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The Spookiness Of Quantum Mechanics 12 November 2010
'Necropanspermia' suggested as a way of seeding life on Earth 12 November 2010
Scientists image the sea monster of nuclear fusion: the Rayleigh-Taylor instability 12 November 2010
Cost overruns and delays add up to $6.5 billion for NASA's next-gen space telescope 12 November 2010
The U.S. Approach to Supercomputing May Be a Dead End 12 November 2010
Defending Einstein from the new barbarians 12 November 2010
NASA Announces Televised News Conference: Discovery of an Exceptional Object in Our Neighborhood 12 November 2010
Detailed Dark Matter Map Yields Clues to Galaxy Cluster Growth 11 November 2010
LHC sees its first ZZ event 11 November 2010
Is this evidence that we can see the future? 11 November 2010
Large cardinals: maths shaken by the 'unprovable' 11 November 2010
Searching for life on Mars 11 November 2010
Controlling the flow of light with a novel optical transistor 11 November 2010
A shadow biosphere 11 November 2010
Fermi telescope discovers new giant structure in our galaxy (w/ Video) 09 November 2010
Quantum computers may be much easier to build than previously thought: study 09 November 2010
Hints on Dark Matter and a Wealth of Planets 09 November 2010
Quantum Computing Reaches for True Power 09 November 2010
Going with the Flow: Can the Similarity between Gravitation and Electromagnetism Be Exploited? 09 November 2010
Asteroid Impact Early Warning System Unveiled 09 November 2010
Are We a Biological Miracle? (Not!) 09 November 2010
Quantum memory for communication networks of the future 08 November 2010
Genome may be mostly junk after all 08 November 2010
Nanogenerator Powers Up 08 November 2010
LHC creates mini big bangs and incredible heat 08 November 2010
'Super-Hero' Material Stretched Into a Possible Electronics Revolution 08 November 2010
Discovery Could Reveal Secrets of Ancient Martian and Terrestrial Atmospheres 08 November 2010
Simulating Black Hole Radiation With Lasers: Lasers Produce First Hawking Radiation Ever Detected 08 November 2010
Neutrinos & recent Cal Tech APS meeting 07 November 2010
New Propulsion Method Developed for Metallic Micro And Nano-Objects 07 November 2010
Secret of ultra-hard graphite unlocked 06 November 2010
Promise - and problems - of power from space 06 November 2010
Reading List: Magnificent Failure 06 November 2010
Zap of electricity makes you a brighter spark 05 November 2010
Self-Interacting Anyons on 2D Sheets 05 November 2010
A Phase Transition for Light 05 November 2010
Scientists create world's first 'super-twisted' light 05 November 2010
Fly-by of Comet Sets NASA Astir 05 November 2010
Earth may have had water from day one 05 November 2010
Nuclear Materials Detector Shows Exact Location of Radiation Sources 05 November 2010
The sky has a new limit 05 November 2010
Nature Physics 04 November 2010
Star Wars-style holograms: a new hope? 04 November 2010
Holographic Telecommuting May Soon Be Possible 04 November 2010
Hybrid material raises quantum computing hopes 04 November 2010
NASA Wants Non-Rocket Hypersonic Space Travel 04 November 2010
What will Webb see? Supercomputer models yield sneak previews 04 November 2010
Meet Metaflex: A New Flexible Optical Cloaking Metamaterial 04 November 2010
Physicists produce black hole plasma in the lab 04 November 2010
Is anybody out there – with a soul? 04 November 2010
Extra neutrino flavor could be bitter end to Standard Model 02 November 2010
Unique duality: Princeton-led team discovers 'exotic' superconductor with metallic surface 02 November 2010
NASA’s Quest to Send a Robot to the Moon 02 November 2010
What Is Quantum Mechanics Good for? 02 November 2010
Mars Volcanic Deposit Tells of Warm and Wet Environment 02 November 2010
Physicists Build Diode for Electromagnetic Waves 02 November 2010
Physics experiment suggests existence of new particle 02 November 2010
Trillions of Reasons to Be Excited 02 November 2010
Is Dark Matter Supernatural? 02 November 2010
Ride a starship? Not for a century 02 November 2010
VIDEO LECTURE: How the Hippies Saved Physics 02 November 2010
Advance could change modern electronics: High-performance 'metal-insulator-metal' diode created 30 October 2010
NASA to Launch Search For Parallel Universes 30 October 2010
The Holographic Principle and M-theory 29 October 2010
NASA Hundred Year Starship Program: Microwave Induced Resonant Transfer (RT) Propulsion 29 October 2010
Chinese Computer Trumps US One as World's Fastest 29 October 2010
Between Graphite and Diamond 29 October 2010
Dream States: A Peek into Consciousness 29 October 2010
Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials are here 29 October 2010
Failure Shuts Down Squadron of Nuclear Missiles 28 October 2010
More on Hogan's Holometer: testing the hypothesis of a holographic Universe 28 October 2010
'Marilyn Monroe' neuron aids mind control 28 October 2010
Hints of lightweight dark matter particle found in space 28 October 2010
Trapped Mars Rover Finds Evidence of Subsurface Water 28 October 2010
Record-Breaking Neutron Star Is Clue to Exotic Physics 28 October 2010
Our galaxy may contain billions of planets with the same mass as Earth 28 October 2010
What to do if we find extraterrestrial life 28 October 2010
Engineering the Zero-Point Field and Polarizable Vacuum For Interstellar Flight 26 October 2010
Signs of Superconductivity at Over 265 Kelvin (21F) 26 October 2010
White House Adviser: US Must Prepare for Asteroid 26 October 2010
Best yet test of Lorentz invariance 26 October 2010
Water could hold answer to graphene nanoelectronics 26 October 2010
Metamaterials: Sewing the Fabric of Harry Potter's Cloak 26 October 2010
Signs of Destroyed Dark Matter Found in Milky Way’s Core 26 October 2010
Suddenly, Lots of Talk About One-Way Missions to Space 26 October 2010
Entanglement Warms Up 25 October 2010
Planets in 'habitable zone' may provide answers 25 October 2010
The Interstellar Tool Builders 25 October 2010
Warped Dreams: An 'Impossible' Future? 25 October 2010
A NASA historian's fear of being right? 25 October 2010
Back FROM the Future: Dr. Jack Sarfatti's American Physical Society Talk at Cal Tech on 10/30/2010 25 October 2010
Fermilab is Building a 'Holometer' to Determine Once and for All If Reality is Just an Illusion 25 October 2010
Blistering Fast Graphene Transistors May Replace Silicon 24 October 2010
Scientists Open Electrical Link to Living Cells 24 October 2010
Mars meteorite controversy continues 24 October 2010
The Intelligent Argument for Intelligent Design of the Universe 24 October 2010
Reading List: Packing for Mars 23 October 2010
Cal Tech APS Oct 30, 2010 23 October 2010
Moon Crater Contains Usable Water, NASA Says 23 October 2010
Collateral Data: NASA's Planned Moon Crash Churned Up Water, Lots of Mercury and More 23 October 2010