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Graphene: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of 06 January 2011
Journal’s Paper on ESP Expected to Prompt Outrage 06 January 2011
Building big molecules bottom-up 05 January 2011
Is Technology Wiring Teens to Have Better Brains? 05 January 2011
Newly developed cloak hides underwater objects from sonar 05 January 2011
Make way for mathematical matter 05 January 2011
'Nanoscoops' Could Spark New Generation of Electric Automobile Batteries 05 January 2011
Are hornets the key to renewable energy? 05 January 2011
E.T. Stay Home? 05 January 2011
Free Kindle Math Books for Students 05 January 2011
Physicists Meet in Calcutta for Conference on quantum entanglement, or "spooky action-at-a-distance" 05 January 2011
No gravity between galaxies? Endorsed by Martin Rees? 04 January 2011
Quest for Dark Energy May Fade to Black 03 January 2011
Contact: The Day After 03 January 2011
Now you don't... The never-ending search for life on Mars continues 02 January 2011
Scientists Peer Into the Future of Stem Cell Biology 01 January 2011
Interstellar Wisdom From The Ages: A Brief Musing On The Resurrection Of The Interstellar Ramjet 01 January 2011
The not so humble theoretical physicist 31 December 2010
Habitable and not-so-habitable exoplanets 31 December 2010
Was Israel the Birthplace of Modern Humans? 31 December 2010
Nature: New year, new science 31 December 2010
A science news preview of 2011 31 December 2010
NPR Science Friday: 2010 Year in Review 31 December 2010
Nature: 2010 Gallery: Images of the year 30 December 2010
Japan nano-tech team creates palladium-like alloy 30 December 2010
Reliance on Indirect Evidence Fuels Dark Matter Doubts 30 December 2010
Good paper on unification of gravity with the electro-weak-strong forces 29 December 2010
Post-Quantum Cryptography 29 December 2010
Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information, Say Physicists 28 December 2010
Don't send bugs to Mars 28 December 2010
'Quantum simulators' road to new energy system? Ultimate goal: room temperature superconductors 28 December 2010
Laser Sheds Light on 'Dark Side' of Moon 28 December 2010
The Gulf of Mexico is Dying: A Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill 27 December 2010
Superconductivity Above 0 Celsius: First Material Capable of Superconductivity in Permafrost 26 December 2010
Apple patent reveals plans for holographic display 26 December 2010
Bangs big and small in cosmic origins debate 26 December 2010
Did 'Martian' methane signal come from Earth? 24 December 2010
When matter and antimatter collide 24 December 2010
Packing electrons in a nano box: Control of many-Body correlation by quantum confinement 24 December 2010
Better Control of Building Blocks for Quantum Computer 24 December 2010
Cosmologists Discover How Black Holes Can Leak 24 December 2010
Paranormal Fact or Fiction? 22 December 2010
Engineers Build Radio Receiver Out Of Graphene 22 December 2010
Superhero move may save black holes from nakedness 22 December 2010
Fossil Finger Bone Yields Genome of a Previously Unknown Human Relative 22 December 2010
Scientists find evidence for 'chronesthesia,' or mental time travel 22 December 2010
Potential 4-D imaging technique modeled by UNL physicists 21 December 2010
Space rock surprise 21 December 2010
Exclusive Interview: Discoverer of Arsenic Bacteria, in the Eye of the Storm 21 December 2010
Science "faction": Is theoretical physics becoming "softer" than anthropology? 21 December 2010
Milky Way's Galactic Neighbourhood Puzzles Astronomers 21 December 2010
2011 preview: Expect Earth's twin planet 21 December 2010
Alien Planet May Be in Habitable Zone After All 20 December 2010
Strange new twist: Berkeley researchers discover Möbius symmetry in metamaterials 20 December 2010
Blue lions: The search for rogue planets 20 December 2010
We Are the Words 20 December 2010
Max Tegmark MIT Video on the Multiverse 19 December 2010
Quantum Mechanics Animated Cartoon 19 December 2010
Virus-Based Gene Therapy for Metastatic Kidney Cancer Developed 19 December 2010
How Will We Know if Planets Are Inhabited? 19 December 2010
Topologist Predicts New Form of Matter 19 December 2010
Cosmic reincarnation idea may be dead 19 December 2010
Quantum or not? Mathematical equations resolve nanostructures behavior 18 December 2010
No black holes found at LHC – yet suggests no large extra dimensions 18 December 2010
Could we detect trees on other planets? 18 December 2010
Cosmos Incognita: Voyager 1 Spacecraft Arrives at the Cusp of Interstellar Space 18 December 2010
Coherent light in the brain's neurons? 17 December 2010
Evidence for back-from-the-future signal nonlocality in our brains 17 December 2010
Did scientists find first evidence that many previous universes exist? Not likely. 17 December 2010
The Birth of Time: Quantum Loops Describe the Evolution of the Universe 17 December 2010
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Are We All Martians? 17 December 2010
The biggest scientific breakthroughs of the past decade 17 December 2010
Progress in superconducting graphene possibility 17 December 2010
US Navy Super Gun No Explosives Needed 16 December 2010
Einstein was right, you can be in two places at once 16 December 2010
Roger Penrose's New Idea: The Story and the Verdict 15 December 2010
Metamaterials offer a path through the looking glass 15 December 2010
Hydrogen Production Comes Naturally to Ocean Microbe 15 December 2010
Tests at NASA Glenn may lead to mining on moon, Mars 14 December 2010
Billionaire Backs a Gas-Electric Hybrid Car to Be Built in Russia 14 December 2010
Single quantum dot nanowire photodetectors 14 December 2010
Astronomers Find First Evidence Of Other Universes 14 December 2010
Giant ice volcano may have been found on Titan 14 December 2010
Trying to find extraterrestrial life 'really tough' 14 December 2010
John Wheeler's IT FROM BIT 14 December 2010
An electronic dance of spins and orbits 13 December 2010
Power Plants: Engineers Mimic Photosynthesis to Harvest Light Energy 13 December 2010
Life's great mystery: What, exactly, is life? 13 December 2010
The Eerie Silence from SETI 12 December 2010
Wind and Water Have Shaped Schiaparelli Impact Basin on Mars 12 December 2010
New theory of superconductors predicts room temperature superconductors 12 December 2010
Investigating paranormal phenomena: Functional brain imaging of telepathy 12 December 2010
"Steering" new form of quantum nonlocality 11 December 2010
The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions 11 December 2010
Cabala and Modern Physics - fine structure constant 11 December 2010
Evidence for black holes 11 December 2010
Physicists propose mechanism that explains the origins of both dark matter and 'normal' matter 10 December 2010
No evidence of time before Big Bang is good news for 10 December 2010
Cloaking Sleight of Hand Could Make Troops Out of Sight 10 December 2010
Nano squid skin: DOD awards $6M for metamaterials research 10 December 2010