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Lessons from cold fusion, 30 years on 27 May 2019
Toward a New Frontier in Human Intelligence: The Person-Centered Approach 26 May 2019
Few-Shot Adversarial Learning of Realistic Neural Talking Head Models 26 May 2019
The Universe as Cosmic Dashboard 24 May 2019
Could Dead Aliens Help Save Humanity? 24 May 2019
A Quantum Molecular Assembler 24 May 2019
Tapping the power of AI and high-performance computing to extend evolution to superconductors 24 May 2019
Metal organic frameworks stiffen up for improved CO2 capture 24 May 2019
Study investigates how spin-orbit interaction protects Majorana nanowires 24 May 2019
Massive Martian ice discovery opens a window into Red Planet's history 24 May 2019
As quantum technology matures what industries should care? 24 May 2019
AFRL demonstrates world’s first daytime free-space quantum communication enabled by adaptive optics 23 May 2019
Does the brain awaken via a continuous phase transition? 23 May 2019
Plumbene, graphene's latest cousin, realized on the 'nano water cube' 23 May 2019
Spherical flames in space could solve the mystery of soot-free fires 23 May 2019
This engineered wood radiates heat into space, potentially slashing cooling costs 23 May 2019
The Government Is Serious About Creating Mind-Controlled Weapons 23 May 2019
18 Earth-sized exoplanets discovered 23 May 2019
Study investigates potential risk of Taurid meteor swarm 23 May 2019
Computer Scientists Expand the Frontier of Verifiable Knowledge 23 May 2019
The geometry of an electron determined for the first time 23 May 2019
Creative Types Reserve a Special Corner of the Brain for Dreaming Big 22 May 2019
Big energy savings for tiny machines 22 May 2019
How to enlarge 2-D materials as single crystals 22 May 2019
Scientists break record for highest-temperature superconductor 22 May 2019
Artificial photosynthesis transforms carbon dioxide into liquefiable fuels 22 May 2019
DARPA looks to have direct brain control headset device in 4 years 22 May 2019
Linguistics professor to present on the future of communication with interstellar travel 22 May 2019
The Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs (uh, duh) 22 May 2019
Is There Alien Life On Pluto? Liquid Ocean The Size Of Texas Could Change Where We Look For Life 22 May 2019
Trump picks Barbara Barrett to be next Air Force secretary 22 May 2019
New Josephson junction study links quantum theory to experiment 21 May 2019
If The Universe Is a Simulation, Should You Care? 20 May 2019
Graphite lithium-ion batteries get a boost from halogen intercalation 20 May 2019
Wearable thermoelectrics for personalized thermoregulation 20 May 2019
Sedimentary, my dear Johnson: Is NASA looking at the wrong rocks for clues to Martian life? 20 May 2019
Australia sees big opportunity in hydrogen energy 20 May 2019
Further Realms: Are We Alone? 20 May 2019
Manipulating atoms one at a time with an electron beam 19 May 2019
A new way of diagnosing and treating disease -- without cutting skin 19 May 2019
Figuring Out Whether Aliens Exist: Possible Resolutions to the Fermi Paradox 19 May 2019
Friend, foe, or unknown force flying overhead? Congress should find out 19 May 2019
Air Force's Space 'Think Tank' Studies Future of Conflict Beyond Earth 17 May 2019
Macroscopic electron quantum coherence in a solid-state circuit 17 May 2019
'Stitching' together ultrastrong graphene films 17 May 2019
Nanoscale sculpturing leads to unusual packing of nanocubes 17 May 2019
Advanced Civilizations Could be Communicating with Neutrino Beams. Transmitted by Clouds of Satellites Around Neutron Stars or Black Holes 17 May 2019
Machine learning speeds modeling of experiments aimed at capturing fusion energy on Earth 17 May 2019
Basic Quantum Research Will Transform Science and Industry 17 May 2019
Ultra-clean fabrication platform produces nearly ideal 2-D transistors 17 May 2019
