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Could primordial black holes be dark matter? 21 September 2011
Proton-based transistor could let machines communicate with living things 20 September 2011
And Now "Grafold": Graphene can be strengthened by folding 20 September 2011
NASA Announces Two Game-Changing Space Technology Projects 20 September 2011
Post-Silicon Computing 20 September 2011
Science Needs to Ask: 'What Is Consciousness?' 20 September 2011
Secret Sats, Giant Rockets: U.S. Unveils Space War Arsenal 19 September 2011
Black hole, star collisions may illuminate universe's dark side 19 September 2011
Scientists Solve Long-Standing Plant Biochemistry Mystery 19 September 2011
The edge of significance 19 September 2011
Nanoparticles cause brain injury in fish 19 September 2011
Quantum Behavior With a Flash: Laser Pulses Can Reveal Quantum Features of Large Objects 19 September 2011
Why Carbon Nanotubes Spell Trouble for Human Cells 19 September 2011
New technology could answer life-on-Mars question 19 September 2011
The Inner Workings of a Quantum von Neumann Computer 19 September 2011
Lasers Could Be Used to Detect Roadside Bombs 18 September 2011
The Counterculture & Physics / Grassroots UFOs 17 September 2011
Scientists Take First Step Towards Creating 'Inorganic Life' 15 September 2011
Astronomers hope to find alien signals within next 15 years 15 September 2011
David Deutsch's "The Beginning of Infinity" 15 September 2011
Sept 20, 2011 800 Powell St, San Francisco University Club Meeting 14 September 2011
Powerhouse laser fusion trio team up to develop clean power 14 September 2011
Opportunity Mars Rover Poised On Rock That May Yield Yet More Evidence of a Wet Red Planet 14 September 2011
Africa could host the world's most powerful telescope 14 September 2011
Scattering Confirms Wideband Invisibility Cloak Using Fractal Metamaterials 14 September 2011
Endgame for the Higgs Boson 14 September 2011
NASA Unveils New Heavy Lift Rocket Design 14 September 2011
Superconductivity: The puzzle is taking shape 13 September 2011
Super-Earth discovered in a habitable zone 13 September 2011
50 new planets discovered 13 September 2011
Flashlights in the dark 13 September 2011
Methane Debate Splits Mars Community 13 September 2011
Shedding light on the mystery of dark matter 13 September 2011
Crew of simulated Mars flight exhausted after 15 months in isolation 12 September 2011
Ferroelectrics could pave way for ultra-low power computing 12 September 2011
Physicists Report Progress in Understanding High-Temperature Superconductors 12 September 2011
Meteorites contain chemical essential for life 11 September 2011
Radioactive aerosols were 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than normal levels after Fukushima quake 10 September 2011
Super-Earths may come in two flavors 10 September 2011
Using magnetic fields to control newly identified state of matter could enable more efficient memory 09 September 2011
New Material Possible Boon for Lithium Ion Batteries 09 September 2011
Metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive 09 September 2011
If Light Speed Travel Is The Limit, Be Happy, And Don’t Worry, Anyway! 09 September 2011
Nanocables light way to the future: Researchers power line-voltage light bulb with nanotube wire 07 September 2011
Nanoscale spin waves can replace microwaves 07 September 2011
Fukushima's reactor cores still too hot to open 07 September 2011
Wanted: astronauts for missions unknown 07 September 2011
Third experiment sees hints of dark matter 07 September 2011
Reuse, Reliability Will Launch Future, Expert Says 07 September 2011
New evidence for a preferred direction in spacetime challenges the cosmological principle 07 September 2011
Dark matter hinted at again at Cresst experiment 07 September 2011
Is the Emergence of Life and Dark Energy Related? 07 September 2011
Scour Earth for traces of intelligent aliens 07 September 2011
China Developing 'Star Wars' Missile Defense Shield 06 September 2011
Quantum logic could make better robot bartenders 06 September 2011
Room Temperature Superconductivity Claimed for Cuprates 06 September 2011
Antimatter surplus is not dark matter's smoking gun 06 September 2011
More Hints of Dark Matter? 06 September 2011
Traversable wormholes… without exotic matter? 06 September 2011
Alien Invasion Discovery Channel 06 September 2011
HARPS tunes in on habitable planet 05 September 2011
Novel magnetic, superconducting material opens new possibilities in electronics 05 September 2011
Quantum minds: Why we think like quarks 05 September 2011
Graphene could make 'perfect' solar cells 05 September 2011
Next Mars Rover's High-Tech Landing May Raise Contamination Risks 05 September 2011
World's smallest electric motor made from a single molecule 04 September 2011
100 Year Starship Project Is Lifting Off 03 September 2011
Mars Rover finds soil that could support life 03 September 2011
Sweet Music to your Nerves 03 September 2011
Mars Rover Discovery Elates NASA 03 September 2011
Chinese researchers look at possibility of capturing asteroids in Earth orbit 02 September 2011
Einstein's dream surpassed 02 September 2011
Organic electronic devices could be printed on ordinary CDs and DVDs 02 September 2011
Giant Mars crater hints at steamy past 02 September 2011
Flash Memory That'll Keep On Shrinking 02 September 2011
Physicists Demonstrate Quantum Integrated Circuit That Implements Quantum Von Neumann Architecture 02 September 2011
Rare Martian Lake Delta Spotted by Mars Express 02 September 2011
Earth Could Spread Life Across The Milky Way 02 September 2011
Mission possible or impossible? UA space systems engineer has the answer 02 September 2011
Webb telescope cost rises to more than $8 billion 01 September 2011
Researchers create bizarre optical phenomena, defying the laws of reflection and refraction 01 September 2011
Physicists Turn a Single Atom Into a Mirror 01 September 2011
What If NASA's Apollo Program Had Not Been Canceled? 01 September 2011
Quantum Processor Hooks Up with Quantum Memory 01 September 2011
Building chips from collapsing nanopillars 01 September 2011
New Planet May Be Among Most Earthlike—Weather Permitting 31 August 2011
Old Blood Impairs Young Brains 31 August 2011
U.S. Taking Initial Steps to Grapple with Space Debris Problem 31 August 2011
Record-Low Error Rate for Quantum Information Processing With One Qubit 31 August 2011
Dark Matter Is an Illusion, New Antigravity Theory Says 31 August 2011
An impermeable wrap for future electronics 31 August 2011
Can dolphins help us talk to extraterrestrials? 31 August 2011
A solution to space junk? Satellite that sends debris to its death in Earth's atmosphere proposed 31 August 2011
Graphene's shining light could lead to super-fast Internet 30 August 2011
Major Breakthrough: Novel Alloy Could Produce Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight 30 August 2011
Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl 29 August 2011
Is Mega-tsunami Producer El Hierro in the Canary Islands About to Erupt? 29 August 2011
Filling the Pantry for the First Voyages to the Red Planet 29 August 2011
First Nuclear Power Plants for Settlements On the Moon and Mars 29 August 2011
New theory suggests Mars was once cold and wet 29 August 2011