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Wood-based technology creates electricity from body heat 27 March 2019
Spintronics: Ultra-short spin waves in an astoundingly simple material 27 March 2019
Russia’s New Nuclear Missiles Squeeze Response Time 27 March 2019
In hunt for life, astronomers identify most promising stars 27 March 2019
Listening to the quantum vacuum 27 March 2019
A.I. Is Flying Drones (Very, Very Slowly) 27 March 2019
US Intelligence: Russia’s Nuclear-Capable ‘Poseidon’ Underwater Drone Ready for Service by 2027 27 March 2019
In the future, everyone might use quantum computers 27 March 2019
Dr. Kevin Knuth – UFOs, Science, and Relativistic Interstellar Travel – March 26, 2019 27 March 2019
New CRISPR-powered device detects genetic mutations in minutes 25 March 2019
The Adult Brain Does Grow New Neurons After All, Study Says 25 March 2019
Quantum Simulators Use Lasers to Study Quantum Phenomena 25 March 2019
Artificial Gravity May Help Keep Astronauts Healthy During Space Missions 25 March 2019
Life on Mars? Growing ‘FUNGI’ spotted in Mars Curiosity Rover photos - SHOCK CLAIM 25 March 2019
Evidence of Life on Mars? 25 March 2019
“Beyond the Standard Model” –A Frighteningly Infinite ‘Physics’ of Possible Worlds 24 March 2019
“Undetectable” –NASA Suggests We May Be Blind to Signs of Alien Technologies’ 24 March 2019
MT Tech professor claims UFOs are time machines from future 24 March 2019
Insights about secret scientific research in the US 23 March 2019
Best-Yet Measurements Deepen Cosmological Crisis 23 March 2019
Graphene Device Sops Up Sunlight, Heats to 160 Degrees Celsius in Seconds 23 March 2019
Will AI 'Cheats' Outsmart Us? 22 March 2019
An Optimist’s View of the 4 Challenges to Quantum Computing 22 March 2019
The World’s First Reprogrammable DNA Computer is Here 22 March 2019
Radioactive material detected remotely using laser-induced electron avalanche breakdown 22 March 2019
Entangled Photon Source Ticks All Boxes 22 March 2019
An Impossible Scenario: Scientists Watch as Heat Moves at the Speed of Sound 22 March 2019
The U.S. Air Force Needs Lots of B-21 Stealth Bombers (As in 288 Of Them) 22 March 2019
NASA engineer suggests settling Saturn's moon Titan 22 March 2019
Meet the World's First Exascale Computer 22 March 2019
Facial recognition technology means you could soon be BANNED from going into shops anywhere in the world even if you’ve done nothing wrong, civil liberties experts suggest 21 March 2019
Physicists reveal why matter dominates universe 21 March 2019
Robotic 'gray goo' 21 March 2019
Chiral material reverses Casimir force, say physicists 21 March 2019
Researchers Create 'Terminator-Like' Soft Magnetic Metal 21 March 2019
Engineers demonstrate metamaterials that can solve equations 21 March 2019
Two New Radical Advanced-Extraterrestrial-Life Theories 21 March 2019
No, Quantum Tunneling Didn't Break The Speed Of Light; Nothing Does 21 March 2019
More Than One Reality Exists (in Quantum Physics) 20 March 2019
One transistor for all purposes 20 March 2019
‘Oumuamua, Our First Interstellar Visitor, May Have Been a Comet After All 20 March 2019
Are self-replicating extraterrestrial spy probes eating each other? 20 March 2019
The best topological conductor yet: Spiraling crystal is the key to exotic discovery 20 March 2019
Quantum Machine Appears to Defy Universe’s Push for Disorder 20 March 2019
Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion 19 March 2019
Stealth Bombers, Nuclear Attack Submarines and Aircraft Carriers: The U.S. Military's Future 19 March 2019
New Argonne supercomputer, built for next-gen AI, will be most powerful in U.S. 19 March 2019
Levitating objects with light 19 March 2019
Researchers discover new material to help power electronics 19 March 2019
Speeding the development of fusion power to create unlimited energy on Earth 19 March 2019
