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Skydio has a motorized charging box to make its self-flying drone truly autonomous 18 October 2019
Algorithms Are Designed to Addict Us, and the Consequences Go Beyond Wasted Time 18 October 2019
Scientists Discover That The Heart & Brain Respond To Future Events – Before They Happen 18 October 2019
The Exquisite Precision of Time Crystals 16 October 2019
Quantum dots technology to revolutionize healthcare and sensing technology 16 October 2019
Undoing a Quantum Knot 16 October 2019
Researchers Control Quantum State of Single Electron Using High-Frequency Sound Waves 16 October 2019
The F-35 Is the Past: Air Force's 6th-Generation Fighter Will Be a Everything 15 October 2019
Swarm Hell: Can the U.S. Army Stop Hundreds of Drones Armed with Explosives? (Yes) 15 October 2019
No More Exploding Phones: Innovative Flexible Battery, Now Self-Extinguishing 15 October 2019
Physicists have found quasiparticles that mimic hypothetical dark matter axions 15 October 2019
The Army Wants Laser-Armed Drone Killers for its New 'Fighting Vehicle' 15 October 2019
Cold Fusion Cars Are Coming, But Not For a Long Time 15 October 2019
This Student Is One of the Top Scientists Studying Faster-Than-Light Warp Drives 15 October 2019
The Spaceline: a practical space elevator alternative achievable with current technology 15 October 2019
Researchers design new material using artificial intelligence 15 October 2019
3-D integrated metasurfaces stacking up for impressive holography 14 October 2019
How to control friction in topological insulators 14 October 2019
The galaxy might be full of micro-machines 13 October 2019
Mini Gravitational-Wave Detector Could Probe Dark Matter 11 October 2019
Controlling superconducting regions within an exotic metal 11 October 2019
Lunar Water Ice May Have Multiple Sources, Researchers Say 11 October 2019
Light my fire: How to startup fusion devices every time 11 October 2019
Molecules in Two Places at Once: Quantum Superposition 11 October 2019
NASA engineer's 'helical engine' may violate the laws of physics 11 October 2019
Quantum weirdness could allow a person-sized wormhole to last forever 11 October 2019
I'm Convinced We Found Evidence of Life on Mars in the 1970s 10 October 2019
Discovering New Magnetic Materials with Machine Learning 10 October 2019
Why deep-learning AIs are so easy to fool 10 October 2019
Researchers discover a material that could someday power quantum computer 10 October 2019
Researchers discover material that could someday power quantum computer 10 October 2019
Atomic-level imaging could offer roadmap to metals with new properties 10 October 2019
Humans will not 'migrate' to other planets, Nobel winner says 10 October 2019
Hidden Passage: Could We Spy a Traversable Wormhole in the Milky Way’s Heart? 10 October 2019
The promise of phase-change materials 10 October 2019
These AR Smart Glasses Could Be the Future of Multilingual Live Translation 09 October 2019
New Encryption System Protects Data from Quantum Computers 08 October 2019
Hypersonic research spotlights future flight challenges 08 October 2019
Modified quantum dots capture more energy from light and lose less to heat 08 October 2019
Post-apocalyptic survival: your guide to clinging to life 08 October 2019
Researchers develop quantum-mechanical variant of the twin paradox 07 October 2019
Rare 'Lazarus superconductivity' observed in promising, rediscovered material 07 October 2019
Complex energies, quantum symmetries 07 October 2019
Bacteria trapped -- and terminated -- by graphene filter 07 October 2019
Picoscience and a plethora of new materials 07 October 2019
Axion particle spotted in solid-state crystal 07 October 2019
Physicists unlock the mystery of thermionic emissions in graphene 07 October 2019
A new way to turn heat into useful energy 07 October 2019
America’s Slipping Edge—Cyber Saturday 05 October 2019
5 Alternatives to the Big Bang Theory 05 October 2019
Uninhabitable Planets 05 October 2019
Quantum gold rush: the private funding pouring into quantum start-ups 05 October 2019
Graphene turns 15 on track to deliver on its promises 05 October 2019
Research shows the 'magic range' of twisted bilayer graphene is larger than previously expected 05 October 2019
Why NASA's Annoyed About Elon Musk's Giant Rocket 05 October 2019
3-D printing technique accelerates nanoscale fabrication 1000-fold 05 October 2019
US Unprepared for Potential Space Conflict with China, Says Bill Gertz 05 October 2019
NASA shock: Space agency set to drop major updates in life on Mars breakthrough 05 October 2019
Aliens Could Wipe Us Out With ‘Coded Message’ That Shuts Down Electronics and Unleashes Killer Robots, Astrophysicists Warn 05 October 2019
Paving A Path for AI in Physics Research 03 October 2019
Meta-materials: Threat to the Global Status Quo? 03 October 2019
China's new hypersonic missile 03 October 2019
Are AI Systems About To Outperform Humans? 03 October 2019
Intelligent Ways to Search for Extraterrestrials 03 October 2019
Finding the 'magic angle' to create a new superconductor 03 October 2019
‘New kinds of organic compounds’ found on alien moon Enceladus, says Nasa 03 October 2019
Both NASA and ESA Getting Ready for Mars Missions to Search for Life 02 October 2019
Black Holes As We Know Them May Not Exist 02 October 2019
No one agrees what it means for a planet to be “habitable” 02 October 2019
Beyond quantum supremacy: the hunt for useful quantum computers 02 October 2019
Tunable optical chip paves way for new quantum devices 02 October 2019
How Dark Matter Shaped the First Galaxies 02 October 2019
Reversible time travel with freedom of choice 02 October 2019
Observing a wormhole 02 October 2019
10-qubit register breaks new ground in quantum computing 02 October 2019
Can we peek at Schrodinger's cat without disturbing it? 02 October 2019
Quantum vacuum: Less than zero energy 02 October 2019
Physicist suggests 'quantum foam' may explain away huge cosmic energy 01 October 2019
A New Plasma-Based Axion Detector 01 October 2019
Non-abelian Aharonov-Bohm experiment done at long last 01 October 2019
First alien gases detected from interstellar comet 01 October 2019
Putin could decide for the world on CRISPR babies 01 October 2019
Plugging the ozone hole has indirectly helped Antarctic sea ice to increase 01 October 2019
Near-Earth objects could be used by extraterrestrials 'to watch our world,' stunning study suggests 30 September 2019
The Pons-Fleischmann Experiment, An Attempt to Create Room-Temperature Nuclear Fusion 30 September 2019
A new concept could make more environmentally friendly batteries possible 30 September 2019
A ten-qubit solid-state spin register with remarkable quantum memory 30 September 2019
Silicon technology boost with graphene and 2-D materials 30 September 2019
New laser will put US back in the game of high-peak-power devices 30 September 2019
Quantum Correlations Take a New Shape 30 September 2019
Iran Has Deadly Boat Swarms (And the Navy Has Plans to Kill Them) 29 September 2019
Creating different kinds of light with manipulable quantum properties 27 September 2019
Physicists find weak spots in ceramic/graphene composites 27 September 2019
‘Planet Nine’ may actually be a black hole 27 September 2019
“Quantum Foam” Scrubs Away Gigantic Cosmic Energy 27 September 2019
Physicists score double hit in LED research 27 September 2019
Use of nanopores could lead to cleaner water 27 September 2019
To Invent a Quantum Internet 27 September 2019
Why Planet Earth Needs A Starfleet Academy 27 September 2019
Quantum internet closer to reality 27 September 2019