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Reading List: Packing for Mars 23 October 2010
Cal Tech APS Oct 30, 2010 23 October 2010
Moon Crater Contains Usable Water, NASA Says 23 October 2010
Collateral Data: NASA's Planned Moon Crash Churned Up Water, Lots of Mercury and More 23 October 2010
LCROSS mission may have struck silver on the moon 23 October 2010
Nanotube Thermopower: Efforts to Store Energy in Carbon Nanotubes 23 October 2010
Superconductors: Iron in the Mix 23 October 2010
Protecting Aliens From Us -- An ET Bill of Rights 23 October 2010
Is Warp Speed Possible? 23 October 2010
David Brin Wants Us To Keep A Low Galactic Profile 21 October 2010
The best options for flying to faraway stars 21 October 2010
Mass Can Be 'Created' Inside Graphene, Say Physicists 21 October 2010
Can Starships Survive the Journey? 20 October 2010
Planetary Defense Coordination Office Proposed to Fight Asteroids 20 October 2010
One-Way Martian Colonization Missions: Proposal Would Cut Costs Dramatically 20 October 2010
Martian lakes, seas formed by emerging underground aquifers 19 October 2010
Coming soon: Manufacturing with every atom in its proper place 19 October 2010
Superlaser fires a blank 19 October 2010
NASA Developing Technology to Reach and Colonize Other Worlds 19 October 2010
NASA Ames Worden Reveals DARPA-funded 'Hundred Year Starship' Program 18 October 2010
Moving Monopoles Caught on Camera 18 October 2010
Physicist warns of helium extinction 18 October 2010
50 ideas to change science forever: Cosmology 18 October 2010
A matter of fact 18 October 2010
What to do if we find extraterrestrial life 18 October 2010
Brian Josephson on Homeopathy 17 October 2010
Newton's Moonlighting as a Conjurer of Chemicals 17 October 2010
Planet Hunters No Longer Blinded by the Light: New Way to See Faint Planets Previously Hidden 17 October 2010
Time dilation seen at just 10 m/s 15 October 2010
UC Riverside physicists pave the way for graphene-based spin computer 15 October 2010
The noise about graphene 15 October 2010
First life-friendly exoplanet may not exist 15 October 2010
‘Incoherent excitations’ govern key phase of superconductor behavior: UBC research 14 October 2010
Could a Human Mars Mission Be Funded Commercially? 14 October 2010
Is Earth Unique or Is Life Common Across the Universe? 14 October 2010
When do we stop looking for life on Mars? 14 October 2010
APS response to Hal Lewis allegations on Climate-Gate 13 October 2010
Web influence on politics, culture, finance ... 08 October 2010
Graphene papers in Phys Rev Letters 08 October 2010
Search for violation of special relativity fails 08 October 2010
New allegation of apocalyptic explosion at CERN on 11/9/10 debunked 08 October 2010
Why Graphene Won Scientists the Nobel Prize 06 October 2010
Particles from Hayabusa space probe 'could contain extraterrestrial life' 06 October 2010
Graphene Nobel Prize Paves the Way for Sheet Superconductor Meta-material Warp Drive Engine? 05 October 2010
Breakthrough e-display means electronics with high speed, high readability and low power usage 05 October 2010
New graphene fabrication method uses silicon carbide templates to create desired growth 05 October 2010
Alice, Bob and Carla: Quantum Love Triangle Revealed 05 October 2010
Breaking the noise barrier: Enter the phonon computer 05 October 2010
E.T. calling? Here's what to do 05 October 2010
Does Mars Have Alien Life? Break Out the Planetary Breathalyzer 04 October 2010
Would Wiretapping Laws Spell the End of Quantum Encryption? 04 October 2010
See the Future with a Search 04 October 2010
The Quantum Mystics 04 October 2010
Mission to search for alien life in outer atmosphere 03 October 2010
Mapping the Brain on a Massive Scale 03 October 2010
Turning Waste Heat Into Power 03 October 2010
Network stability with time lags 03 October 2010
Scientists isolate, hold, photograph individual Rubidium 85 atom 01 October 2010
Stop the Internet Blacklist Bill 30 September 2010
Stuxnet worm heralds new era of global cyberwar 30 September 2010
Gliese 581G or Bust! 30 September 2010
Emergent Gravity from our Future Hologram Computer Screen? 30 September 2010
Observing the dimensionality of our parent vacuum 30 September 2010
The Conscious Multiverse Pantheon of Gods? 30 September 2010
Antony Valentini signal nonlocality in cosmological data? 30 September 2010
Dark matter constraints from a cosmic index of refraction 30 September 2010
Researcher builds machines that daydream 30 September 2010
Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent,' Astronomer Says 30 September 2010
Imitation black hole seen on earth 30 September 2010
Physicists Convert Information Into Energy? 30 September 2010
Quantum computers move a step closer 30 September 2010
Cosmic accidents: How we avoided the void 30 September 2010
Provocative papers by Frank Tipler 29 September 2010
Superconducting trio get entangled 29 September 2010
US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth 29 September 2010
One-dimensional window on superconductivity, magnetism 29 September 2010
New technique allows 3-D visualization of quantum magnetic vector potential 29 September 2010
How To Simulate A Warp Drive Using Metamaterials 29 September 2010
A cure for breast cancer may have been found 28 September 2010
Finding E.T. May Become Harder If Aliens Go Digital 28 September 2010
Time Likely To End Within Earth's Lifespan, Say Physicists 28 September 2010
Stephen Hawking may be right about marauding space aliens 27 September 2010
Pumping ice-cold fluid into patients' veins could bring them 'back from the dead' 27 September 2010
Mystery of Disappearing Martian Carbon Dioxide Ice Solved? 27 September 2010
Quantum physics: Flavors of entanglement 27 September 2010
The Elusive Theory of Everything 27 September 2010
Measuring Atomic Memory with Nano Precision 27 September 2010
Physics Breakthrough: Fast-Moving Neutral Atom Isolated and Captured 27 September 2010
October Royal Society Meeting to Discuss Societal and Scientific Agenda on ET Life 26 September 2010
Interstellar Archaeology on the Galactic Scale 26 September 2010
Livermore lab nears launch of fusion quest 26 September 2010
New ultracapacitor recharges in under a millisecond 26 September 2010
Particles in cahoots 26 September 2010
Particles in cahoots 26 September 2010
Science Times on Consciousness Physics/Information Theory 25 September 2010
Quantum physicists turn waste heat into power 24 September 2010
Reverse Combustion: Can CO2 Be Turned Back into Fuel? 24 September 2010
Pair of Aluminum Atomic Clocks Reveal Einstein's Relativity at a Personal Scale 24 September 2010
Pair of Aluminum Atomic Clocks Reveal Einstein's Relativity at a Personal Scale 24 September 2010
Kuiper Belt Dust Could Tell Aliens We’re Here 24 September 2010