Stanford Scientists Turn Seawater Into Hydrogen Fuel 19 March 2019
Superbugs have colonized the International Space Station -- but there's a silver lining 19 March 2019
Scientists Engineer Plant Cellulose Foam That Can Be Turned into Bone 19 March 2019
We did a breakthrough ‘speed test’ in quantum tunnelling, and here’s why that’s exciting 19 March 2019
Physicists measure quantum tunneling time to be near-instantaneous 19 March 2019
Carbon monoxide detectors could warn of extraterrestrial life 19 March 2019
Alien life hunt BOOST after major NASA announcement - 'Consider ALL possibilities' 19 March 2019
Our planet ‘could be an alien zoo, and we are the exhibits’, scientists warn 19 March 2019
Calculations provide insight into why sound waves carry ‘negative mass’ 18 March 2019
The Signature of Magnetic Monopoles 18 March 2019
Nanocrystals show near-perfect photoluminescence 18 March 2019
Spaceflight Can Reactivate Dormant Viruses In Astronauts, NASA Study Reveals 18 March 2019
Supercrystal: A hidden phase of matter created by a burst of light 18 March 2019
Did Mars and Earth swap microbes? 18 March 2019
NASA expert urges to take alien claims SERIOUSLY - 'There must be life' 18 March 2019
Government Briefed on Metamaterials; UFO Program “Alive & Well” – Elizondo 17 March 2019
Nanocrystal 'factory' could revolutionize quantum dot manufacturing 17 March 2019
Scientists Report Record Performance With Affordable Semiconductors 17 March 2019
The man attempting to merge physics and the paranormal 17 March 2019
Research set to shake up space missions 16 March 2019
New Quantum Radio Can Detect Universe's Weakest Quantum Signals 16 March 2019
The military-industrial-congressional complex is holding our national security back 16 March 2019
How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Science 16 March 2019
Intel offers AI breakthrough in quantum computing 16 March 2019
Halo Drive: Lasers and Black Holes Could Launch Spaceships to Near Light Speed 16 March 2019
“Warp Bubbles” –NASA Manipulating Spacetime to Achieve Faster than Light Travel 16 March 2019
Black Hole Test for Gravity 14 March 2019
Machine learning is implemented on an IBM quantum processor 14 March 2019
Researchers send qubit back in time 14 March 2019
China Is Catching Up to the US in AI Research—Fast 13 March 2019
The Air Force’s new stealth drone has a huge advantage over Russian and Chinese air defenses 13 March 2019
How The Air Force Wants to Crush Russia's Su-57 Stealth Fighters and Deadly S-400s 13 March 2019
Graphene and cobalt team up in new electromagnetic devices 13 March 2019
Cambridge spin-out starts producing graphene at commercial scale 13 March 2019
DARPA Hopes to Revolutionise Access to Space 13 March 2019
Exoplanets of Neutron Stars 13 March 2019
Physicists reverse time using quantum computer 13 March 2019
A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality 12 March 2019
“Very Weird, Very Extreme Life?” — Exoplanets of Neutron Stars 12 March 2019
Living Near a Supermassive Black Hole 12 March 2019
Can artificial intelligence solve the mysteries of quantum physics? 12 March 2019
A Lens for Millimeter-Sized Electron Accelerators 12 March 2019
Quantum state teleportation verifies information scrambling 12 March 2019
An electronically tunable metasurface that rotates polarization 12 March 2019
New fuel cell could help fix the renewable energy storage problem 12 March 2019
Researchers Turn Liquid Metal Into Plasma for the First Time 12 March 2019
Kepler Space Telescope's first exoplanet candidate confirmed 12 March 2019
The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Heats Up 11 March 2019
How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform Medicine 11 March 2019
CIA Psychic Pioneer Explains How Physics Would Have to Change for ESP 11 March 2019