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Title Published Date
We Are the Words 20 December 2010
Max Tegmark MIT Video on the Multiverse 19 December 2010
Quantum Mechanics Animated Cartoon 19 December 2010
Virus-Based Gene Therapy for Metastatic Kidney Cancer Developed 19 December 2010
How Will We Know if Planets Are Inhabited? 19 December 2010
Topologist Predicts New Form of Matter 19 December 2010
Cosmic reincarnation idea may be dead 19 December 2010
Quantum or not? Mathematical equations resolve nanostructures behavior 18 December 2010
No black holes found at LHC – yet suggests no large extra dimensions 18 December 2010
Could we detect trees on other planets? 18 December 2010
Cosmos Incognita: Voyager 1 Spacecraft Arrives at the Cusp of Interstellar Space 18 December 2010
Coherent light in the brain's neurons? 17 December 2010
Evidence for back-from-the-future signal nonlocality in our brains 17 December 2010
Did scientists find first evidence that many previous universes exist? Not likely. 17 December 2010
The Birth of Time: Quantum Loops Describe the Evolution of the Universe 17 December 2010
The Search for Extraterrestrial Life: Are We All Martians? 17 December 2010
The biggest scientific breakthroughs of the past decade 17 December 2010
Progress in superconducting graphene possibility 17 December 2010
US Navy Super Gun No Explosives Needed 16 December 2010
Einstein was right, you can be in two places at once 16 December 2010
Roger Penrose's New Idea: The Story and the Verdict 15 December 2010
Metamaterials offer a path through the looking glass 15 December 2010
Hydrogen Production Comes Naturally to Ocean Microbe 15 December 2010
Tests at NASA Glenn may lead to mining on moon, Mars 14 December 2010
Billionaire Backs a Gas-Electric Hybrid Car to Be Built in Russia 14 December 2010
Single quantum dot nanowire photodetectors 14 December 2010
Astronomers Find First Evidence Of Other Universes 14 December 2010
Giant ice volcano may have been found on Titan 14 December 2010
Trying to find extraterrestrial life 'really tough' 14 December 2010
John Wheeler's IT FROM BIT 14 December 2010
An electronic dance of spins and orbits 13 December 2010
Power Plants: Engineers Mimic Photosynthesis to Harvest Light Energy 13 December 2010
Life's great mystery: What, exactly, is life? 13 December 2010
The Eerie Silence from SETI 12 December 2010
Wind and Water Have Shaped Schiaparelli Impact Basin on Mars 12 December 2010
New theory of superconductors predicts room temperature superconductors 12 December 2010
Investigating paranormal phenomena: Functional brain imaging of telepathy 12 December 2010
"Steering" new form of quantum nonlocality 11 December 2010
The Shape of Inner Space: String Theory and the Geometry of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions 11 December 2010
Cabala and Modern Physics - fine structure constant 11 December 2010
Evidence for black holes 11 December 2010
Physicists propose mechanism that explains the origins of both dark matter and 'normal' matter 10 December 2010
No evidence of time before Big Bang is good news for 10 December 2010
Cloaking Sleight of Hand Could Make Troops Out of Sight 10 December 2010
Nano squid skin: DOD awards $6M for metamaterials research 10 December 2010
Navy Sets World Record With Incredible, Sci-Fi Weapon 10 December 2010
Black Holes and Warped Space Revealed by Powerful New Array of Radio Telescopes 09 December 2010
Private Spacecraft Returns Safely From Orbit 09 December 2010
Astronomers Discover, Image New Planet in Planetary System Very Similar to Our Own 09 December 2010
Extending the Life of Oil Reserves: Greener, Cheaper More Efficient Oil Extraction Made Possible 08 December 2010
A flow of heavy-Ion results from the Large Hadron Collider 08 December 2010
Massive dark object 'lurking on edge of solar system hurling comets at Earth' 08 December 2010
Physicists demonstrate teleportation-based optical quantum entangling gate 08 December 2010
Quantum links let computers understand language 08 December 2010
The poison eaters: alternative life forms 08 December 2010
An Energy Boost for Ultracapacitors 08 December 2010
Exoplanets cast doubt on astronomical theories 08 December 2010
Scorching Hot Alien Planet Abounds With Carbon 08 December 2010
Where, How Astronomers Could Find Alien Life 08 December 2010
Theoretical physics breakthrough: Generating matter and antimatter from the vacuum 08 December 2010
Elusive spintronics success could lead to single chip for processing and memory 07 December 2010
Self-Healing Autonomous Material Comes to Life 07 December 2010
BOVA: Life as we don't know it: Earth-like planets aren't the only places to look for life 07 December 2010
Synthetic Life Will Yield the Odds of Finding E.T. 07 December 2010
Are Solar Sails the Future of Space Travel? 07 December 2010
String theorists were Sorceror's Apprentices in Wall Street Collapse Sept 2008 07 December 2010
Light can generate lift 05 December 2010
Martian Meteorite Not Evidence of Extraterrestrials, Scientists Say 05 December 2010
NASA's new organism, the meaning of life, and Darwin's Second Theory 04 December 2010
Physicists close two loopholes while violating local realism 04 December 2010
New Google Earth Engine 04 December 2010
The Space Shuttle's Lessons For The Future 04 December 2010
Smashing Complex Fluids Reveals ‘New Physics’ 03 December 2010
Tata reveals under $9,000 electric car with 150 mile range on one charge 03 December 2010
Chemistry for greenhouse gases 03 December 2010
Reality check: It's not really an arsenic based lifeform 03 December 2010
Scientists generate two energetic electronic states from one photon 03 December 2010
Electricity and Light in One Chip 03 December 2010
Nuclear split surprises: Physicists spot unexpected type of lopsided fission 02 December 2010
A step toward fusion power: MIT advance helps remove contaminants that slow fusion reactions 02 December 2010
Cloud lasers: Hunting quantum secrets in the skies 02 December 2010
Poison Nil: Mono Lake Bacterium Exhibits Exotic Arsenic-Driven Biological Activity 02 December 2010
First Known Microbe on Earth Able to Thrive and Reproduce Using Arsenic 02 December 2010
Subsisting on Arsenic, Microbe May Redefine Life 02 December 2010
NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical 02 December 2010
Discovery to add new 'element' to life 02 December 2010
Lubos Motl debunks Penrose's evidence for before the Big Bang 01 December 2010
Finger Length Points to Prostate Cancer Risk 01 December 2010
Could the Mono Lake arsenic prove there is a shadow biosphere? 01 December 2010
Chances of Finding Extraterrestrial Life Boosted Significantly 01 December 2010
Discovery triples number of stars in universe 01 December 2010
How to create temperatures below absolute zero 01 December 2010
Making Graphene Nanomachines Practical 01 December 2010
Electron 'Pairing': Triplet Superconductivity Proven Experimentally for First Time 01 December 2010
Quantum teleportation finds a place in quantum computers 01 December 2010
NASA discovery: Arsenic based alien type of microbe found in California's Mono Lake 01 December 2010
IBM debuts CMOS silicon nanophotonics 30 November 2010
NASA Announcement: 3 Theories on What the Space Agency Has Discovered 30 November 2010
Curiosity Grows as NASA Sets Extraterrestrial Search Update 30 November 2010
Has NASA found life near Saturn? 30 November 2010