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Physicists close two loopholes while violating local realism 04 December 2010
New Google Earth Engine 04 December 2010
The Space Shuttle's Lessons For The Future 04 December 2010
Smashing Complex Fluids Reveals ‘New Physics’ 03 December 2010
Tata reveals under $9,000 electric car with 150 mile range on one charge 03 December 2010
Chemistry for greenhouse gases 03 December 2010
Reality check: It's not really an arsenic based lifeform 03 December 2010
Scientists generate two energetic electronic states from one photon 03 December 2010
Electricity and Light in One Chip 03 December 2010
Nuclear split surprises: Physicists spot unexpected type of lopsided fission 02 December 2010
A step toward fusion power: MIT advance helps remove contaminants that slow fusion reactions 02 December 2010
Cloud lasers: Hunting quantum secrets in the skies 02 December 2010
Poison Nil: Mono Lake Bacterium Exhibits Exotic Arsenic-Driven Biological Activity 02 December 2010
First Known Microbe on Earth Able to Thrive and Reproduce Using Arsenic 02 December 2010
Subsisting on Arsenic, Microbe May Redefine Life 02 December 2010
NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical 02 December 2010
Discovery to add new 'element' to life 02 December 2010
Lubos Motl debunks Penrose's evidence for before the Big Bang 01 December 2010
Finger Length Points to Prostate Cancer Risk 01 December 2010
Could the Mono Lake arsenic prove there is a shadow biosphere? 01 December 2010
Chances of Finding Extraterrestrial Life Boosted Significantly 01 December 2010
Discovery triples number of stars in universe 01 December 2010
How to create temperatures below absolute zero 01 December 2010
Making Graphene Nanomachines Practical 01 December 2010
Electron 'Pairing': Triplet Superconductivity Proven Experimentally for First Time 01 December 2010
Quantum teleportation finds a place in quantum computers 01 December 2010
NASA discovery: Arsenic based alien type of microbe found in California's Mono Lake 01 December 2010
IBM debuts CMOS silicon nanophotonics 30 November 2010
NASA Announcement: 3 Theories on What the Space Agency Has Discovered 30 November 2010
Curiosity Grows as NASA Sets Extraterrestrial Search Update 30 November 2010
Has NASA found life near Saturn? 30 November 2010
Is Wi-Fi frying our brains? Fears that cloud of 'electrosmog' could be harming humans 30 November 2010
NASA Dec2 News Conference on Astrobiology Discovery; Science Journal Has Embargoed Details Until 2PM 29 November 2010
UBC physicists make atoms and dark matter add up 29 November 2010
Scientists create highly ordered artificial spin ice using nanotechnology 29 November 2010
Gravitational waves: Inside the Equinox Event 29 November 2010
Telomerase reverses ageing process 29 November 2010
To Be or Not to Be a Pair: Giant Molecules in a Quantum Superposition 29 November 2010
Tuning an 'Ear' to the Music of Gravitational Waves 29 November 2010
New particle links dark matter with missing antimatter 29 November 2010
Confrontation with Infinity 't Hooft's Nobel Prize Video 28 November 2010
EMP Attacks—What the U.S. Must Do Now 28 November 2010
Single-spin transistors? 28 November 2010
New spintronics material could help usher in next generation of microelectronics 28 November 2010
Building blocks of proteins discovered in Titan's atmosphere 28 November 2010
Doubt about CMB evidence for Penrose's cyclic universes theory. 28 November 2010
Personal Genetic Testing: Learn From Your DNA 27 November 2010
Oxygen found on Saturn's moon Rhea 27 November 2010
Cosmic rebirth? - Not so fast! 26 November 2010
Extreme lasers at work 26 November 2010
Super search engines of the future: Into the deep web 26 November 2010
Large Hadron Collider Experiments Bring New Insight Into Primordial Universe 26 November 2010
Bose-Einstein Photon Condensate Can Produce Laser-Like X-rays 26 November 2010
Can we grow crops on other planets? 26 November 2010
VASIMR Rocket Motor Sets Efficiency Record 26 November 2010
German physicists create a 'super-photon' 25 November 2010
Black Hole May Offer Clues to Extra Dimensions 25 November 2010
Distant Galaxies Confirm Dark Energy's Existence and Universe's Flatness 25 November 2010
Scientists glimpse universe before the Big Bang 23 November 2010
World-first to provide building blocks for new nano devices 23 November 2010
Why Life Is Physics, Not Chemistry 22 November 2010
Why the early universe was free of charge 22 November 2010
Quantum time travel: Black hole not required 22 November 2010
Secretive Air Force Robotic Space Plane May Be Nearing Mission's End 22 November 2010
Air Force Launches Massive, Secret Spy Satellite 22 November 2010
Physicists Demonstrate a Four-Fold Quantum Memory 20 November 2010
MIT Science Videos 19 November 2010
Caltech Streaming Theater 19 November 2010
VIDEO: David Gross - The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental Physics 19 November 2010
What grand unification can and cannot do 19 November 2010
The highs and lows of graphene's strength 19 November 2010
Controlling a Bose-Einstein Condensate's Texture 19 November 2010
Universe’s Quantum Weirdness Limits Its Weirdness 19 November 2010
Light bending by a black hole may offer proof of extra dimensions 18 November 2010
Doctoral candidate publishes on graphene's potential 18 November 2010
Now I See You 18 November 2010
Cloaking effect in atoms baffles scientists 18 November 2010
Why space is the impossible frontier 18 November 2010
Planet from Another Galaxy Discovered 18 November 2010
Researchers uncover surprise link between weird quantum phenomena 18 November 2010
UC Berkeley physicists trap antimatter atoms 18 November 2010
Artificial black hole simulations made with metamaterials 16 November 2010
Hidden in Plain Sight: Researchers Find Galaxy-Scale Bubbles Extending from the Milky Way 16 November 2010
Spacecraft is first to bring asteroid dust to Earth 16 November 2010
'Warp speed has no place in modern physics' 16 November 2010
The sci-fi inventions that maths predicts are possible 16 November 2010
Space–time cloak could hide events 16 November 2010
Feeling The Future: Is Precognition Possible? 15 November 2010
Physicist Sean Carrol: Frequently Asked Questions on the Arrow of Time 15 November 2010
Hunt for Higgs still on 15 November 2010
BULLETIN: NASA's Chandra Finds Youngest Nearby Black Hole 15 November 2010
Debunking and closing quantum entanglement 'loopholes' 15 November 2010
Summon a 'demon' to turn information into energy 15 November 2010
Quantum Memory for Communication Networks of the Future 15 November 2010
Navy’s Super-Laser Hunts for Cosmic Energy Secret 15 November 2010
Fifteen Questions CV readers wouldn't be afraid to ask 15 November 2010
Quantum Tunneling and Rapid DNA Sequencing 14 November 2010
US Patent Application: Anisotropic Materials and Electromagnetic Cloaking 14 November 2010
SETI astronomers launch new campaign 14 November 2010
The Spookiness Of Quantum Mechanics 12 November 2010