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Is entanglement signaling really impossible? 27 December 2011
Paper: Searching for alien artifacts on the moon 26 December 2011
We should scour the moon for ancient traces of aliens, say scientists 26 December 2011
Gravitational Rockets Galore 26 December 2011
Could Starships Use Cold Fusion Propulsion? 24 December 2011
Two new Earths and the search for life 24 December 2011
Entanglement between the Future and the Past in the Quantum Vacuum 23 December 2011
Pions don't want to decay into faster-than-light neutrinos, study finds 23 December 2011
New Method for Watching Proteins Fold 23 December 2011
More Powerful Supercomputers? New Device Could Bring Optical Information Processing 23 December 2011
Inception becomes reality: People can teach themselves new skills in dreams 22 December 2011
Metamaterials That Bring Invisibility Within Reach 22 December 2011
Buchanan: Higgs Boson Born of Love of Metaphor 22 December 2011
40-year-old puzzle of superstring theory solved by supercomputer 22 December 2011
'Too late' to contain research into deadly bird flu strain, warn scientists 22 December 2011
Security in Flu Study Was Paramount, Scientist Says 22 December 2011
I'll put millions of people on Mars, says Elon Musk 22 December 2011
Quantum Cats Are Hard to See: Researchers Explain the Difficulty of Detecting Quantum Effects 22 December 2011
New Particle at Large Hadron Collider Discovered by ATLAS Experiment 22 December 2011
How to build a gamma-ray laser with antimatter hybrid 22 December 2011
Relativistic quantum information and time machines 21 December 2011
Fallacy in QM: Superposition, Delayed Choice, Quantum Erasers, Retrocausality 21 December 2011
Relativistic quantum information and time machines 21 December 2011
Can Earth-sized planets survive their star's expansion? 21 December 2011
Landmark discovery has magnetic appeal for scientists 21 December 2011
What Higgs result means for dark matter conspiracy 21 December 2011
A New Biological Habitat 20 December 2011
U.S. Says Details Of Flu Experiments Should Stay Secret 20 December 2011
Making Stargates: The Physics of Traversable Absurdly Benign Wormholes 20 December 2011
New Universal transistor serves as a basis to perform any logic function 20 December 2011
It's a Small World: Kepler Spacecraft Discovers First Known Earth-Size Exoplanets 20 December 2011
When should science be censored? 20 December 2011
Special relativity from first principles 19 December 2011
Red: The Camera That Changed Hollywood 19 December 2011
Can We Build Tomorrow's Breakthroughs? 19 December 2011
Helium-4: How Solid is Supersolid? 19 December 2011
How the Higgs Boson Could Change the Universe 19 December 2011
IBM: Mind Reading Is Just Five Years Away 19 December 2011
Aliens hanging out in the Kuiper Belt? We could see the light from their cities 19 December 2011
Quantum Computing With Holograms 19 December 2011
Exact cloaking of uniform magnetic fields with a superconductor-magnetic bilayer 18 December 2011
Talking to the Future Humans: Dr. Jack Sarfatti Thinks I'm an Idiot 18 December 2011
A 50-year quest to isolate the thermoelectric effect is now over: Magnon drag unveiled 18 December 2011
Does the “Goddamn” Higgs Particle Portend the End of Physics? 18 December 2011
Finding the Higgs is the Beginning of a Long Quest to Discover a Theory of Everything 18 December 2011
Physicists report nanotechnology feat with proteins 17 December 2011
As Permafrost Thaws, Scientists Study the Risks 17 December 2011
Metallic lifeforms? 16 December 2011
Scientists find microbes in lava tube living in conditions like those on Mars 16 December 2011
Quantum cats are hard to see 16 December 2011
How 3-D Photovoltaics Could Revolutionize Solar Power 16 December 2011
Agni-IV places India on a new generation missile trail 16 December 2011
Finnish team devise nanomechanical microwave amplifier with near least possible noise generation 15 December 2011
Artificial Intelligence to predict sun's next attack on Earth? 15 December 2011
New Method for Enhancing Thermal Conductivity Could Cool Computer Chips, Lasers and Other Devices 15 December 2011
Casimir interactions between graphene sheets and metamaterials 15 December 2011
Chemists propose explanation for superconductivity at high temperatures 15 December 2011
Time Travel: Beyond the Science Fiction 15 December 2011
Physicists weigh up Higgs signals 15 December 2011
Discovery of a 'dark state' could mean a brighter future for solar energy 15 December 2011
Higgs boson: What's mass got to do with it, anyway? 15 December 2011
Are there Higgs bosons in space? 15 December 2011
SDSU astronomer captures formation of a blackhole from a supernova on film 14 December 2011
Is Faster-Than-Light Communication Possible? 14 December 2011
Capturing video at the speed of light — one trillion frames per second (VIDEO) 14 December 2011
Watching light front moving? 14 December 2011
Generic spherically symmetric dynamic thin-shell traversable wormholes in standard GR 14 December 2011
Super-Earths give theorists a super headache 14 December 2011
Madrid duo fire up quantum contender to Google search 14 December 2011
"Bio-Assembler" Cultures Cells in 3D Through Magnetic Levitation 14 December 2011
From The Big Bang To Intelligent Life: The Four Eras Of Astrobiology 14 December 2011
Cloud suicide will wake black hole sleeping giant 14 December 2011
Mechanical Amplifier Nears Quantum Noise Limit 14 December 2011
Mathematician at Notre Dame claims entanglement signaling possible 14 December 2011
Life possible on 'large parts' of Mars: study 13 December 2011
Billionaire Paul Allen's New Space Project Has Deep Roots 13 December 2011
Vanderbilt researchers illustrate hunt for alien planets 13 December 2011
Questions and answers with Roberto Piazza 13 December 2011
A device-friendly qubit? 13 December 2011
Preparing for future human exploration, RAD measures radiation on journey to Mars 13 December 2011
Tantalizing hints of long-sought particle 13 December 2011
‘Tantalizing Hints’ but No Direct Proof in Particle Search 13 December 2011
Tantalizing Hints of Elusive Higgs Particle Announced 13 December 2011
Quantum PageRank Algorithm Outperforms Classical Version 13 December 2011
Glimpsing the God Particle 13 December 2011
Detectors home in on Higgs boson 13 December 2011
Super-Earths give theorists a super headache 13 December 2011
LHC sees hint of lightweight Higgs boson 13 December 2011
Possible Hints of Higgs Boson Remain in Latest Analyses, Physicists Say 13 December 2011
Scientists Close in on 'God Particle' 13 December 2011
The Higgs boson and the LHC: at last, a clue to the universe? 13 December 2011
The Next Space Race: Commercializing Space 13 December 2011
The Big 'Maybe': What The 'God Particle' Hunt Tells Us About Science 13 December 2011
Latest from CERN on God Particle 13 December 2011
Higgs God Particle gives rest mass to leptons and quarks 12 December 2011
Imagining 2076: Connect Your Brain to the Internet 12 December 2011
DNA: The next big hacking frontier 12 December 2011
Scientists excited over hints of finding an elusive particle 12 December 2011
Carbon nanotubes best for 3D electronics 12 December 2011
Physicists Anxiously Await New Data on ‘God Particle’ 12 December 2011