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Laser makes molecules super-cool 20 September 2010
When Will the First Earth-like Planet Be Discovered? 20 September 2010
There were alien life traits in red rain 20 September 2010
Air Force Study Points To Reusable Orbiter 20 September 2010
Surprisingly Complicated Molecule Found in Outer Space 19 September 2010
Tying string theory together: A new book attempts to explain string theory to the masses 18 September 2010
Quantum Tornado in the Electron Beam: Manipulating Materials With Rotating Quantum Particles 18 September 2010
Does consciousness create quantum reality? NO! 18 September 2010
Scientists generate rotating electron beams 17 September 2010
Physicists control chemical reactions mechanically 17 September 2010
Physicists cross hurdle in quantum manipulation of matter 17 September 2010
Light trapped on curved surfaces 17 September 2010
BREAKTHROUGH: First Observation Of A Macroscopic Quantum Jump 17 September 2010
Mind-bending mysteries at the Perimeter Institute 17 September 2010
Have We Already Discovered Alien Life -- On Mars? 17 September 2010
MIT Media Lab's Robot Opera Debut in Monaco 17 September 2010
Electron de Broglie Wave Hologram Vortices 16 September 2010
Computers set for quantum leap 16 September 2010
Washington Post: Top Secret America -- Air and satellite operations 16 September 2010
Optical chip enables new approach to quantum computing 16 September 2010
Boeing Plans to Fly Tourists to Space 16 September 2010
Bad breath sniffer to hunt for life on Mars 16 September 2010
Imaging With Ambient Noise 16 September 2010
More power for National Reconnaissance Office 16 September 2010
Stephen Hawking’s Cosmic Slot Machine 16 September 2010
Two legs faster than four in the quantum world 16 September 2010
How microbes could help colonize Mars 16 September 2010
Review of John Moffat's "Reinventing Gravity" 14 September 2010
Physicists Are Close to Uncovering the Fundamental Rules of Reality 14 September 2010
Cosmic Clowning: Stephen Hawking's "new" theory of everything is the same old CRAP 14 September 2010
Oil From the BP Spill Found at Bottom of Gulf 13 September 2010
Comets may have brought life to Earth: new study 13 September 2010
Emerging technologies may fuel revolutionary horizontal space launcher 12 September 2010
Entropic Accelerating Universe 11 September 2010
The papers of David Chalmers on Consciousness 11 September 2010
Gravity, Entropy, Information 10 September 2010
Japanese researchers report 50km quantum cryptographic key distribution from a single-photon emitter 10 September 2010
Physicists investigate fate of five-dimensional black strings 10 September 2010
Many Roads Lead to Superconductivity 10 September 2010
Space Colonists Could Use Bacteria to Mine Minerals on Mars and the Moon 10 September 2010
China's Great (Quantum) Leap Forward & Signal Nonlocality 09 September 2010
Researchers hear puzzling new physics from graphene quartet's quantum harmonies 09 September 2010
Mars shows signs of recent activity 09 September 2010
Non-Expanding Cosmology Attempts To Oust Big Bang Theory 09 September 2010
Why Spacetime on the Tiniest Scale May Be Two-Dimensional 09 September 2010
Big Bang Was Followed by Chaos, Mathematical Analysis Shows 09 September 2010
Tractor beam one step closer to reality 09 September 2010
Gauging The Threat Of An Electro-Magnetic Pulse Attack In The US 09 September 2010
Matter, Mind, Quantum Brian Josephson's 70th Birthday at Cambridge University 09 September 2010
America's Grand Strategy: Militarizing Space 09 September 2010
How Microbes Could Help Colonize Mars 09 September 2010
'Gravity' movie, Natalie Portman could explore human mind, space, UFOs 09 September 2010
A novel single electron pump based based on a carbon nanotube 09 September 2010
Are Chinese Close to Allowing Scottie to Beam 'Em Up? 09 September 2010
Our Spontaneous Universe 07 September 2010
Scientists examine possibility of a phonon laser, or 'phaser' 07 September 2010
Rummaging for a Final Theory: Can a 1960s Approach Unify Gravity with the Rest of Physics? 07 September 2010
Metamaterial Discovery The Combinatorial Way 07 September 2010
Bird flu jumps to pigs 07 September 2010
Can We Spot Volcanoes on Alien Worlds? Astronomers Say Yes 07 September 2010
Red Rain From Space May Hold Alien Life 07 September 2010
Variations in fine-structure constant suggest laws of physics not the same everywhere 06 September 2010
Physicists Build A Memory That Stores Entanglement 06 September 2010
Physicists Explain Why Superconductors Fail to Produce Super Currents 06 September 2010
Are Aliens Eavesdropping On Us? Not Likely 06 September 2010
Who or What Built the Universe? 06 September 2010
Engineers achieve world record with high-speed graphene transistors 05 September 2010
How to Remake Life 05 September 2010
Eternal black holes are the ultimate cosmic safes 05 September 2010
Next Step in Evolution? A Technical Life Form That Passes on Knowledge and Experience 05 September 2010
Did Viking Mars Landers Find Life's Building Blocks? Missing Piece Inspires New Look at Puzzle 05 September 2010
‘Earth-like’ Exoplanet Could Have a Comet’s Tail 05 September 2010
Antimatter: Coming Sooon to a Warp Nacelle Near You? 03 September 2010
String theory entangled 03 September 2010
Nobel Winners Sign Letter Backing Obama Space Plan 03 September 2010
NASA's Flagship Technology Demonstrations (FTD) Study Team 03 September 2010
Second super-fast flip of Earth's poles found 03 September 2010
Update on allegations of solar influence on Earth radioactivity 02 September 2010
Real Physics Fraud - The Fall Out Scandal - Shocking Revelation 02 September 2010
Is Man-Made Global Warming Science Fraud For Money? 02 September 2010
MSM spin on Kerala 'Red Rain' controversy 02 September 2010
The Infomaniac's Guide to Science Blogs 02 September 2010
Hawking hasn't changed his mind about God 02 September 2010
Researchers Create 'Quantum Cats' Made of Light 02 September 2010
Is AI More Common Than Biological Intelligence Across the Universe? 02 September 2010
Wonder conductors will spin up cooler computers 02 September 2010
Void that is truly empty solves dark energy puzzle 02 September 2010
God did NOT create the Universe, says Stephen Hawking 02 September 2010
The Extraordinary Tale of Red Rain, Comets and Extraterrestrials 02 September 2010
Entanglement in Complex Systems 01 September 2010
Silicon oxide circuits break barrier: Nanocrystal conductors could lead to massive, 3-D storage 31 August 2010
Still no Earths, but getting closer 31 August 2010
NASA Tests Engine With an Uncertain Future 31 August 2010
Are we living in a designer universe? 31 August 2010
A useful physics website for high school and college students 31 August 2010
Obama could kill fossil fuels overnight with a nuclear dash for thorium 30 August 2010
Lockheed Proposing Early Asteroid Exploration 30 August 2010
Hong Kong researchers break new ground in nanotechnology 30 August 2010
Telescope Detects Possible Earth-Size Planet 30 August 2010
Real invisibility threads would be fit for an emperor 30 August 2010