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Faster-than-light neutrino result to get extra checks 27 October 2011
Fractal Food 25 October 2011
A crank challenge to Saul Perlmutter's Nobel Prize? 25 October 2011
Physicists unveil a theory for a new kind of superconductivity 24 October 2011
Decoding early Martian weather: Analyzing carbonate minerals in meteorite Allan Hills 84001 24 October 2011
The Third Industrial Revolution — an interview with Jeremy Rifkin 24 October 2011
Paul Ehrlich, a prophet of global population doom who is gloomier than ever 24 October 2011
Walter Freeman's new paper consistent with my Journal Cosmology paper 22 October 2011
Dark matter mystery deepens: Study 21 October 2011
Adam Crowl picks his top two 100 Year Starship presentations 21 October 2011
Physicists Unveil New Kind of Superconductivity 21 October 2011
China's Cyber Militia 21 October 2011
An Infant Star System With "Thousands of Oceans'" Worth of Water 20 October 2011
Part I: The energy that drives the stars comes closer to Earth 20 October 2011
Kurzweil Responds: Don't Underestimate the Singularity 20 October 2011
Comets may be creating oceans on alien planet 20 October 2011
Another Detector Finds No Evidence of Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos 20 October 2011
Record-Breaking Photo Reveals a Planet-sized Object as Cool as the Earth 20 October 2011
Fred Alan Wolf 10-19-2011 video 19 October 2011
Gorgeous composite of ALMA and Hubble observations of the Antennae Galaxies 19 October 2011
One clock with two times: When quantum mechanics meets general relativity 19 October 2011
Scientists detect unusual 'quasiparticles' in tri-layer graphene 19 October 2011
Longevity Shown for First Time to Be Inherited via Non-DNA Mechanism 19 October 2011
EmTech: Get Ready for a New Human Species 19 October 2011
Neutrino watch: Speed claim baffles CERN theoryfest 19 October 2011
Step Toward Quantum Computers: Using Commercial Photonic Components 19 October 2011
Computing Building Blocks Created from Bacteria and DNA 19 October 2011
NASA: One-third of gamma ray sources are complete mysteries 19 October 2011
SETI's Seth Shostak on How, When, and Where We Will Meet Aliens 18 October 2011
New York Times: Not Such a Stretch to Reach for the Stars 17 October 2011
New method of growing high-quality graphene promising for next-gen technology 17 October 2011
Self-Replication Process Holds Promise for Production of New Materials 17 October 2011
Archaeologists Find Blade 'Production Lines' Existed as Much as 400,000 Years Ago 17 October 2011
10 Technologies the U.S. Military Will Need For the Next War 17 October 2011
Do White LEDs Disrupt our Biological Clocks? 17 October 2011
Impurity atoms introduce waves of disorder in exotic electronic material 17 October 2011
Dark matter mystery deepens 17 October 2011
New record voltage for organic solar cells opens the tech to consumer electronics 17 October 2011
Original spin: Was the universe born whirling? 17 October 2011
Flat universe 17 October 2011
Weird Form of Carbon Acts as "Reversible" Diamond—A First 16 October 2011
US worries over China's underground nuclear network 15 October 2011
Next-Generation, Honking-Big, Recession-Proof Alien Hunting 15 October 2011
A microscopic view on quantum fluctuations 15 October 2011
Creon Levit NASA AMES Light Force 14 October 2011
Faster-than-Light Neutrino Puzzle Claimed Solved by Special Relativity 14 October 2011
HiRISE clocks hurricane-speed winds on Mars 14 October 2011
Not so fast, neutrinos 14 October 2011
Researchers discover material with graphene-like properties 14 October 2011
'Robot Biologist' Solves Complex Problem from Scratch 14 October 2011
Frustration inspires new form of graphene 14 October 2011
Why Einstein was wrong about being wrong 14 October 2011
Faster than light neutrino effect is not real 14 October 2011
Erasing history? Temporal cloaks adjust light's throttle to hide an event in time 13 October 2011
A new scheme for photonic quantum computing 13 October 2011
Launch Counter: U.S. Army Considers Quantum Cascade Lasers to Protect its Aircraft 13 October 2011
Leading Light: What Would Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos Mean for Physics? 13 October 2011
About time: Is time travel possible? 13 October 2011
NASA panel to judge operating missions 13 October 2011
Astronomers have found when and how the cosmic fog was lifted 13 October 2011
Weird Form of Carbon Acts as "Reversible" Diamond—A First 13 October 2011
Wet and Mild: Researchers Take the Temperature of Mars' Past 12 October 2011
Paul Allen: The Singularity Isn't Near 12 October 2011
Time reversal: A simple particle could reveal new physics 11 October 2011
New 'Diamond?' New Form of Superhard Carbon Is as Strong as a Diamond 11 October 2011
Why Einstein was wrong about being wrong 11 October 2011
Gravity May Have Thrown Off Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Calculations 11 October 2011
CERN and colliding theories 11 October 2011
Hologram Universe For Dummies 10 October 2011
Space on Earth: Testing extraterrestrial habitats 10 October 2011
Progress in quantum computing, qubit by qubit 10 October 2011
About time: Countdown to the theory of everything 10 October 2011
The journey of 100 years begins with a single weekend 10 October 2011
Light speed 10 October 2011
Tau Theta Report 10 October 2011
Faster than a speeding photon? Precursors test whether light can be faster than light 10 October 2011
Tamburini: Neutrinos Are Majorana Particles, Relativity Is OK 10 October 2011
Videos of DARPA-NASA Orlando Star Ship Physics Talks 09 October 2011
Harry Potter, Stand Back: Invisibility Effect Created in Texas Lab 09 October 2011
Laser Light Used to Cool Object to Quantum Ground State 09 October 2011
'We could live inside a supermassive black hole... but super-aliens may have already beaten us to it 08 October 2011
Scientists at Cern's Large Hadron Collider near end of the search for the Higgs boson 08 October 2011
A 1997 paper published on Cornell's aiXv.org: Neutrinos Must be Tachyons is wrong 07 October 2011
Dark discussion ahead for Europe and US 07 October 2011
A 1997 paper published on Cornell's aiXv.org: Neutrinos Must be Tachyons 07 October 2011
Subtly shaded map of moon reveals titanium treasure troves 07 October 2011
Supersaturated Water Vapor in Martian Atmosphere 07 October 2011
Artificial Photosynthesis: Ionic liquid catalyst helps turn emissions into fuel 07 October 2011
Graphene creates electricity when struck by light 07 October 2011
'Tension' emerges within OPERA collaboration 07 October 2011
'Stuck' quantum matter waves prove theory 07 October 2011
New theories emerge to disprove OPERA faster-than-light neutrinos claim 06 October 2011
Steve Jobs: A Technology Visionary Leaves Huge Legacy 06 October 2011
Faster-than-light neutrinos face time trial 06 October 2011
Cool light to bring quantum magic into the real world 06 October 2011
Patient-Specific Stem Cells: Major Step Toward Cell-Based Therapies for Life-Threatening Diseases 06 October 2011
The Next Google Could Come From The Clean Energy Sector 06 October 2011
Cold fusion rears its head as 'E-Cat' research promises to change the world 06 October 2011
Physics Nobel winner: I discovered a cosmic mystery 06 October 2011
Latent Energy Densities Within Matter-Antimatter Quark Bombs Can Revolutionize Space Travel 06 October 2011