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Artificial Wormhole 03 April 2012
Physicists hunt for dark forces 03 April 2012
Could Ancient Aliens Live on Methuselah Planets? 03 April 2012
Obama shoots down Mars exploration - A national disgrace 02 April 2012
Have superluminal claims been put to rest? 02 April 2012
New Quantum Encryption Method Foils Hackers 02 April 2012
Heaps of 'Smart Sand’ Could Assume Any Shape, Form New Tools or Duplicate Broken Parts 02 April 2012
Lenses can bend light and sound in almost any direction 02 April 2012
Organics Probably Formed Easily in Early Solar System 01 April 2012
Clocking an Accelerating Universe: First Results from BOSS 30 March 2012
TACC Releases Software to Drive Large-scale Tiled Displays 30 March 2012
The Holy Cosmos: The New Religion of Space Exploration 30 March 2012
Science Fiction or Fact: Sentient Living Planets Exist 30 March 2012
Focus: Quantum Information Not Lost in Translation 30 March 2012
Organic compounds found in proto-planetary disks 30 March 2012
When dark energy turned on (Update) 30 March 2012
Interstellar Beacons to Guide Starship Astronauts Across the Universe 30 March 2012
How common is life in the Milky Way? 29 March 2012
Ultrafast laser pulses shed light on elusive superconducting mechanism 29 March 2012
How quantum physics could make 'The Matrix' more efficient 29 March 2012
Life’s building blocks grow close to home 29 March 2012
U.S. Army Recruiting an Array of Animal-Inspired Robots to Assist Battlefield Troops [Video] 29 March 2012
Physicists Propose Yet Another Form of Superhard Carbon 29 March 2012
Competition among memes in a world with limited attention 29 March 2012
How Deep Must Life Hide to be Safe on Europa? 29 March 2012
Is it snowing microbes on Enceladus? 28 March 2012
Deflecting Asteroids with Lasers 28 March 2012
New Maps of Mercury Show Icy Looking Craters on the Solar System's Innermost Planet 28 March 2012
Many Billions of Rocky Planets in Habitable Zones Around Red Dwarfs in Milky Way 28 March 2012
Life-changing experiments: The biological Higgs 28 March 2012
Alien Planets: Billions Of Habitable Exoplanets In Milky Way Galaxy, Study Suggests 28 March 2012
Square Kilometer Array - Astronomers may see evidence of aliens 28 March 2012
Rare Rains on Titan 27 March 2012
The Mighty Mathematician You’ve Never Heard Of 27 March 2012
New 'Thermal' Approach to Invisibility Cloaking Hides Heat to Enhance Technology 27 March 2012
Research: 'Buckliball' opens new avenue in design of foldable engineering structures 27 March 2012
Researchers discover a new path for light through metal 27 March 2012
Controlling Light at Will: Metamaterials Will Change Optics 27 March 2012
Physicists search for new physics in primordial quantum fluctuations 26 March 2012
The Interstellar Internet 26 March 2012
Single molecules in a quantum movie 25 March 2012
Mysterious cloud spotted on Mars 24 March 2012
100 Year Starship: An interstellar leap for mankind? 23 March 2012
An optical diode made with silicon technology can be used for quantum information 23 March 2012
Evidence for Flowing Water on Mars Grows Stronger 23 March 2012
How Seagate's Terabit-Per-Square-Inch Hard Drive Works 23 March 2012
How To Find Alien Starships 23 March 2012
Aliens on Planet With Two Suns Need Rhythm 23 March 2012
New Camoflage Developments On The Horizon 22 March 2012
Congressmen Blast New NASA Mars Plan 22 March 2012
New Technique Lets Scientists Peer Within Nanoparticles, See Atomic Structure in 3-D 22 March 2012
Space X founder Elon Musk muses on middle-class Mars colony 22 March 2012
Liquid-like materials may pave way for new thermoelectric devices 22 March 2012
Will Nuclear Megaton Shockwave Avert Earth-Bound Asteroid? 21 March 2012
New Einstein online archive 21 March 2012
Astronomers Discover Rectangular Galaxy 21 March 2012
Planetary Science Institute Researchers Call For Continued Exploration of Mars 21 March 2012
Mars Attacked: Planetary Scientists Vent Frustrations over Proposed Budget Cuts 20 March 2012
In Search for Alien Life, Researchers Enlist Human Minds 20 March 2012
Flexible, paper-based supercapacitor could improve performance of hybrid electric vehicles 20 March 2012
'Beam Me To The Stars, Scotty!' 20 March 2012
Liquid Water On Mars: Mystery of slick Martian slopes gets less slippery 20 March 2012
Nuclear Fusion Simulation Shows High-Gain Energy Output 20 March 2012
Review: Bad Apple 20 March 2012
Stars put up safety barriers for planets 20 March 2012
Super-Earth unlikely able to transfer life to other planets 20 March 2012
What to call the particle formerly known as Higgs 20 March 2012
Fermi´s Paradox: Where Are They? 19 March 2012
Neutrino-based communication is a first 19 March 2012
New technique lights up the creation of holograms 19 March 2012
Better hydrogen storage process unveiled 19 March 2012
Some Orbits More Popular Than Others in Solar Systems 19 March 2012
Back From The Future Entanglement Signals? 3-18-12 18 March 2012
Advanced Propulsion Physics: Harnessing the Quantum Vacuum 18 March 2012
A Game-Changing Power Source Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs) 18 March 2012
Simulating strongly correlated fermions opens the door to practical superconductor applications 18 March 2012
Exotic metamaterials will change optics 18 March 2012
Looking at quantum gravity in a mirror 18 March 2012
'Faster-than-light' particles fade after cross-check 17 March 2012
Laser-Engraved Graphene Could Power New Kinds of Electronics 16 March 2012
Is the LHC throwing away too much data? 16 March 2012
Superfast neutrino claim takes another beating 16 March 2012
Some Thoughts On Daryl Bem’s Habituative Precognition Experiments, and Science by Media 15 March 2012
Graphene Supercapacitor Holds Promise for Portable Electronics 15 March 2012
Questions and answers with Lisa Randall 15 March 2012
Getting a Full Picture of an Elusive Subject: Astronomers Map Dark Matter in 3-D in Galaxy Cluster 15 March 2012
Believing the Impossible: No Evidence for Existence of Psychic Ability Found 15 March 2012
Mysterious Chinese Fossils May Be New Human Species 15 March 2012
Precognition studies and the curse of the failed replications 15 March 2012
Let Me Count The Ways China Is Stealing Our Secrets 15 March 2012
Researchers Create Cyborgs by Implanting Biofuel Cells in Living Creatures 15 March 2012
Europe still keen on Mars missions 15 March 2012
Project SKA able to detect Alien radar on other planets up to 50 light years away 14 March 2012
Space is bad for astronauts' eyes 14 March 2012
Researchers send 'wireless' message using neutrinos 14 March 2012
Killer Silk: Making Silk Fibers That Kill Anthrax and Other Microbes in Minutes 14 March 2012
Molecular graphene heralds new era of 'designer electrons' 14 March 2012
To all conspiracy nuts who think we never got to the Moon 14 March 2012
Reentry of Star Ships out of Warp Drive - danger 14 March 2012
Reentry of Star Ships out of Warp Drive - danger 14 March 2012