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Strain and Spin May Enable Ultra-Low-Energy Computing 15 August 2011
Quantum Magick without Magic 14 August 2011
David Deutsch Explaining it All: How We Became the Center of the Universe 14 August 2011
Strange Hole on Asteroid Vesta Poses Puzzle 14 August 2011
Searching for Spin Liquids: Much-Sought Exotic Quantum State of Matter Can Exist 14 August 2011
Lowering Launch Costs 14 August 2011
New MIT Battery Approaches Energy Density of Gasoline 14 August 2011
Particle physicists chasing ghosts 12 August 2011
Scientists must leave the ivory tower and become advocates, or civilization is endangered 12 August 2011
Neutrons Become Cubes Inside Neutron Stars 12 August 2011
Escaping Gravity's Clutches: Information Could Escape from Black Holes After All, Study Suggests 12 August 2011
Caltech Researchers Find That Disorder Is Key to Nanotube Mystery 12 August 2011
Graphene Discovered in Space --Could It Revolutionize Our View of Space-Time? 12 August 2011
Steering a Beam of 'Virtual Particles' to Manipulate Ultra-Small-Scale Particles in Real Time 12 August 2011
Steering a Beam of 'Virtual Particles' to Manipulate Ultra-Small-Scale Particles in Real Time 11 August 2011
Sarfatti's idea that dark matter is an illusion caused by the quantum vacuum rediscovered at CERN 11 August 2011
Bilayer graphene is another step toward graphene electronics 11 August 2011
Why Your Battery Life is Terrible, in One Handy Chart 11 August 2011
Pushing Light Beyond Light Speed 11 August 2011
Time need not end in the multiverse 11 August 2011
Alien World Is Blacker Than Coal 11 August 2011
Why Einstein Could Not Solve The EPR Paradox Though He Could Have 11 August 2011
AN EXPENSIVE FAILURE: Orbital Minotaur IV launches hypersonic vehicle HTV-2b 11 August 2011
Leave no trace 11 August 2011
Researchers create first 3D invisibility cloak 11 August 2011
‘Growth of Astrophysics hindered by conservatism’ 11 August 2011
Search for ET intelligence will restart near Hat Creek; funding was cut earlier this year 11 August 2011
Meteorites contain chemicals linked to life 11 August 2011
Oxford physicists claim Aharonov's destiny vector may allow signals from the future 10 August 2011
The diamond’s quantum memory 10 August 2011
A Science Catastrophe: U.S. Debt Deal Could Dramatically Slash Science Funding in 2013 10 August 2011
The Rover That Wouldn't Die: NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Approaches Long-Term Goal 10 August 2011
Study Builds On Plausible Scenario for Origin of Life On Earth 10 August 2011
Two atoms entangled using microwaves for the first time 10 August 2011
Exotic quantum crystal discovered - a novel state of crystal matter 10 August 2011
Life might be rare despite its early emergence on Earth: a Bayesian analysis of the probability 10 August 2011
Light speed hurdle to invisibility cloak overcome by undergraduate 09 August 2011
DNA Building Blocks Can Be Made in Space, NASA Evidence Suggests 09 August 2011
Like Superman's X-Ray Vision, New Microscope Reveals Nanoscale Details 09 August 2011
Potential Mars Water 'A Big Deal,' Scientists Say 09 August 2011
Is low power fast warp drive to the stars and beyond possible? 09 August 2011
Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space 08 August 2011
New Conducting Properties Discovered in Bacteria-Produced Wires 08 August 2011
SETI meets crowd-funding target to resurrect Allen Telescope Array 08 August 2011
Out-of-this-world ideas funded 08 August 2011
High Amounts of Radiation Detected in Oklahoma City Rainfall 07 August 2011
Mystery Roadkill Still Unidentified after Further DNR Examination 07 August 2011
Are Helicopters Vulnerable? 06 August 2011
Another article on the universe as a hologram 05 August 2011
New NASA moon rocket could cost $38 billion 05 August 2011
A Guiding Light for Silicon Photonics 05 August 2011
Scientists Find Signs Water Is Flowing on Mars 05 August 2011
Interstellar Communication Is Closer Than You Think 05 August 2011
Flowing water on Mars sparks hunt for ancient life 04 August 2011
Hacking the quantum cryptographic public key system 04 August 2011
Five Great Problems in Theoretical Physics Today 04 August 2011
Boeing Selects Atlas V To Boost CST-100 04 August 2011
Is Mars Weeping Salty Tears? 04 August 2011
Water Flowing On Mars, NASA Spacecraft Data Suggest 04 August 2011
"Sorry Aliens," We Have a Big Deficit 04 August 2011
Breakthrough in photonic chip research paves way for ultrafast information sharing 04 August 2011
Are we close to finding life off Earth? 03 August 2011
Is Our Universe Inside a Bubble? First Observational Test of the 'Multiverse' 03 August 2011
DNA strands that select nanotubes are first step to a practical 'quantum wire' 03 August 2011
First observational test of the 'multiverse' 03 August 2011
SpaceX plans to get humans on Mars 03 August 2011
High, Higher, Highest Frontiers 02 August 2011
Particle Accelerators Full of Spin and Fury, Signifying Something 02 August 2011
Manipulating light at will 02 August 2011
Ultimate logic: To infinity and beyond 02 August 2011
Nanoscale Pillars Could Have a Big Role in Future Batteries 02 August 2011
A Better Lithium Battery? 02 August 2011
Hello, is there anybody out there? 02 August 2011
Discovery of a new magnetic order 31 July 2011
Flexible nanowire electronics that can attach to any material developed at Stanford 31 July 2011
Sun-Free Photovoltaics Give Off Precisely Tuned Wavelengths of Light When Heated 30 July 2011
Existence: Why is the universe just right for us? 30 July 2011
Quantum Mechanical Interaction-Free Measurement 30 July 2011
The Next Mars Rover 29 July 2011
Should we cede solar system exploration to the robots? Should humans go beyond low Earth orbit? 29 July 2011
Mind-Machine Interface Could Lead to New Life-Changing Technologies for Millions of People 29 July 2011
Physicists report progress in understanding high-temperature superconductors 29 July 2011
A new device with memorizing and forgetting functions like human brain is reported 29 July 2011
A classical oscillator takes the sideband route to the quantum ground state 28 July 2011
Quasi-liquid soft matter foreshadows biocompatible electronics and flexible robots 28 July 2011
‘It’s Alive! It’s Alive!’ Maybe Right Here on Earth 28 July 2011
Existence: Am I a hologram? 28 July 2011
Invisibility Breakthrough: New Invisibility Cloak Hides Objects from Human View 28 July 2011
NASA's WISE Finds Earth's First 'Trojan' Asteroid 28 July 2011
Russian telescope launch pulls national space program out of black hole 28 July 2011
Maybe black holes don't really exist 28 July 2011
The Big Crunch: Physicists Make Time End 28 July 2011
Time Travel May Still be Possible: Scientists Say Large Hadron Collider Research May Hold the Key 28 July 2011
International Space Station to be dropped in Pacific Ocean after 2020 27 July 2011
Astrophysicists apply new logic to downplay the probability of extraterrestrial life 27 July 2011
Monster Waves Behind Sun's Coronal Heating Mystery? 27 July 2011
A Touch Screen Keyboard that Accommodates You 27 July 2011
Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas 27 July 2011
Seven-Year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Observations: Cosmological Interpretation 27 July 2011
Testing Heisenberg's uncertainty on your kitchen table 27 July 2011