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Thermogalvanic hydrogel cools down electronic devices 05 June 2020
Could Every Electron in the Universe Be the Same Electron?? 05 June 2020
Nature’s cosmic hard drive? Black holes could store information like holograms 05 June 2020
New method predicts spin dynamics of materials for quantum computing 03 June 2020
Physicists hunt for room-temperature superconductors that could revolutionize the world's energy system 03 June 2020
Etching the road to a hydrogen economy using plasma jets 03 June 2020
Graphene and 2D materials could move electronics beyond 'Moore's Law' 03 June 2020
Randomized measurements can reveal topological quantum states 02 June 2020
Simulations Reveal Quantum Tunneling Events in Glass 02 June 2020
Soliton lasers overcome energy limitations 02 June 2020
Exotic nanotubes move in less-mysterious ways 02 June 2020
New High-Pressure 'Black Nitrogen' Material Could Work Like Graphene 02 June 2020
A new type of matter discovered inside neutron stars 02 June 2020
Joined nano-triangles pave the way to magnetic carbon materials 02 June 2020
SpaceX Demo-2 Launch is a Success, Astronauts Begin 19-Hour Journey to the ISS 30 May 2020
Proxima b, the closest exoplanet we know, may be even more Earth-like than we thought 30 May 2020
Advancing Blockchain Act Calls for Federally-Led Deep-Dive Into the Nascent Tech 30 May 2020
Black Hole Paradoxes Reveal a Fundamental Link Between Energy and Order 29 May 2020
Making matter out of light: high-power laser simulations point the way 29 May 2020
Randomized measurements reveal topological quantum states 29 May 2020
Exotic material detects light’s orbital angular momentum 29 May 2020
World's Most Heat-Resistant Material Can Survive Over 4,000 °C 29 May 2020
Eye-catching advances in some AI fields are not real 28 May 2020
New 'whirling' state of matter discovered in an element of the periodic table 28 May 2020
Postponing Heat Death in Periodically Driven Systems 28 May 2020
Half the universe’s ordinary matter was missing — and may have been found 27 May 2020
‘Got my fingers crossed.’ As ITER fusion project marks milestone, chief ponders pandemic impact 27 May 2020
Picturing How Vertical Transistors Work 27 May 2020
Quantum simulators for gauge theories 27 May 2020
Spreading the Word on a Possible Alzheimer’s Treatment 27 May 2020
New type of coupled electronic-structural waves discovered in magnetite 27 May 2020
A bio-inspired addition to concrete stops the damage caused by freezing and thawing 27 May 2020
Solving the space junk problem 27 May 2020
Unexplained Phenomena Keep Suggesting the Universe Isn’t What We Thought 27 May 2020
How Will we Receive Signals From Interstellar Probes, Like Starshot? 27 May 2020
Novel insight reveals topological tangle in unexpected corner of the universe 27 May 2020
A method to produce hydrogen in vivo photosynthetically 26 May 2020
Physicist creates fifth state of matter from the living room 26 May 2020
New material could be used to make a liquid metal robot 26 May 2020
Controlling superconductors with light 26 May 2020
Topological insulators feature lossless conduction at the edges 26 May 2020
Scientists Are Trying to Pinpoint the Origin of Mysterious Signals From Outer Space 24 May 2020
Discovery about the edge of fusion plasma could help realize fusion power 23 May 2020
15 Facts About the Fascinating Space Elevator Concept 23 May 2020
US Air Force to fly first AI-controlled ‘Skyborg’ drones in 2023 23 May 2020
Artificial intelligence can make personality judgments based on photographs 22 May 2020
A stitch in time: How a quantum physicist invented new code from old tricks 22 May 2020
NASA Is Going Nuclear on Mars and the Moon 22 May 2020
World's fastest internet speed from a single optical chip 22 May 2020
