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Light transforms material into a superconductor 14 January 2011
Italian Physicists Announce Development of a 10 Kilowatt Cold Fusion Chemical Reactor 14 January 2011
Remote-Sensing Hyperspace by a modified, Delayed-Choice Quantum Eraser interferometry experiment 13 January 2011
Decoding back from the future messages? 13 January 2011
Reversing a Quantum Force 13 January 2011
Self-assembling structures open door to new class of materials 13 January 2011
You Might Already Know This ... 13 January 2011
Entangling Appliance: Solid-State Memories Pave the Way to Practical Quantum Communication 13 January 2011
Why don't exoplanets match astronomers' expectations? 13 January 2011
Nanolasers Heat Up 13 January 2011
Physicists observe exotic state first proposed in helium-3, in an unconventional superconductor 13 January 2011
'Galaxy X,' an Invisible Satellite Made of Dark Matter, Could be Lurking at the Milky Way's Edge 13 January 2011
Ethereal quantum state stored in solid crystal 12 January 2011
Scorn over claim of "teleported" DNA 12 January 2011
NASA/DARPA Starship R&D Official Press Release 12 January 2011
Thunderstorms caught making antimatter 11 January 2011
New Spinning Method Might Allow Yarn that Harvests Light 11 January 2011
Invisibility: After several years of research, it's just gotten weirder 11 January 2011
Hubble Confirms Nature of Mysterious Green Blob 10 January 2011
Dr. Marc Millis: Progress in Revolutionary Propulsion Physics 10 January 2011
New glass tops steel in strength and toughness 10 January 2011
An Overview of Breakthrough Propulsion Concepts 10 January 2011
Tau Zero Takes Aim at Interstellar Propulsion 10 January 2011
NASA'S Kepler Mission Discovers Its First Rocky Planet 10 January 2011
Artificial Life Shares Biosignature With Terrestrial Cousins 10 January 2011
Would alien life change your life? 10 January 2011
Physicists create sonic black hole in the lab 10 January 2011
Royal Society: The Detection of Extra-Terrestrial Life and the Consequences for Science and Society 10 January 2011
Earth must prepare for close encounter with aliens, say scientists 10 January 2011
Quantum Entanglement as a Compass for Birds? 09 January 2011
When Science Goes Psychic 09 January 2011
Freeman Dyson, global warming, ESP and the fun of being "bunkrapt" 09 January 2011
New Evidence Shows Black Hole Growth Preceding Galactic Formation 09 January 2011
AAAS 92nd Annual Meeting to Hold Symposium on "Quantum Retrocausation: Theory and Experiment" 07 January 2011
Viking Found Organics on Mars, Experiment Confirms 07 January 2011
Extending Moore's Law: Expitaxial graphene shows promise for replacing silicon in electronics 07 January 2011
Interstellar Travel Not Possible Before 2200 AD, Suggests Study 07 January 2011
Tree-like giant is largest molecule ever made 07 January 2011
Scientists Construct Synthetic Proteins That Sustain Life 07 January 2011
Abstracts of the Calcutta Quantum Entanglement Conference 06 January 2011
Tricorders and Earth-Like Planets: The Final Frontier or The Next Big Thing? 06 January 2011
Will we be able to 'teleport' matter? 06 January 2011
New RAF helmet allows pilots to shoot down enemy jets by looking at them 06 January 2011
Scientists make holograms of atoms using electrons 06 January 2011
Psychic Drift 06 January 2011
Graphene: The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of 06 January 2011
Journal’s Paper on ESP Expected to Prompt Outrage 06 January 2011
Building big molecules bottom-up 05 January 2011
Is Technology Wiring Teens to Have Better Brains? 05 January 2011
Newly developed cloak hides underwater objects from sonar 05 January 2011
Make way for mathematical matter 05 January 2011
'Nanoscoops' Could Spark New Generation of Electric Automobile Batteries 05 January 2011
Are hornets the key to renewable energy? 05 January 2011
E.T. Stay Home? 05 January 2011
Free Kindle Math Books for Students 05 January 2011
Physicists Meet in Calcutta for Conference on quantum entanglement, or "spooky action-at-a-distance" 05 January 2011
No gravity between galaxies? Endorsed by Martin Rees? 04 January 2011
Quest for Dark Energy May Fade to Black 03 January 2011
Contact: The Day After 03 January 2011
Now you don't... The never-ending search for life on Mars continues 02 January 2011
Scientists Peer Into the Future of Stem Cell Biology 01 January 2011
Interstellar Wisdom From The Ages: A Brief Musing On The Resurrection Of The Interstellar Ramjet 01 January 2011
The not so humble theoretical physicist 31 December 2010
Habitable and not-so-habitable exoplanets 31 December 2010
Was Israel the Birthplace of Modern Humans? 31 December 2010
Nature: New year, new science 31 December 2010
A science news preview of 2011 31 December 2010
NPR Science Friday: 2010 Year in Review 31 December 2010
Nature: 2010 Gallery: Images of the year 30 December 2010
Japan nano-tech team creates palladium-like alloy 30 December 2010
Reliance on Indirect Evidence Fuels Dark Matter Doubts 30 December 2010
Good paper on unification of gravity with the electro-weak-strong forces 29 December 2010
Post-Quantum Cryptography 29 December 2010
Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information, Say Physicists 28 December 2010
Don't send bugs to Mars 28 December 2010
'Quantum simulators' road to new energy system? Ultimate goal: room temperature superconductors 28 December 2010
Laser Sheds Light on 'Dark Side' of Moon 28 December 2010
The Gulf of Mexico is Dying: A Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill 27 December 2010
Superconductivity Above 0 Celsius: First Material Capable of Superconductivity in Permafrost 26 December 2010
Apple patent reveals plans for holographic display 26 December 2010
Bangs big and small in cosmic origins debate 26 December 2010
Did 'Martian' methane signal come from Earth? 24 December 2010
When matter and antimatter collide 24 December 2010
Packing electrons in a nano box: Control of many-Body correlation by quantum confinement 24 December 2010
Better Control of Building Blocks for Quantum Computer 24 December 2010
Cosmologists Discover How Black Holes Can Leak 24 December 2010
Paranormal Fact or Fiction? 22 December 2010
Engineers Build Radio Receiver Out Of Graphene 22 December 2010
Superhero move may save black holes from nakedness 22 December 2010
Fossil Finger Bone Yields Genome of a Previously Unknown Human Relative 22 December 2010
Scientists find evidence for 'chronesthesia,' or mental time travel 22 December 2010
Potential 4-D imaging technique modeled by UNL physicists 21 December 2010
Space rock surprise 21 December 2010
Exclusive Interview: Discoverer of Arsenic Bacteria, in the Eye of the Storm 21 December 2010
Science "faction": Is theoretical physics becoming "softer" than anthropology? 21 December 2010
Milky Way's Galactic Neighbourhood Puzzles Astronomers 21 December 2010
2011 preview: Expect Earth's twin planet 21 December 2010
Alien Planet May Be in Habitable Zone After All 20 December 2010
Strange new twist: Berkeley researchers discover Möbius symmetry in metamaterials 20 December 2010
Blue lions: The search for rogue planets 20 December 2010