An experiment hints at quantum entanglement inside protons 17 May 2019
“A New Form of Life” –Living Organism Created With Entirely Human-Made DNA 17 May 2019
Extraordinarily transparent compact metallic metamaterials 17 May 2019
New device excels at making hydrogen using concentrated sunlight 16 May 2019
Jeff Bezos' 'O'Neill colony' dreams ignore the plight of millions living on Earth now 15 May 2019
Ted Cruz warns Space Force is needed to battle extraterrestrial pirates 15 May 2019
From the Lunar Far Side, China’s Rover Reveals Moon’s Hidden Depths 15 May 2019
Laser-propelled Spacecraft Could Shorten Journey to Mars 15 May 2019
The Second Drone Age: How Turkey Defied the U.S. and Became a Killer Drone Power 14 May 2019
Accelerating quantum technologies with materials processing at the atomic scale 14 May 2019
How Young Blood Rejuvenates an Old Animal’s Brain 14 May 2019
Scientists help artificial intelligence outsmart hackers 14 May 2019
Quantum world-first—researchers reveal accuracy of two-qubit calculations in silicon 13 May 2019
Machine learning puts nanomaterials in the picture 13 May 2019
Protect solar system from mining 'gold rush', say scientists(huh?) 12 May 2019
Discovery may lead to new materials for next-generation data storage 11 May 2019
Methane-consuming bacteria could be the future of fuel 11 May 2019
Smallest pixels ever created could light up color-changing buildings 11 May 2019
“Indistinguishable from Physics” –Three Alien-Technology Conjectures 11 May 2019
Could There Be Life on Mars Today? 09 May 2019
Development of 'transparent and flexible battery' for power generation and storage at once 09 May 2019
Researchers create 'force field' for super materials 09 May 2019
Step towards light-based, brain-like computing chip 09 May 2019
Reboot ethics governance in China 09 May 2019
Turning Carbon Emission Into Solid Rock Is Just Like Making Fizzy Water Out Of Carbon Dioxide 09 May 2019
Overcoming quantum decoherence with plasmonics 09 May 2019
Fastest supercomputer in the world capable of running more than a quintillion calculations PER SECOND will be built in the US by 2021 09 May 2019
How metamaterials could one day bring the impossible to life 09 May 2019
An AI System Spontaneously Develops Baby-Like Ability to Gauge Big and Small 08 May 2019
Experimental cosmologist group launches its first iterations of space-traveling 'wafercraft' 08 May 2019
Could unmanned underwater vehicles undermine nuclear deterrence? 08 May 2019
For a Split Second, a (Simulated) Particle Went Backward in Time 08 May 2019
Researchers violate Bell's inequality with remotely connected superconducting qubits 08 May 2019
New material also reveals new quasiparticles 08 May 2019
USAF Titan mobile anti-drone system to be deployed 08 May 2019
Charge rather than atomic disorder responsible for Cooper pair insulators 07 May 2019
A tectonic plate may have peeled apart—and that could shrink the Atlantic Ocean 07 May 2019
Could quantum mechanics explain the existence of space-time? 07 May 2019
Graphene-Based Logic Gate Could Support Photonic Quantum Computing 07 May 2019
Can we bend it? The challenge for Samsung and others to make flexible technology 07 May 2019
Plastic gets a do-over: Breakthrough discovery recycles plastic from the inside out 07 May 2019
Ink Not Required for Graphene Art Work 07 May 2019
Duking It Out with Quantum Mechanics 07 May 2019
Spacetime Metamaterials 07 May 2019
The DroneBullet Is Built to Seek and Destroy Other Drones 06 May 2019
How to live without free will 06 May 2019
China's police now have laser rifles that can 'set a whole person on fire' up to a kilometre away 06 May 2019
Scientists Alter Consciousness Without Drugs Using 'Hallucination Machine' 06 May 2019
New holographic technique opens the way for quantum computation 06 May 2019
Can 3-D Printing Produce Lung and Liver Tissue for Transplants? 06 May 2019