World's Fastest Internet that Lets You Download 1,000 HD Movies in One Second is For Real! 22 May 2020
Experts: China Is Pulling Ahead in Race to Identify Extraterrestrials 22 May 2020
NIST Team Builds Hybrid Quantum System By Entangling Molecule With Atom 22 May 2020
Artificial eye that 'sees' like a human could transform robotics 21 May 2020
Scientists unravel challenge in improving fusion performance 21 May 2020
Locating Objects with Quantum Radar 21 May 2020
Wearable supercapacitor stores energy using human sweat 21 May 2020
Researchers breaking new ground in materials science 21 May 2020
How cosmic rays may have shaped life 21 May 2020
A Fiber Bundle Space Theory of Nonlocal Metamaterials 21 May 2020
Graphene Could Give Headphones and Audio Technology a Boost 21 May 2020
The US Navy has released incident reports from pilots describing their encounters with UFOs, including one detailing a silver object 'the size of a suitcase' 21 May 2020
Why most journalists don't want to cover UFOs 21 May 2020
One of the World's Most Powerful Scientists Believes in Miracles 20 May 2020
Photon discovery is a major step toward large-scale quantum technologies 20 May 2020
Researchers breaking new ground in 2-D materials 20 May 2020
New 2D Materials Breakthrough Signals Revolution in Electronics Production 20 May 2020
Here’s how we could mine the moon for rocket fuel 19 May 2020
Physicists exploit a quantum rule to create a new kind of crystal 19 May 2020
If ‘Planet Nine’ is a primordial black hole, could we detect it with a fleet of tiny spacecraft? 19 May 2020
Three-dimensional self-assembly using dipolar interaction 19 May 2020
This New Russian Submarine Carries the Ultimate Doomsday Weapon 19 May 2020
Scientists use light to accelerate supercurrents, access forbidden light, quantum world 19 May 2020
Should Scientists Take UFOs and Ghosts More Seriously? 19 May 2020
Which Exoplanets Are Most Likely to Host Alien Life? 19 May 2020
New Study Estimates the Odds of Life and Intelligence Emerging Beyond Our Planet 19 May 2020
An objective Bayesian analysis of life’s early start and our late arrival 19 May 2020
Kondo effect induces giant negative thermal expansion 18 May 2020
A Microscopic Account of Black Hole Entropy 18 May 2020
'Tantalizing' clues about why a mysterious material switches from conductor to insulator 18 May 2020
Graphene-reinforced carbon fiber may lead to affordable, stronger car materials 18 May 2020
A new library of atomically thin 2-D materials 18 May 2020
Single-atom transistors may revolutionize Quantum Computing 17 May 2020
New Transistor Technology Paves the Way for the Neutrino Energy Era 17 May 2020
New Tesla battery poised to reshape auto economics 15 May 2020
Light, fantastic: The path ahead for faster, smaller computer processors 15 May 2020
Inside Deep Undersea Rocks, Life Thrives Without the Sun 15 May 2020
The Era of Anomalies 14 May 2020
Bug-sized aircraft flies by light 14 May 2020
Making quantum 'waves' in ultrathin materials 14 May 2020
Graphene: Making a wonder material more wonderful 14 May 2020
Atomically thin magnets for next generation spin and quantum electronics 13 May 2020
One Step Closer to Interstellar Travel. A Successful Microgravity Test of a Graphene Light Sail 13 May 2020
High strength steel at unprecedented levels of fracture resistance 13 May 2020
Researchers invent technology to remedy 3-D printing's 'weak spot' 13 May 2020
Machine Learning Has Cracked a Quantum Chemistry Quirk 13 May 2020
Breakthrough in Understanding the Physics of High-Temperature Superconductivity 13 May 2020
Is NASA Actually Working On a Warp Drive? 13 May 2020
MRI reveals long-term effects of space travel on the brain 10 May 2020
Scientists demonstrate quantum radar prototype 10 May 2020
How to Grow Vegetables on Mars 10 May 2020
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