus 'tHooft 26 January 2012
Charles Bennett 26 January 2012
British scientists have used Hubble data depicting extraterrestrial spectacular sunsets 26 January 2012
Why The Future Will Be Much Better Than You Think 26 January 2012
Scientists distill extra strong vodka using wonder material graphene 26 January 2012
Richard P Feynman 26 January 2012
John Archibald Wheeler: Is it crazy enough to be true? 2 26 January 2012
Synopsis: One Photon Good, Two Better 26 January 2012
Graphene could be a perfect absorber of light 26 January 2012
Life beyond Earth? Underwater caves in Bahamas could give clues 26 January 2012
Does antimatter weigh more than matter? Lab experiment to find out the answer 26 January 2012
Smallest-Ever Nanotube Transistors Outperform Silicon 26 January 2012
A quantum speed limit: how fast does quantum information flow through a lattice? 26 January 2012
Stanford University Online Course in AI and Robotics 26 January 2012
John Archibald Wheeler: Is it crazy enough to be true? 25 January 2012
Scientist reflects on his psychedelic research 25 January 2012
Strategic Research Plan Needed to Help Avoid Potential Risks of Nanomaterials 25 January 2012
Vesta likely cold and dark enough for ice 25 January 2012
First atomic X-ray laser created 25 January 2012
Ex-Stanford Professors Starting Free Online College 25 January 2012
Researchers turn a 3D object invisible for the first time 25 January 2012
US has lost more than a quarter of its high-tech workforce 25 January 2012
Study supports role of quantum effects in photosynthesis 25 January 2012
Serious Flaw Emerges In Quantum Cryptography 25 January 2012
New Breed of Electron Interactions in Quantum Systems 25 January 2012
Social friction tied to inflammation 24 January 2012
Electron Holography Produces First Image of a Single Protein 24 January 2012
Solar storm engulfs Earth 24 January 2012
Babies Are Born With 'Intuitive Physics' Knowledge, Says Researcher 24 January 2012
Graphene may exhibit exotic superconductivity 24 January 2012
Superconducting detectors offer high-speed astronomy 24 January 2012
Breakthrough: Bilayer graphene works as an insulator 24 January 2012
Another zero-emissions powerplant emerges - the Dearman Engine runs on liquid air 24 January 2012
Why life begins and ends on Earth 24 January 2012
Google + quantum physics social networks 24 January 2012
Preprint Archive UCSB Institute Theoretical Physics 24 January 2012
Next Generation Optical System Tops 2012 Milspace Procurements 23 January 2012
Viewpoint: Fermion Pairing in Flatland 23 January 2012
Biggest solar storm since 2005 pummels Earth 23 January 2012
A new class of electron interactions in quantum systems 23 January 2012
Should the U.S. Collaborate with China in Space? 23 January 2012
How Neutrons Might Escape Into Another Universe 23 January 2012
World's longest superconductor cable 22 January 2012
Three small systems showing probable room-temperature superconductivity 22 January 2012
Soviet Venus Images 22 January 2012
Unprecedented, man-made trends in ocean's acidity 22 January 2012
Physicists cool semiconductor by laser light 22 January 2012
Could the Internet Ever Be Destroyed? 22 January 2012
Life spotted on Venus: Russian scientist 22 January 2012
A good webphysics resource for students and researchers 21 January 2012
Magical material solves mystery of invisibility cloak 21 January 2012
How Real Time Superluminal Communications Can Be Established? 21 January 2012
NASA Searches for Loot That Traveled From Space to Another Void 21 January 2012
How the Hippies Saved Physics, By David Kaiser 21 January 2012
What if there were another advanced species? 21 January 2012
Project Bifrost: Rockets of the Future? 21 January 2012
Does Math Really Exist? 21 January 2012
Rise of the Super-Earths 21 January 2012
M3.2 solar blast from Sunspot 1402 produced Earth-directed CME 20 January 2012
Synopsis: Neither Here Nor There 20 January 2012
T-rays technology could help develop star trek-style hand-held medical scanners 20 January 2012
Scientists design solar cells that exceed the conventional light-trapping limit 20 January 2012
An Abundance of Exoplanets Changes our Universe 20 January 2012
Mars Science Laboratory Spacecraft Completes Biggest Maneuver 20 January 2012
Intelligent Design at the Frontier of Astrobiology and Biophysics 19 January 2012
Russia Discussing Moon Base With NASA, Space Chief Says 19 January 2012
Quantum mechanics enables perfectly secure cloud computing 19 January 2012
British team devises method for separating carbon nanotubes cheaply 19 January 2012
Alternative funding: Sponsor my science 19 January 2012
How to spot a dark-matter galaxy 19 January 2012
Quantum Uncertainty: Are You Certain, Mr. Heisenberg? 19 January 2012
What Happened Before the Big Bang? The New Philosophy of Cosmology 19 January 2012
Black Holes May Turboboost Super-Civilizations 19 January 2012