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Cosmic clash over Hubble constant shows no sign of abating 12 September 2019
Hunting for Hair on Coalescing Black Holes 12 September 2019
This device harnesses the cold night sky to generate electricity in the dark 12 September 2019
How long before all human traces are wiped out? 12 September 2019
Bye bye space-time: is it time to free physics from Einstein’s legacy? 11 September 2019
Diamond Qubits Take the Stage 11 September 2019
Synthetic antiferromagnets host room-temperature skyrmions 11 September 2019
Conductivity at the edges of graphene bilayers 11 September 2019
Astronomers Find Water on an Exoplanet Twice the Size of Earth 11 September 2019
Water vapour is spotted on a distant rocky planet 11 September 2019
Is Interstellar Travel Really Possible? 11 September 2019
Pocket-sized Chinese thruster has big future 11 September 2019
Graphene sets the stage for the next generation of THz astronomy detectors 11 September 2019
Hard as a diamond? Scientists predict new forms of superhard carbon 10 September 2019
3-D Printers Could Help Spread Weapons of Mass Destruction 10 September 2019
Tesla Researcher Says New Battery Could Last One Million Miles 10 September 2019
Time and Space: The Strange Reality of Reality 10 September 2019
Are We Headed Toward a Techno-Eugenic Future? 10 September 2019
Introducing quantum convolutional neural networks 10 September 2019
Making and controlling crystals of light 09 September 2019
Terraforming on Mars: Is It Attainable? 09 September 2019
Could Quantum Gravity Allow Us To Time Travel? 09 September 2019
AI Is Coming for Your Favorite Menial Tasks 08 September 2019
Are We All Wrong About Black Holes? 08 September 2019
Creating new opportunities from nanoscale materials 08 September 2019
What really weakens lithium battery efficiency? 08 September 2019
First hint that body’s ‘biological age’ can be reversed 08 September 2019
Can Spaceflight Save the Planet? 07 September 2019
Edscottite: Mineral ‘Never Seen in Nature’ Discovered inside Meteorite 07 September 2019
If we find alien life, can we avoid harming it? 05 September 2019
The U.S. Navy Has a Plan to Destroy Any Swarm Boat Attacks by Iran 05 September 2019
Graphene to enable super-resolution microscopy 05 September 2019
Einstein’s general relativity reveals new features of a pulsar 05 September 2019
Exotic physics phenomenon is observed for first time 05 September 2019
Artificial intelligence helps to predict hybrid nanoparticle structures 05 September 2019
Long-Haul Quantum Key Distribution 05 September 2019
Is the NSA's 'Quantum-Resistant Crypto' for Nefarious Means? 05 September 2019
Scientists develop optical ruler that can measure down to the nanoscale 05 September 2019
Studying the Superhuman 05 September 2019
ESA Earth Science Satellite Aeolus Nearly Collided With SpaceX Starlink Satellite 05 September 2019
Graphene origami reaches quantum precision 05 September 2019
New material state: Quantum disordered liquid-like magnetic moments 05 September 2019
The Quantum of Life? 05 September 2019
Placing Single Impurities into a Crystal 04 September 2019
New Type of Electromagnetic Wave Discovered 04 September 2019
Coming Soon to a Battlefield: Robots That Can Kill 03 September 2019
Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Forever Wars Truly Forever 03 September 2019
Scientists Are Building a Real-Life Version of the Starship Enterprise's Life Scanner 03 September 2019
Strange Metal-like Bonds Discovered in Customized Crystals 03 September 2019
Brain waves detected in mini-brains grown from stem cells 03 September 2019
Graphene layer enables advance in super-resolution microscopy 03 September 2019
Reactor turns greenhouse gas into pure liquid fuel 03 September 2019
Earth’s Orbital Shifts May Have Triggered Ancient Global Warming 03 September 2019
What if the U.S. Military Neglects AI? AI Futures and U.S. Incapacity 03 September 2019
Separating AI From The Nonsense 03 September 2019
Novel maths could bring AI ‘to next level’ 03 September 2019
Possible traces of resonance signaling in the genome 03 September 2019
Quantum Darwinism spotted in diamond spins 02 September 2019
Executive Order on Establishing the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee 02 September 2019
Where Is Everyone? 4 Possible Explanations for the Fermi Paradox 02 September 2019
A new alphabet to write and read quantum messages with very fast particles 02 September 2019
What High-Def, Clear UFO Videos Might Look Like: A Conversation with Tyler Rogoway 01 September 2019
The Anthropologist of Artificial Intelligence 01 September 2019
China's Lunar Rover Has Found Something Weird on the Far Side of the Moon 31 August 2019
Can aliens really conquer Earth? 31 August 2019
Possible Detection of a Black Hole So Big It ‘Should Not Exist’ 31 August 2019
Are Space Habitats the Way of the Future? 31 August 2019
Trapping the Tiniest Sound 31 August 2019
Quantum engineering atomically smooth single-crystalline silver films 31 August 2019
Crack-free ceramic welding at room temperature is a first 31 August 2019
Breakthrough enables storage and release of mechanical waves without energy loss 31 August 2019
Entanglement sent over 50 km of optical fiber 31 August 2019
Manufacturing graphene from carbon dioxide 31 August 2019
“Unsolved Mystery of FRBs –Signs of Life?” 31 August 2019
Quantum Gravity Could Reverse Cause and Effect 31 August 2019
China unveils an F-35 stealth target drone 31 August 2019
Biggest carbon-nanotube chip yet says ‘Hello, World!’ 29 August 2019
Providing a solution to the worst-ever prediction in physics 29 August 2019
Clumps of cells in the lab spontaneously formed brain waves 29 August 2019
All-optical neural network for deep learning 29 August 2019
Experiment Closes Loopholes to Provide New Evidence of Quantum Interactions 29 August 2019
Researchers Create Polymer That 'Self-Destructs' upon Completing a Mission 28 August 2019
A Glowing Clue in the Search for Alien Life 27 August 2019
Self-controlled 'killer drones' a new threat for West 27 August 2019
The Neuroscience of Reality 27 August 2019
A Successful Artificial Memory Has Been Created 27 August 2019
Prediction: Hydride compound should be superconductive at high temperature and pressure 27 August 2019
Nanoparticles could someday give humans built-in night vision 27 August 2019
Scientists Develop Antibodies That Could Stimulate the Body to Repair Itself 27 August 2019
How Quantum Radar Could Completely Change Warfare 27 August 2019
Mysterious Space Plane Has Now Been Orbiting Earth For 719 Days, And We Don't Know Why 27 August 2019
Physicists mash quantum and gravity and find time, but not as we know it 26 August 2019
Mysterious Neutrinos Get New Mass Estimate 26 August 2019
New theory draws connections between Planckian metals and black holes 26 August 2019
One Number Shows Something Is Fundamentally Wrong with Our Conception of the Universe 26 August 2019
Alien Life on Some Extrasolar Planets Could Be More Diverse than on Earth 26 August 2019
Mosquito incognito: Could graphene-lined clothing help prevent mosquito bites? 26 August 2019
Watery Planets With Dense Atmosphere, Long Days Could Be More Hospitable To Life Than Earth 26 August 2019
More Life Out There Than On Earth, Experts Believe 26 August 2019
Light-matter interaction without interference 25 August 2019