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My SLAC Stanford APS talk 11-11-11 10 November 2011
Feeling the Future, Fourmilab Retro PK Project 10 November 2011
Alien Probes for Real? 10 November 2011
NASA’s Next Mars Rover to Launch in 15 Days 10 November 2011
Is the Higgs enough? 10 November 2011
Is the Higgs enough? 10 November 2011
Is There a City on Pluto? Before You Answer, Consider: We've Never Looked. 10 November 2011
Russians Desperately Try To Save 'Grunt' Mars Moon Probe 09 November 2011
Are There Mysterious Forces Lurking in Our Atoms and Galaxies? 09 November 2011
World has five years to avoid severe warming: IEA 09 November 2011
Physicists chip away at mystery of antimatter imbalance 09 November 2011
Are alien probes lost in space? 09 November 2011
New metamaterial allows transmission gain while retaining negative refraction property 09 November 2011
NASA Develops Super-Black Material That Absorbs Light Across Multiple Wavelength Bands 09 November 2011
Geo-Politics 2011 09 November 2011
Russian craft embarks on voyage to Mars moon (Update) 08 November 2011
Fake violations of Bell tests reinforce importance of closing loopholes 08 November 2011
Rossi's E-Cat gets first customers, but questions remain 08 November 2011
Black Holes, Safety, and the LHC Upgrade 08 November 2011
Fukushima scare prompts look at 'criticality' criteria 08 November 2011
Nanotubes in Environment 'Rob' Green Algae of Space and Light 08 November 2011
ELI Super Laser To Tear Space Time Apart So Ghost Particles Can Enter From Other Dimensions? 08 November 2011
Might Newly Found Dwarf Galaxies Help Reveal Dark Matter? 08 November 2011
The Plutonium Problem: Who Pays For Space Fuel? 08 November 2011
Does mars Have Rights? 08 November 2011
Quantum Entanglement Beyond Space-Time 07 November 2011
One-man flying space hopper could become the 'air car' of the future 07 November 2011
Skateboarders rock physics 07 November 2011
The secrets of tunneling through energy barriers 07 November 2011
Team develops method for creating 3D photonic crystals 07 November 2011
SpaceX 'Dragon' Capsule Aims to Go to Mars 07 November 2011
Hubble Directly Observes the Disk Around a Black Hole 07 November 2011
Explosive composite based on nanoparticles and DNA 07 November 2011
The Road Ahead for Metamaterials 07 November 2011
What does space station mean for China? 07 November 2011
German radiation professor warns of possible nuclear explosion at Fukushima 07 November 2011
Self-replication achieved using structural DNA nanotechnology 06 November 2011
Engineers solve important energy level puzzle 06 November 2011
Most common stars are more life-friendly than thought 06 November 2011
Creating Quantum Matter 04 November 2011
Space Eats 04 November 2011
Phobos-Grunt and Yinghuo-1 Encapsulated for Voyage to Mars and Phobos 04 November 2011
First brain image of a dream created 04 November 2011
This Man Could Rule the World 04 November 2011
Michio Kaku: Update on the 15,000 Neutrinos That Seemed to Outrace a Beam of Light 04 November 2011
Sharp develops solar cell with world’s highest conversion efficiency 04 November 2011
A 2-dimensional electron liquid solidifies in a magnetic field 04 November 2011
Russia takes aim at Phobos 04 November 2011
Researchers Develop Innovative Metamaterials with Superior Light Absorption Quality 04 November 2011
Cheap Quantum Computing At Room Temperatures 04 November 2011
SETI: How to find an alien city 04 November 2011
American Physical Society March 2012 Meeting Topic Descriptions 04 November 2011
Hal Puthoff on CIA Remote Viewing Evidence for Signal Nonlocality 03 November 2011
MSNBC: Italian cold fusion machine passes another test 03 November 2011
"Monster" greenhouse gas levels seen 03 November 2011
Is life on Earth due to a quirk in the laws of physics? 03 November 2011
'Cosmic Metamaterial' to Zoom In on Early Universe 03 November 2011
Nick Herbert on building a time machine 03 November 2011
Rossi's E-Cat Victory on Cold Fusion's Emergence Day -- E-Day 03 November 2011
Senate Passes Budget With Full Funding for James Webb Space Telescope 03 November 2011
Solving Einstein’s theory 03 November 2011
Eradicating Aging Cells Could Prevent Disease 03 November 2011
Fruit Fly Intestine May Hold Secret to Fountain of Youth 03 November 2011
Reality check for starships? Sarfatti vs Millis 03 November 2011
Beacons in space 03 November 2011
Astrobiologists discover 'sweet spots' for the formation of complex organic molecules in the galaxy 02 November 2011
Physicists identify room temperature quantum bits in silicon carbide - widely used semiconductor 02 November 2011
Graphene applications in electronics and photonics 02 November 2011
Did Life Once Exist Below Red Planet's Surface? NASA Study of Clays Suggests Watery Mars Underground 02 November 2011
USC receives first quantum computer 02 November 2011
Where'd all that Mars water go? Maybe underground 02 November 2011
The OLED Is Coming Better Cheaper and Flexible 02 November 2011
Novel graphene electrode improves already promising lithium-air battery technology 02 November 2011
Purging ‘old cells’ slows aging, study says 02 November 2011
Chemically assembled metamaterials could lead to superlenses and cloaking 02 November 2011
Chemically assembled metamaterials could lead to superlenses and cloaking 02 November 2011
Brian Greene NOVA Fabric of the Cosmos 02 November 2011
Researchers discover promising hydrogen storage material 01 November 2011
City lights could point to E.T. 01 November 2011
NASA studying ways to make 'tractor beams' a reality 01 November 2011
Success for Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion system, but mysteries remain 01 November 2011
Cold Fusion: Future of physics or phoney? 01 November 2011
Using the internet for science/math education and research 01 November 2011
China successfully launches Shenzhou-8 via Long March 2F 31 October 2011
Forbes: Believing in Cold Fusion and the E-Cat 31 October 2011
Icy dust specks could provide interstellar staging ground for complex organic chemicals 31 October 2011
Nature's laws may vary across the Universe 31 October 2011
One Step Closer to Dark Matter in Universe 31 October 2011
New Hybrid Technology Could Bring 'Quantum Information Systems' 31 October 2011
October 28 E-cat Cold Fusion Reactor Test Reportedly Successful? 30 October 2011
Scientists pinpoint the brain circuitry linked to making healthy or unhealthy choices 30 October 2011
Climate researchers warn of data crisis 30 October 2011
Can Collective Intelligence Provide Answers to Climate Change Questions? 30 October 2011
Planets Smashed Into Dust Near Supermassive Black Holes 30 October 2011
Skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real 30 October 2011
Quantum keys let submarines talk securely as Sarfatti predicted 30 years ago. 29 October 2011
Report: China the source of RSA hack, hundreds of others also hit 29 October 2011
An alien code close to home: Seeking ET beyond the radio silence 28 October 2011
Scientists take fresh look at 'faster-than-light' experiment 28 October 2011
Hunting season for Higgs ends 28 October 2011