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Detecting wandering worlds that host life 12 May 2011
Activated graphene makes superior supercapacitors for energy storage 12 May 2011
Alien life may huddle under hydrogen blankets 12 May 2011
Beware Higgs impostors at the LHC 12 May 2011
Accelerated Expectations: All Eyes on Large Hadron Collider in Dark Matter Hunt 12 May 2011
How Rogue Alien Planets Could Host Extraterrestrial Life 12 May 2011
Phycics Buzz: News from the APS April Meeting 12 May 2011
Welcome to the Extremely High Speed Internet 11 May 2011
Blue alert: The dark side of night light 10 May 2011
Practical applications for metamaterials beyond the invisibility cloak 10 May 2011
Proton dripping tests a fundamental force in nature 10 May 2011
Pakistan to let Chinese plunder secret U.S. stealth helicopter downed in Bin Laden raid 10 May 2011
Unraveling The Mysteries of High Temperature Superconductors 10 May 2011
NASA to choose between three new missions 09 May 2011
NASA plans test of advanced nuclear power generator 09 May 2011
'Frozen Diamond Smoke' Could Be Used in Human Body, Electronics 09 May 2011
Cover up of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Fallout Forecasts Exposed 09 May 2011
Deadly Silence on Fukushima 09 May 2011
Chain Reactions Reignited At Fukushima After Tsunami, Says New Study 09 May 2011
Comet Elenin: Preview of a Coming Attraction 09 May 2011
Project Icarus: An Interstellar Mission Timeline 09 May 2011
A truly deep connectivity 09 May 2011
Life and the Cosmos, Word by Painstaking Word 09 May 2011
Graphene optical modulators could lead to ultrafast communications 08 May 2011
Titan's Atmosphere Spawned by Impacts? 08 May 2011
Elusive Higgs slips from sight again 08 May 2011
Electronic Life on the Edge: Scientists Discover the Edge States of Graphene Nanoribbons 08 May 2011
Chinese espionage puts US secrets in wrong hands 08 May 2011
New species of lizard created in lab that reproduces by cloning itself 07 May 2011
Mars Express reveals methane over tortured Martian terrain 07 May 2011
Beam them up: Launching spacecraft on a photon drive 07 May 2011
Nanoflowers to Help Return Eyesight: Physicist Leads Effort to Design Fractal Devices to Put in Eyes 07 May 2011
The Groom Lake Connection to Black Stealth Helicopters 07 May 2011
The Future of National Security, By the Numbers 07 May 2011
WIMP Wars: Astronomers and Physicists Remain Skeptical of Long-Standing Dark Matter Claim 07 May 2011
'Dwarf' black holes might help explain dark matter 07 May 2011
Lab aims for superconducting FET 07 May 2011
NASA Gravity B confirms Einstein's 1916 General Relativity 06 May 2011
Metamaterial Low Power Cloak Warp Drive? 06 May 2011
Online relativity physics course 06 May 2011
A water ocean on Titan? 05 May 2011
Spray of zinc marks fertilization 05 May 2011
How To Make Graphene Paper 05 May 2011
New Way to Control Conductivity 05 May 2011
Unveiling the behaviour of hydrogen molecules 05 May 2011
How Many Intelligent Aliens are Out There? 05 May 2011
Mapping the distant Universe with BOSS 05 May 2011
Stanford study backs Einstein's relativity theory 05 May 2011
Journal rejects studies contradicting precognition 05 May 2011
Proposal for optical transistor uses light to control light 05 May 2011
Are we surrounded by Dyson Spheres? 05 May 2011
DARPA sets out to build futuristic space exploration organization 04 May 2011
Signs of dark matter from Minnesota mine 03 May 2011
Fleeting antimatter trapped for a quarter of an hour 03 May 2011
Some Black Holes May Pre-Date The Big Bang, Say Cosmologists 03 May 2011
Single Atom Stores Quantum Information 03 May 2011
Uncertainty entangled: The limits of quantum weirdness 03 May 2011
Time Travel Impossible, Mini "Big Bang" Hints 01 May 2011
The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements 30 April 2011
3-D nanocone solar cell technology cranks up efficiency 30 April 2011
Super-Civilizations Might Live Off Black Holes 30 April 2011
For NASA, What Comes After The Shuttle Program? 30 April 2011
Quantum effects brought to light 29 April 2011
Notorious big G: The struggle to pin down gravity 29 April 2011
Quantum probes that won't kill Schrödinger's cat 29 April 2011
Stuart Hameroff: Is the universe conscious? 29 April 2011
Antimatter detector ready for launch 28 April 2011
Missing matter: Where did half the universe go? 28 April 2011
Astronomers Unveil Portrait of 'Exotic Super-Earth:' Densest Known Rocky Planet 28 April 2011
Early Warning Signal for Ecosystem Collapse: Fluctuations Before the Fall 28 April 2011
Technique reveals quantum phase transition; could lead to superconducting transistors 27 April 2011
Researchers take a step toward valleytronics 27 April 2011
Will There Ever Be An "Internet Erase Button"? 27 April 2011
A 100-Year Plan for Nuclear Waste 27 April 2011
Surreptitious sleep states uncovered 27 April 2011
Twisty light tells left-handed molecules from right 27 April 2011
Neurorobotics Reveals Brain Mechanisms of Self-Consciousness 27 April 2011
Origami DNA, Folded Into Complex Shapes, Could Have a Big Impact on Nanotechnology 27 April 2011
CERN physics lab downplays claim of key discovery 26 April 2011
Diamonds shine in quantum networks 26 April 2011
Digging Deeper, Seeing Farther: Supercomputers Alter Science 26 April 2011
Nuclear Photonics: Gamma Rays Search for Concealed Nuclear Threats 26 April 2011
Full 3-D Invisibility Cloak in Visible Light 26 April 2011
New Evidence on Origin of Supernovas 26 April 2011
Top astronomers warn the world could end within 90 years 25 April 2011
Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension 25 April 2011
Budget crunch mothballs telescopes built to search for alien signals 25 April 2011
Anti-Helium Discovered in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Experiment 25 April 2011
Funding the seed corn of advanced space technology 25 April 2011
Sir Martin Rees: Atheists should drop anti-religion campaigns 24 April 2011
Towards a Gamma Ray Laser: A Laser from Atomic Nuclei 24 April 2011
SpaceX aims to put man on Mars in 10-20 years 24 April 2011
Journal of Cosmology, 2011, V14:Retrocausality and Signal Nonlocality in Consciousness and Cosmology 23 April 2011
Alien World's Fast Orbit Creates Shock Waves 23 April 2011
Has the LHC found a hint of the Higgs boson? 23 April 2011
Titanium oxide doped with cobalt produces magnetoeletronic properties at room temperature 22 April 2011
Isolated proton reveals magnetic secret 22 April 2011
Huge Dry Ice Deposit on Mars: NASA Orbiter Reveals Big Changes in Red Planet's Atmosphere 22 April 2011
Functioning Brain Synapse Created Using Carbon Nanotubes 22 April 2011