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Just Don’t Call Them UFOs 28 April 2019
Hunting for Alien Worlds 26 April 2019
New ‘flexoelectret’ material creates thousands of volts when bent 26 April 2019
Is It Possible to Violate the Law of Conservation of Energy? 26 April 2019
Remote connections? Detangling entanglement in quantum physics 26 April 2019
The Lowest Bid Universe 26 April 2019
What The Hell Is Going On With UFOs And The Department Of Defense? 26 April 2019
Ready, Aim, Fire: Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Lasers 25 April 2019
Taking Down Drones Is Turning Into a Big Business 25 April 2019
Is the U.S. Military About To Be Left Behind Thanks to a Technology Revolution? 25 April 2019
Russia launches sub that will carry doomsday nuke drone torpedo 25 April 2019
Navy updates guidelines for UFO reporting; what about the Air Force? 25 April 2019
We are closer than ever to making drones safe for our skies 25 April 2019
Quantum computer prospects improve on the surface 25 April 2019
New method proposed for studying hydrodynamic behavior of electrons in graphene 25 April 2019
Into the overworld: Ex–spy plane to see whether towering storms pose new threat to ozone layer 25 April 2019
Brain signals translated into speech using artificial intelligence 25 April 2019
The first laser radio transmitter 25 April 2019
New Hubble measurements confirm universe is expanding faster than expected 25 April 2019
Tiny CubeSat on a Mission to Clean up Space Junk 25 April 2019
Is the Higgs boson actually a ‘portal to the dark world’? 25 April 2019
A breakthrough in the study of laser/plasma interactions 24 April 2019
Rapid destruction of Earth-like atmospheres by young stars 24 April 2019
New robust device may scale up quantum tech, researchers say 24 April 2019
US Navy Drafting New Guidelines for Reporting UFOs 24 April 2019
Nanocomponent is a quantum leap for Danish physicists 24 April 2019
Quantum gas turns supersolid 23 April 2019
Metamaterials solve integral equations 23 April 2019
Falsifiability and physics 23 April 2019
Modified 'white graphene' for eco-friendly energy 23 April 2019
UFO sighting: Colorado family STUNNED by '100 percent REAL' alien UFO - Shock video 23 April 2019
You look but do not find: why the absence of evidence can be a useful thing 23 April 2019
Study opens a new route to achieving invisibility without using metamaterials 23 April 2019
Can a Pill Really Help You Live Longer? 21 April 2019
High performance solid-state sodium-ion battery 21 April 2019
TRAPPIST planets may be habitable in weirder ways than we thought 21 April 2019
Thermodynamic magic enables cooling without energy consumption 19 April 2019
Study quantifies the growing traction of open access 19 April 2019
Ready for 6G? How AI will shape the network of the future 19 April 2019
Here's How Lasers Make Zapped Magnets Become Fluid-Like 19 April 2019
A Massive Asteroid Just Came Awfully Close to Earth 19 April 2019
The Secret Is Out: Here’s The Killer Cannon the Marines and Navy Will Love 18 April 2019
Astrobiologists In Search of a Breakthrough 18 April 2019
The U.S. Navy Has Nothing Like Russia's 200 Knot Torpedo 18 April 2019
Heads in the cloud: Scientists predict internet of thoughts 'within decades' 18 April 2019
Researchers report observation of room-temperature polar skyrmions 18 April 2019
Skyrmion bags point the way to high-density data storage 18 April 2019
An Airless Test for 2D Superconductors 18 April 2019
How to defend the Earth from asteroids 18 April 2019
Powerful particles and tugging tides may affect extraterrestrial life 18 April 2019
Do Microdoses of LSD Change Your Mind? 18 April 2019
The US Navy secretly designed a super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO, documents reveal 18 April 2019
Scientists develop way to identify topological materials 18 April 2019
Pig brains kept alive outside body for hours after death 17 April 2019
The Quest for the Most Elusive Material in Physics 17 April 2019
Best in snow: New scientific device creates electricity from snowfall 16 April 2019
Titan’s Lakes are Surprisingly Deep, Have Methane-Dominated Composition, Says Cassini Team 16 April 2019
NASA Grants Elon Musk's SpaceX $69 Million Contract To Fly Spacecraft Into Asteroid: What's The Objective Of DART Mission? 16 April 2019
New phonon laser could lead to breakthroughs in sensing and information processing 16 April 2019
A new kind of metasurface uses the sun to clear foggy screens 16 April 2019
New Insights of Superconductivity at Room Temperatures 16 April 2019
Organs-on-a-chip hurtle toward the final frontier 16 April 2019
CubeSats prove their worth for scientific missions 16 April 2019
Physicists Think You Could Be Rescued from a Black Hole — But Don't Risk It 16 April 2019
Graphene gives a tremendous boost to future terahertz cameras 15 April 2019
What are the Moving Statues, where did apparitions occur in Ireland in 1985 and did the phenomenons actually happen? 15 April 2019
New Type of Super-Efficient Superconductivity Discovered 15 April 2019
Light from exotic particle states 15 April 2019
Seven common myths about quantum physics 15 April 2019
The discrete-time physics hiding inside our continuous-time world 15 April 2019
Quantum Optomechanics in a Liquid 15 April 2019
Scientists print first 3D heart using patient's biological materials 15 April 2019
Travel through wormholes is possible, but slow 15 April 2019
What it took to capture a black hole 14 April 2019
Alien life BOMBSHELL? Why Brian Cox admitted he’s ‘TERRIFIED’ of extraterrestrial life 14 April 2019
Scientists Have Found a Way to Prevent Water From Ever Becoming Ice 14 April 2019
Human Brain/Cloud Interface 13 April 2019
Here’s How Big the M87 Black Hole Is Compared to the Earth 13 April 2019
The Stardrive Report -- Edition 6: Dr. Kevin Knuth on Constraints on Breakaway Societies Engaged in Relativistic Interstellar Travel 13 April 2019
Human health can be 'mostly sustained' for a year in space, NASA Twins Study concludes 12 April 2019
A new graphene foam stays squishy at the coldest temperatures 12 April 2019
Scientists drill into white graphene to create artificial atoms 12 April 2019
CRISPR-Cas3 innovation holds promise for disease cures, advancing science 12 April 2019
Time travel PROOF? How Brian Cox claimed future travel IS possible – ‘We’ve DONE it!’ 12 April 2019
Mars Methane Hunt Comes up Empty, Flummoxing Scientists 11 April 2019
New tunable nanomaterials possible due to flexible process invented 11 April 2019
The golden path towards new two-dimensional semiconductors 11 April 2019
Researchers find new ways to image, characterize unique material 11 April 2019
New way of crafting crystals could speed up flexible electronics 11 April 2019
Wonder material: Individual 2D phosphorene nanoribbons made for the first time 11 April 2019
Water that never freezes 11 April 2019
A Jetsons future? Assessing the role of flying cars in sustainable mobility 11 April 2019
Alien life is evolving on nearby planets RIGHT NOW - shock discovery in hunt for aliens 11 April 2019
Correlations detected in a quantum vacuum 11 April 2019
The Event Horizon Telescope, the Hawking Effect and the Foundations of Physics 11 April 2019
New Quantum Computer can Predict the Future 11 April 2019
Darkness Visible, Finally: Astronomers Capture First Ever Image of a Black Hole 11 April 2019
Time-reversal violation may explain abundance of matter over antimatter, physicist says 08 April 2019
Will It Ever Be Possible to Record Dreams? 08 April 2019
Research team expands quantum network with successful long-distance entanglement experiment 08 April 2019