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Lasers Travel Faster than Speed of Light 06 November 2018
Unraveling another secret of spider silk — it’s a cable! 06 November 2018
Silicon device reads and writes quantum information 06 November 2018
Will NASA’s Next Mission to Venus Be a Blimp? 06 November 2018
Laser architecture can create complex structures to probe, control matter 06 November 2018
MIT researchers reveal plan for a giant laser 'porch light' in space to make it easier for aliens to find us 06 November 2018
A faster, cheaper path to fusion energy 06 November 2018
The Mars InSight Landing Site Is Just Plain Perfect 06 November 2018
New Quantum Machine Learning Algorithm Could Crush Big Data 05 November 2018
Mystery particle spotted? Discovery would require physics so weird that nobody has even thought of it 05 November 2018
One step closer to complex quantum teleportation 05 November 2018
Peak performance: New stellarator experiments show promising results 05 November 2018
Physicists name and codify new field in nanotechnology: 'electron quantum metamaterials' 05 November 2018
Physicists create new, simpler-than-ever quantum 'hard drive for light' 05 November 2018
Taming plasmas: Improving fusion using microwaves 05 November 2018
Laser blasting antimatter into existence 05 November 2018
New material cleans and splits water 05 November 2018
Harvard Study Suggests Panspermia Can Transfer Life Between Planets In Our Galaxy 05 November 2018
Google has enlisted NASA to help it prove quantum supremacy within months 05 November 2018
Oumuamua’s Peculiar Acceleration – Harvard Scientists Discuss Possible Extraterrestrial Lightsail Power 04 November 2018
X-ray scattering reveals plasmons in high-temperature superconductors 04 November 2018
Saturday Night Science: The Forgotten Genius of Oliver Heaviside 04 November 2018
Nasa is building 'dust-to-thrust' robots that can dig up Martian soil and convert it into ROCKET fuel 03 November 2018
Pushing the Boundaries in Quantum Electronics 03 November 2018
Why DARPA Is Betting a Million Bucks on an "Impossible" Space Drive 03 November 2018
Slightly heavier than a toothpick, the first wireless insect-size robot takes flight 02 November 2018
Graphene Shines as Star van der Waals Material 02 November 2018
A breakthrough in industrial graphene production 02 November 2018
New method could lead to more powerful quantum sensors 02 November 2018
Preparing quantum computers to leave the lab 02 November 2018
Why gradually does it for maximizing strength 02 November 2018
New tech delivers high-tech film that blocks electromagnetic interference 02 November 2018
Scientists find a 'switch' to increase starch accumulation in algae 02 November 2018
Physicists Create Tractor Beam for Atoms 02 November 2018
The world’s strongest MRI machines are pushing human imaging to new limits 02 November 2018
New photonic devices are said to be poised to enable the next leap in deep space exploration 02 November 2018
New method peeks inside the 'black box' of artificial intelligence 01 November 2018
Artificial intelligence bot trained to recognize galaxies 01 November 2018
An AI physicist can derive the natural laws of imagined universes 01 November 2018
Spintronic neurons learn to recognize vowels 01 November 2018
Coupled spintronic neurons learn to recognize vowels 01 November 2018
Mechanically Controlling Single Electrons 01 November 2018
All-Mechanical Control of Single Electrons 01 November 2018
Light shines on new pathway for quantum technology 01 November 2018
The aromatic hydrocarbon universe 01 November 2018
The aromatic universe 01 November 2018
Vanadium dioxide’s weird phase transition just got weirder 01 November 2018
China claims to have successfully developed a QUANTUM RADAR that can detect 'invisible' fighter jets from 60 miles away 01 November 2018
Thirty Meter Telescope project clears latest legal hurdle 31 October 2018
Could Solar Radiation Pressure Explain 'Oumuamua's Peculiar Acceleration? 31 October 2018
Russian cosmonaut study indicates human brains may never fully recover from space travel 31 October 2018
‘Oumuamua, Thin Films and Lightsails 31 October 2018
Alien life could thrive on Jupiter's moon Europa: Saltwater and volcanic rock under the distant world's surface 'are all that's needed to form life's key building blocks' 31 October 2018
Astronomers Creep Up to the Edge of the Milky Way’s Black Hole 31 October 2018
Playing with single electrons in designer atomic structures 30 October 2018
Computer theorists show path to verifying that quantum beats classical 30 October 2018
Breakthrough in process to produce hydrogen fuel 30 October 2018
Making a transparent flexible material of silk and nanotubes 30 October 2018
Synchronized telescope dance puts limits on mysterious flashes in the sky 30 October 2018
Counting the Quanta of Sound 29 October 2018
A new material for energy-efficient data storage reaches computer operating temperature 29 October 2018
Tuneable superconductivity appears in topological insulator 29 October 2018
Researchers create scalable platform for on-chip quantum emitters 29 October 2018
Martian dust devils may create rare rocket fuel ingredient 29 October 2018
"Schrödinger's Bacterium" Could Be a Quantum Biology Milestone 29 October 2018
Mars Scientists Edge Closer to Solving Methane Mystery 28 October 2018
This ‘two-faced’ membrane can create electricity—from nothing but salty water 28 October 2018
Low cost, energy-saving radiative cooling system ready for real-world applications 27 October 2018
Nanotubes may give the world better batteries 27 October 2018
New composite material that can cool itself down under extreme temperatures 27 October 2018
Spinning the light: The world's smallest optical gyroscope 27 October 2018
Is Anti-Gravity Real? Science Is About To Find Out 27 October 2018
How a dark star - made of mysterious dark matter - could lead to shadow life 27 October 2018
Habitable Exoplanets Are Likelier Around Lower Metallicity Stars 27 October 2018
Stephen Hawking’s Final Paper: How to Escape From a Black Hole 25 October 2018
Where Are the “Hotspots” for Europa’s Purported Plumes? 25 October 2018
Tiny diamond invention could help launch rockets into space 25 October 2018
Discovery of new superconducting materials using materials informatics 25 October 2018
Artificial intelligence controls quantum computersTo read more, click here. 25 October 2018
Longer and better living through senescent cell ablation 25 October 2018
Scientists Worldwide Are Getting Serious About Quantum Internet 25 October 2018
Quantum Computing Must Be a National Security Priority 25 October 2018
New Sarfatti I Book "Star Gate" 25 October 2018
New Sarfatti paper with colleagues 25 October 2018
First demonstration of 'random, transistor' laser which can be manipulated at nanoscale 24 October 2018
Inching Closer to CP Violation in Neutrinos 24 October 2018
Where deep learning meets metamaterials 24 October 2018
A new palm-sized drone is mini, but mighty 24 October 2018
Here’s what the quantum internet has in store 24 October 2018
Are computers headed for a quantum leap? 24 October 2018
'Twisted' fibre optic light breakthrough could make internet 100 times faster 24 October 2018
This cloud-zapping laser could help scientists create a quantum internet 23 October 2018
Pinning down the Chemistry of Photosynthetic Water Splitting 23 October 2018
Scientists Create Artificial Wood That Is Water- and Fire-Resistant 23 October 2018
Plant hormone makes space farming a possibility 23 October 2018
Oxygen-Rich Liquid Water May Exist on Mars 23 October 2018
From Quantum Computing to a Quantum Internet—a Roadmap 23 October 2018
First Single-Molecule Magnet Ever Can Revolutionize Hard Disk Storage Capacity 23 October 2018
Why We Need Cosmic Inflation 23 October 2018
Establishing an AI code of ethics will be harder than people think 22 October 2018