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What if there is no Higgs boson? 08 December 2011
Patterns Seen in Spider Silk and Melodies Connected 08 December 2011
New '3-D' Transistors Promising Future Chips, Lighter Laptops 08 December 2011
New Tool for Touring Mars Using Detailed Images 08 December 2011
Science on Fire 08 December 2011
Has the Higgs Been Discovered? Physicists Gear Up for Watershed Announcement 08 December 2011
Neutrinos give US best shot at post-Tevatron glory 08 December 2011
The impact of quantum matter 08 December 2011
Mars rover Opportunity finds 'most powerful' water clue 08 December 2011
Where’s My Higgs? LHC Physicist Joe Lykken Speaks 08 December 2011
Cern scientist expects 'first glimpse' of Higgs boson "next week." 07 December 2011
Hartmann: Fukushima...Has the China Syndrome now officially begun? 07 December 2011
Distant world looks too ripe for life 07 December 2011
Stop the Killer Space Rocks 07 December 2011
Is the case for Mars facing a crisis? 07 December 2011
BREAKTHROUGH?: Observation of superconductivity near 28 Celsius (83F, 301K) in a senary oxycuprate 07 December 2011
Superhard carbon material could crack diamond 07 December 2011
Planet Likely to Become Increasingly Hostile to Agriculture 06 December 2011
S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Electrical Conductance to the Limit 06 December 2011
Many Earths Out There? Nearly All Kepler Planets May Be the Real Deal 06 December 2011
Focus: Another Step Back for Wave-Particle Duality 06 December 2011
SETI search resumes at allen telescope array, targeting new planets 06 December 2011
Still in the dark about dark matter 06 December 2011
NASA finding feeds talk of a new Earth 06 December 2011
Search Resumes for Evidence of Life Out There 06 December 2011
Armageddon super virus recipe: keep secret or publish? 06 December 2011
Joe Eck at Superconductors.org claims Room Temperature Superconductor 06 December 2011
Looking Backward to Put New Technologies in Focus 05 December 2011
Why Silicon-based Aliens Would Rather Eat Our Cities Than Us 05 December 2011
Gliese 581g 05 December 2011
Kepler Confirms First Planet in Habitable Zone of Sun-like Star! 05 December 2011
Hot Rumor: A 125-126 GeV Higgs particle detected at CERN? 05 December 2011
Macroscopic quantum tunneling may be possible 05 December 2011
A way to observe, control the way electrons spin on the surface of exotic new materials 05 December 2011
Plasma-based treatment goes viral 05 December 2011
Proton beam experiments open new areas of research 05 December 2011
China Scrambles for High-Tech Dominance 05 December 2011
Signal for Consciousness in Brain Marked by Neural Dialogue 05 December 2011
Nano Paint Could Make Airplanes Invisible to Radar 05 December 2011
IBM Makes Revolutionary Racetrack Memory Using Existing Tools 05 December 2011
'Graphene Earns Its Stripes': New Nanoscale Electronic State Discovered On Graphene Sheets 05 December 2011
'Arseniclife' bug lacks arsenic in genome's DNA 04 December 2011
"The Earth Strain" --Have NASA Missions Contaminated Mars? 04 December 2011
Woolly mammoth to be brought back to life from cloned bone marrow 'within five years' 04 December 2011
ESA Ends Support For Russian Mars Probe 04 December 2011
'Squeezed' Quantum Vacuum Filled With Atoms 04 December 2011
Hot on Trail of ‘Just Right’ Far-Off Planet 03 December 2011
NASA to Announce New Alien Planet Findings Monday 02 December 2011
Asteroid YU55 “Puzzling Structures”: Equatorial Ridge and Tall, “Pointy” Hill? 02 December 2011
Building ultralight metallic lattices 02 December 2011
Course Excellent, Adjustment Postponed: Mars Science Laboratory Mission Status Report 02 December 2011
Graphene discovery could be vital to future nanotechnology and superconductivity 02 December 2011
'Moment of truth' approaching in Higgs boson hunt 02 December 2011
Let's build a beacon to tell aliens who we were 02 December 2011
Digging into China’s nuclear tunnels 01 December 2011
Japan nuclear meltdown 'maybe worse than thought' 01 December 2011
Into the magnetic blue yonder 01 December 2011
Researchers invent a switch that could improve electronics 01 December 2011
Swiss scientists prove durability of quantum network 01 December 2011
In the Quantum World, Diamonds Can Communicate With Each Other 01 December 2011
Aiming for the stars 30 November 2011
Microscopic Worms Could Hold the Key to Living Life On Mars 30 November 2011
Biomimetic Antenna for Gathering Sunlight May One Day Transform Solar-Powered Devices 30 November 2011
Dark matter particles may be heavyweights after all 29 November 2011
How Do Eminent Physicists Tackle the Higgs Boson? With Chocolate 29 November 2011
Dark matter particles may be heavyweights after all 29 November 2011
How To Build an Extraterrestrial Beacon 29 November 2011
Physicists propose search for fourth neutrino 29 November 2011
A Week of E-Cat News Flurry 29 November 2011
New microscope at Brookhaven promises unprecedented experimental opportunities in materials science 28 November 2011
Coherent Schrödinger's cat still confounds 28 November 2011
Four reasons why the quantum vacuum may explain dark matter 28 November 2011
Neutrinos and multiverses: a new cosmology beckons 28 November 2011
Books: ‘Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science’ by Michael Nielsen 28 November 2011
A new memory chip--for the brain 27 November 2011
Shaping Optical Space With Metamaterials 27 November 2011
Shaping Optical Space With Metamaterials 27 November 2011
Official launch and landing dates announced for Curiosity 26 November 2011
A computer that thinks like the universe 26 November 2011
'Perfect black' coating can render a 3D object flat 26 November 2011
In Search of the Ideal Grid Battery 26 November 2011
Next Stop Mars! Huge NASA Rover Launches toward Red Planet 26 November 2011
When will artificial molecular machines start working for us? 25 November 2011
Brian Greene Talks Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos 25 November 2011
Scientists Turn On Fountain of Youth in Yeast 25 November 2011
Another review of How the Hippies Saved Physics by MIT physics professor 24 November 2011
Nick Herbert on Schrodinger Tigers 2 24 November 2011
Interview: 'Next year we will see the Higgs particle - or exclude its existence' 24 November 2011
Spider know-how could cut future energy costs 24 November 2011
Report of Sven Kullander’s Lecture about Nuclear Power/E-Cat at Orebro University, Sweden 24 November 2011
How To Make A Cheaper Quantum Computer 23 November 2011
Dr. John Brandenburg, Tuesday, 11-22-11 23 November 2011
Cubesats Move Out Of The Classroom Into the Mainstream 23 November 2011
Well-known media outlets confer credibility on new cold-fusion claim 23 November 2011
Physicists set strongest limit on mass of dark matter 23 November 2011
Physicists set strongest limit on mass of dark matter 23 November 2011
On Mars Rover, Tools to Plumb a Methane Mystery 23 November 2011
Our Future, Martian Climate 23 November 2011
Chemists develop liquid-based hydrogen storage material 22 November 2011
LHC could shed light on superluminal neutrinos 22 November 2011