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In a major breakthrough, scientists control light propagation in photonic chips 10 July 2011
What We Could Lose if the James Webb Telescope Is Killed 10 July 2011
Atlantis space shuttle launch and watching NASA backwards 10 July 2011
Nick Herbert admits mistake on the coherent states 08 July 2011
Nick Herbert on Schrodinger Tigers 08 July 2011
The universe may have been born spinning, according to new findings on the symmetry of the cosmos 08 July 2011
Schrodinger Tigers on the loose 08 July 2011
Next Generation: We Want a Spaceship, Not a Freight Truck 08 July 2011
Black Hole Mass Must Be Quantized, Say Physicists 08 July 2011
Power from the Air: Device Captures Ambient Electromagnetic Energy to Drive Small Electronic Devices 08 July 2011
Project Icarus: How to Navigate Interstellar Space 07 July 2011
Solar Cells that See Red 07 July 2011
Macroscopic Invisibility Cloaking of Visible Light 07 July 2011
Paris to Tokyo in under three hours ten years from now? 07 July 2011
John Walker's qualms on Ray Kurzweil's Age of Spiritual Machines 06 July 2011
NASA needs new 'breakthrough,' says Obama 06 July 2011
Scientists drag light by slowing it to speed of sound 06 July 2011
With a simple coating, nanowires show a dramatic increase in efficiency and sensitivity 06 July 2011
Thirst for Fairness May Have Helped Us Survive 06 July 2011
Was the Space Shuttle a Mistake? 06 July 2011
Tevatron particles shed light on antimatter mystery 06 July 2011
Hydrogen Peroxide Found in Space 06 July 2011
Emigrating Beyond Earth 06 July 2011
Hi-Temperature Superconductors Can Now On/Off In One Trillionth Of Second! 06 July 2011
The Holographic Universe: Is Our 3D World Just an Illusion? 06 July 2011
World's first 'live' video feed of Earth from space? 05 July 2011
Meteorite hunter: My two months in an Omani jail 05 July 2011
Sulphur Breakthrough Significantly Boosts Lithium Battery Capacity 05 July 2011
Sea holds treasure trove of rare-earth elements 05 July 2011
New Laser Technology Could Kill Viruses and Improve DVDs 05 July 2011
Rotating cylinder puts a new spin on slow light 05 July 2011
Invisibility cloak to be unveiled with new research 05 July 2011
Is Britain about to be plunged into a Little Ice Age? 04 July 2011
Big rips and little rips 04 July 2011
DNA cages 'can survive inside living cells' 04 July 2011
'Cling-film' solar cells could lead to advance in renewable energy 04 July 2011
The future of computing: Giving super power to computers 04 July 2011
The Then and Now of Memory 04 July 2011
Freeman Dyson on Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein & Stephen Hawking 04 July 2011
Nick Redfern's NASA Conspiracy Theory is False 04 July 2011
Research reveals vital insight into spintronics 03 July 2011
New Light Shed On Electrons: Lasers Allow Scientists to Observe How Electrons Become Entangled 03 July 2011
The electron’s electric dipole moment 02 July 2011
NASA research offers new prospect of water on Mars 02 July 2011
Drug Reverses 'Accelerated Aging' in Human Cells 02 July 2011
Researchers discover mechanism behind superconductivity in pnictides 02 July 2011
Cold Fusion - For Real? 01 July 2011
Water levitated by Tibetan singing bowls 01 July 2011
Curiosity Rover may tackle Kilimanjaro-sized mound on Mars 01 July 2011
Video: Flying Spy Camera Is Both a Bird and a Plane 01 July 2011
Breaking Kasha's rule: Scientists find unique luminescence in tetrapod nanocrystals 01 July 2011
Magnetic memory and logic could achieve ultimate energy efficiency 01 July 2011
Japanese material scientists develop new superelastic alloy 01 July 2011
Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima 30 June 2011
Integral challenges physics beyond Einstein 30 June 2011
New paper offers another approach to proof that dark matter exists 30 June 2011
Transporting spatially entangled photons through an optical fiber 30 June 2011
NASA engineer proposes new type of fusion thruster for space travel 30 June 2011
Vertical cavity quantum switch could lead us away from electronics-based computing 30 June 2011
Turning agents of disease into tools for health and better living 30 June 2011
Video: The Secret of Tibetan Singing Bowls 30 June 2011
Aircraft punch 50-kilometre-wide holes in clouds 30 June 2011
Gamma-Ray Observatory Challenges Physics Beyond Einstein 30 June 2011
NASA's Spitzer Finds Distant Galaxies Grazed on Gas 30 June 2011
A single layer of graphene is the thinnest possible invisibility cloak 30 June 2011
Dark matter claim draws scrutiny 30 June 2011
Russian scientists meet to discuss extraterrestrial civilizations 30 June 2011
How Likely is Extraterrestrial Life? 29 June 2011
Report #2 - Energy Catalyzer: Scientific Communication and Ethics Issues 29 June 2011
Life at the SETI Institute: Friedemann Freund - The Future of Forecasting Earthquakes 29 June 2011
New Car Engine Sends Shock Waves Through Auto Industry 28 June 2011
How the Hippies Saved Physics [Excerpt] 28 June 2011
Looking back into the Big Bang 28 June 2011
New gene therapy fixes mistakes 28 June 2011
Fractal Dimensions Should Modify The Casimir Effect 28 June 2011
Scientists Discover Dielectron Charging of Water Nano-Droplet 28 June 2011
We're about to enter the age of computer-assisted telepathy 28 June 2011
Layer upon layer 28 June 2011
Space travel for masses 28 June 2011
Subatomic quantum memory in diamond demonstrated 27 June 2011
When flower power met quantum theory 27 June 2011
Russian astronomers hope to find aliens within two decades 27 June 2011
Hippie days: How a handful of countercultural scientists changed the course of physics in the 1970s 27 June 2011
A new Hungarian paper on Elizabeth Rauscher's model of CIA Remote Viewing 27 June 2011
Daryl Bem rebuts misleading NY TIMES article 27 June 2011
Interesting paper on torsion fields and cosmology 27 June 2011
Daryl Bem's precognition data not replicated by three teams says New York Times. 26 June 2011
Researchers crack full-spectrum solar challenge 26 June 2011
When the Snake Bites ... Try Ointment 26 June 2011
Fukushima Absorbed: How Plutonium Poisons the Body 26 June 2011
In Search of the Memory Molecule, Researchers Discover Key Protein Complex 26 June 2011
Help wanted: replacement for rockets 25 June 2011
Scientists: Saturn moon could support life 25 June 2011
Heavy metal, moldable as plastic 25 June 2011
Can neuroscience explain our paranormal obsession? 25 June 2011
Merry-Prankster Physicist Jack Sarfatti rebuts John Gribbin 24 June 2011
'Quantum magic' without any 'spooky action at a distance' 24 June 2011
Fusion Experiment Faces New Hurdles 24 June 2011
Brain-Like Computing a Step Closer to Reality 24 June 2011
Study finds single photons cannot exceed the speed of light 24 June 2011