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New biomaterial could shield against harmful radiation 09 July 2020
Observation of the Quantum Spin Liquid State in Novel Material Advances Spintronics 09 July 2020
Scaling up the quantum chip 08 July 2020
Physicists use oscillations of atoms to control a phase transition 08 July 2020
Purifying water with the help of wood, bacteria and the sun 08 July 2020
Graphene: It is all about the toppings 08 July 2020
Air Force tech stops drones from being shot down 08 July 2020
Tabletop device might snare gravitational waves using tiny diamonds 07 July 2020
Shock-dissipating fractal cubes could forge high-tech armor 07 July 2020
Summer on Mars: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Is One of Three Missions Ready to Launch 07 July 2020
Countdown to Mars: three daring missions take aim at the red planet 07 July 2020
New Liquid-State Battery Can Function in Room Temperature, Has Many Lucrative Applications 07 July 2020
NASA Curiosity Rover Is Embarking on a Summer Road Trip Across Mars 07 July 2020
Build a National Counter-Drone Network 07 July 2020
Scientists create new device to light up the way for quantum technologies 07 July 2020
Researchers foresee linguistic issues during space travel 07 July 2020
Contest between superconductivity and insulating states in Magic Angle Graphene 07 July 2020
L3Harris developing a constellation of small spy satellites for U.S. Air Force 07 July 2020
Meet the first and only Air Force pilot to shoot down a satellite 07 July 2020
Researchers develop novel approach to modeling yet-unconfirmed rare nuclear process 07 July 2020
Self-destructive civilizations may doom our search for alien intelligence 07 July 2020
A 'breath of nothing' provides a new perspective on superconductivity 06 July 2020
2-D semiconductors found to be close-to-ideal fractional quantum Hall platform 06 July 2020
New nano-engineering strategy shows potential for improved advanced energy storage 06 July 2020
Some exoplanets may be covered in weird water that’s between liquid and gas 06 July 2020
Light-activated catalysts make nearly perfect water-splitters 06 July 2020
Welcome Anyons! Physicists Find Best Evidence Yet for Long-Sought 2D Structures 06 July 2020
New breakthrough in 'spintronics' could boost high speed data technology 04 July 2020
Harvesting hydrogen from nanogardens 04 July 2020
Towards lasers powerful enough to investigate a new kind of physics 04 July 2020
Quantum Fluctuations Affect MIT’s 88-Pound Mirrors on Macroscopic Level 04 July 2020
Spooky Music Action At A Distance: A Human Musician Communicates Directly With A Quantum Computer 02 July 2020
Could plasma thrusters replace jet engines? 02 July 2020
This Scientist Says He’s Built a Jet Engine That Turns Electricity Directly Into Thrust 02 July 2020
‘Hybrid’ Quantum Networking Demonstrated for First Time 02 July 2020
Spintronics: Faster data processing through ultrashort electric pulses 02 July 2020
The lightest electromagnetic shielding material in the world 02 July 2020
Additional Data Confirms Particle Anomaly 02 July 2020
Magnonic nano-fibers opens the way towards new type of computers 02 July 2020
Lunar Subsurface May Be Richer in Metals than Previously Thought 02 July 2020
Four-charm tetraquark has been spotted at CERN 02 July 2020
The Hidden Magnetic Universe Begins to Come Into View 02 July 2020
I used an algorithm to help me write a story. Here’s what I learned 02 July 2020
Quantum fluctuations can jiggle objects on the human scale 01 July 2020
A Shared Quantum Rhythm 01 July 2020
5G switching gets a 2D boost 01 July 2020
Building a harder diamond 01 July 2020
Why boring could be good for this star’s two intriguing planets 01 July 2020
Astronomers May Have Glimpsed Light from Merging Black Holes 01 July 2020
First exposed planetary core discovered allows glimpse inside other worlds 01 July 2020
First Exoplanet With Exposed Planetary Core Discovered 01 July 2020
Why Look for Extraterrestrial Life? 30 June 2020
Mathematical noodling leads to new insights into an old fusion problem 30 June 2020
The Key Device Needed for a Quantum Internet 30 June 2020
World's widest graphene nanoribbon promises the next generation of miniaturized electronics 30 June 2020
Multifunctional nanofiber protects against explosions 30 June 2020
Mysterious Spike in Nuclear Radiation Detected Over Europe: Russia Denies Large Came From its Region 29 June 2020
At Least 110 People Needed to Start Life on Mars, Space Expert Says 29 June 2020
Quantum physics provides a way to hide ignorance 29 June 2020
Chemistry paves the way for improved electronic materials 27 June 2020
'Simulation microscope' examines transistors of the future 27 June 2020
NASA's New Mars Rover Will Launch a Tiny Helicopter 27 June 2020
Chinese researchers develop new construction material that can be made from lunar dust which is 22 TIMES stronger than concrete - and could be used to build a moon base without having to transport materials from Earth 26 June 2020
Record-breaking metalens could revolutionize optical technologies 26 June 2020
New insights into the energy levels in quantum dots 26 June 2020
An electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction in water splitting 26 June 2020
Are planets with oceans common in the galaxy? It's likely, scientists find 25 June 2020
Breakthrough Listen Scans Kepler-160 System for Alien Technosignatures 25 June 2020
Quantum entanglement demonstrated aboard orbiting CubeSat 25 June 2020
Scientists develop new tool to design better fusion devices 25 June 2020
Researchers discover new boron-lanthanide nanostructure 25 June 2020
Chemists achieve breakthrough in the synthesis of graphene nanoribbons 25 June 2020
Possible Flare from Black Hole Merger 25 June 2020
A Quantum Signature for the Cosmos 24 June 2020
Researchers Develop World’s Smallest Molecular Motor 24 June 2020
To live up to the hype, quantum computers must repair their error problems 24 June 2020
Researchers cut nanometer-sized patterns into 2-D materials 24 June 2020
Microscopic computers: The wires of the future may be made of molecules 24 June 2020
‘Magic-angle’ graphene doubles up 24 June 2020
Experiment proves old theory of how aliens might use black holes for energy 24 June 2020
Energy of Half A Billion Yellow Suns in 1/10,000th of A Second — What ARE Fast Radio Bursts? 21 June 2020
Graphene smart textiles developed for heat adaptive clothing 21 June 2020
Unique material design for brain-like computations 21 June 2020
Measuring a tiny quasiparticle is a major step forward for semiconductor technology 21 June 2020
Physicists propose how to entangle macroscopic objects using pulses of light 20 June 2020
Is teleportation possible? Yes, in the quantum world 20 June 2020
CERN makes bold push to build €21-billion super-collider 20 June 2020
Physicists Use Richard Feynman's Ideas to Develop a Working 'Theory of Everything' 20 June 2020
Two-dimensional carbon networks 20 June 2020
Researchers Create Graphene-Infused Next-Gen Battery Component 20 June 2020
How quantum computers could make future humans immortal 20 June 2020
Researchers Use Richard Feynman's Ideas to Develop a Working 'Theory of Everything' 18 June 2020
Hypersonic Technologies: Technology Trends 18 June 2020
UConn, Army Research lab collaborate on new portable, renewable energy technology 18 June 2020
Quantum material research facilitates discovery of better materials that benefit our society 16 June 2020
With a 'catch-and-release' process, researchers advance graphene electronics 16 June 2020
A phase battery for quantum technologies 16 June 2020
Scientists Develop New Scalable DNA-Based Data Storage System 16 June 2020
Why Gravity Is Not Like the Other Forces 16 June 2020
The US military is getting serious about nuclear thermal propulsion 16 June 2020