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Researchers defy 19th Century law of Physics in 21st century boost for energy efficiency 21 November 2018
Earth’s new neighbor 21 November 2018
An orbiter glitch may mean some signs of liquid water on Mars aren’t real 21 November 2018
One-Way Transfer of Magnetic Fields Material Developed 21 November 2018
Cool graphene composites block EM radiation 21 November 2018
Cosmic expansion rate remains a mystery despite new measurement 21 November 2018
The microscope revolution that’s sweeping through materials science 21 November 2018
Watch: Plane with no moving parts takes first flight 21 November 2018
Scientists Identify Stellar Twin of the Sun 21 November 2018
HyperSurfaces turns any surface into a user interface 21 November 2018
What would you tell aliens about humankind? 21 November 2018
Spider silk is five times stronger than steel—now, scientists know why 20 November 2018
Model of quantum artificial life on quantum computer 20 November 2018
Skyrmion nuclear ‘knots’ could unravel the mysteries of atoms 20 November 2018
One-Way Transfer of Magnetic Fields 20 November 2018
Quantum adiabatic and quantum circuit algorithms are equivalent, say physicists 20 November 2018
Bending light around tight corners without backscattering losses 20 November 2018
Where you go tells who you are -- and vice versa 20 November 2018
How to melt gold at room temperature 20 November 2018
Exoplanet stepping stones 20 November 2018
6 Strange Facts about the Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua 20 November 2018
Mind-Hunting: Could Your Brain Be a Target For Hackers 20 November 2018
What happens to the brain in zero gravity? 20 November 2018
Finding ALIEN life by 2038 is ‘realistic’ – as British scientist admits they may be buried beneath ice on moons 20 November 2018
How would we save the planet from a killer asteroid? 20 November 2018
Controlling magnetism using a proton pump 19 November 2018
Universal Quantum Phenomenon Found in Strange Metals 19 November 2018
Solution for next generation nanochips comes out of thin air 19 November 2018
NASA’s next Mars rover will land in Jezero crater, which once hosted a lake and a river delta 19 November 2018
Biologists create the most lifelike artificial cells yet 19 November 2018
Tiny satellites will relay news of InSight’s Mars landing in minutes, not hours 18 November 2018
The rare form of machine learning that can spot hackers who have already broken in 18 November 2018
Niels Bohr's Quantum Mechanics and Philosophy of Physics 18 November 2018
Quantum computing, not AI, will define our future 18 November 2018
Terahertz laser pulses amplify optical phonons in solids 17 November 2018
Overflowing crater lakes carved canyons across Mars 17 November 2018
Quantum Biology: Spooky, Mysterious, and Fundamental to Life Itself 17 November 2018
Artificial Intelligence for Interstellar Travel 17 November 2018
SPARC to deliver propulsion design for hypersonic interceptor weapon 17 November 2018
Infinite-dimensional symmetry opens up possibility of a new physics—and new particles 16 November 2018
Astronomers spot another star that flickers like Tabby’s star 16 November 2018
Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ produce electrical patterns that resemble those of premature babies 16 November 2018
NASA learns more about interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua 16 November 2018
China’s ‘artificial sun’ galaxies away from solving Earth’s energy needs, scientist says 16 November 2018
China makes artificial sun BREAKTHROUGH in step towards limitless energy 16 November 2018
Pentagon Wants More Money for Lasers To Defend Against Missiles, Drone Swarms 15 November 2018
How Quantum Computing is Enabling Breakthroughs in Chemistry 15 November 2018
Quantum science turns social 15 November 2018
Cold Super-Earth found orbiting closest single star to Sun 15 November 2018
Do We Actually Experience the Flow of Time?
 14 November 2018
A Laser Steers Electrons Inside Graphene 14 November 2018
Stretchable thermoelectric coils for energy harvesting in miniature flexible wearable devices 14 November 2018
Encrypted quantum keys sent a record-breaking 421 km in optical fibre 14 November 2018
Scientists engineer a functional optical lens out of 2-D materials 14 November 2018
How can we design electronic devices that don't overheat? 14 November 2018
Superfluid helium-3 in confined quarters 14 November 2018
A Frozen Super-Earth May Orbit Barnard’s Star 14 November 2018
Gravitational lenses 14 November 2018
Researchers ID promising key to performance of next-gen electronics 13 November 2018
Detecting light in a 'different dimension' 13 November 2018
A ‘dark matter hurricane’ is storming past Earth 13 November 2018
DNA nanobot escapes from a maze 12 November 2018
Improving the potential of aluminum–air batteries 12 November 2018
Innovative approach to controlling magnetism opens route to ultra-low-power microchips 12 November 2018
AI capable of outlining in a single chart information from thousands of scientific papers 12 November 2018
A two-atom quantum duet 11 November 2018
Beyond the lithium-ion battery 11 November 2018
China is about to visit uncharted territory on the moon 11 November 2018
Gravitational waves could solve a cosmological crisis within five years—or shake physics to its core 11 November 2018
Benchtop cosmology exploits solid-state systems 11 November 2018
Using diamonds to recharge civilian drones in flight 10 November 2018
Graphene breakthrough brings us one step closer to cleaner fuels 10 November 2018
Quantum 'compass' could allow navigation without relying on satellites 10 November 2018
Graphene on the way to superconductivity 10 November 2018
The Fascinating, Creepy New Research in Human Hibernation for Space Travel 08 November 2018
Scientists shuffle the deck to create materials with new quantum behaviors 08 November 2018
Batteryless smart devices closer to reality 08 November 2018
Graphene takes a step toward renewable fuel 08 November 2018
Artificial intelligence: real war 08 November 2018
The Problem Behind a Viral Video of a Persistent Baby Bear 07 November 2018
How AI, IoT, and Other Technologies Will Need to Coalesce into Comprehensive Counterdrone Defenses 07 November 2018
Drone warfare: the autonomous debate 07 November 2018
Fantastic alien microbes and how to find them 07 November 2018
Professor Brian Cox discusses aliens and the risks of tech advances 07 November 2018
Holy Cow! Astronomers Agog at Mysterious New Supernova 07 November 2018
Ripples in Space-Time Could Reveal the Shape of Wormholes 07 November 2018
Plasma-based system provides radical new path for water purification 07 November 2018
A passive ocean cleanup begins 07 November 2018
Machine-learning algorithm predicts how cells repair broken DNA 07 November 2018
MRI reveals how space travel alters the brain 07 November 2018
Images of photosynthetic protein complex splitting water 07 November 2018
Graphene takes a step towards renewable fuel 07 November 2018
How biologists are creating life-like cells from scratch 07 November 2018
Could Life Hitch a Ride on Interstellar Visitors Like 'Oumuamua? 07 November 2018
Is interstellar object ‘Oumuamua an alien space probe? 07 November 2018
The quest to test quantum entanglement 06 November 2018
Lasers Travel Faster than Speed of Light 06 November 2018
Unraveling another secret of spider silk — it’s a cable! 06 November 2018
Silicon device reads and writes quantum information 06 November 2018
Will NASA’s Next Mission to Venus Be a Blimp? 06 November 2018